Chapter 18: New Idea to Travel Through Time Back Home

Medicinal powder is considered a good thing, the injuries on the buttocks have recovered quite a bit, if not she will not be able to ride the horse during this expedition. However, there is still some residual pain in the buttocks.

Qiqi reluctantly sat on the horseback, she really wanted to sit in the carriage, but the carriage is filled with goods and provisions, so there is no space for her. The troops walked a whole afternoon under the hot sun, Qiqi became very fatigued, and slowly dropped behind the ranks.

Liu Zhong Tian rode on the horse and made a detour, his helmet and armor under the sunlight reflected silver light, looking extremely awe-inspiring. He walked to the front of Qiqi, and slowed down his horse speed. Qiqi doesn’t have any more strength to talk to him, her buttocks are in extreme pain, and her waist are about to break.

“You do not know how to ride the horse?”

“If I knew how to, I will go on the battlefield to kill enemies long ago!” Qiqi looked at him with grievance.

“Let me teach you!” Liu Zhong Tian’s horse walked to the side of QiqI, suddenly he extended his hand to knock on her back.

“It will be very tiring riding the horse in this posture, and your buttocks……” Liu Zhong Tian slapped her buttocks, “Go forward!”

“Hey, don’t keep hitting my buttocks!” Qiqi was a bit infuriated.

“Don’t be so awkward, with your posture, if the horse runs fast, you will fall down!” He laughed, “Grab hold of the ropes reining the horse, with this posture, yes, good, both of your legs clamp onto the horse stomach!”

Qiqi did as he instructed, the horse swiftly ran in front, Qiqi was shocked till her face lost color. She turned around and looked at Liu Zhong Tian, with an expression pleading for help. Fortunately Liu Zhong Tian already caught up, then she heaved a sigh of relief. Very quickly the both of them were riding side by side.

“Riding like that, will you still feel tired?”

Qiqi felt abit, and laughed happily, “If I had lessons at the Girls School, I won’t be throwing so much face now.”

“What?” Liu Zhong Tian looked at her with surprise, “You have been to school before?”

“Oh! Yes, I know a few words!” Qiqi knows that she has revealed too much, so she can only hide from Liu Zhong Tian, and ran forward.

When it is getting dark, the army stopped at the desert side. Liu Zhong Tian instructed the soldiers to set up camp, they are going to stay here for a period of time, the distance from the Xiongnu is very close.

Wei Qiqi got busy together with the rest of the army for a long period of time, running errands to and fro countless times. Finally she gets to rest, she tiredly fell onto the floor mat. It is fated that she will stay at the mat, after walking for a day, she stinks of sweat. If only she can wash herself, but that is strictly impossible.

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“Qiqi, come, help me rub my back!” Liu Zhong Tian shouted from behind the screen cover.

“Rub back?” Qiqi jumped up. He, he, when did he bathe himself here, maybe she is too tired, so she didn’t notice when she entered the big tent.

“What are you waiting for?”

“Coming…… my Duke!” Qiqi’s back first entered the screen cover, and she stood behind Liu Zhong Tian. Liu Zhong Tian’s arms were latched outside of the wooden basin, revealing the broad and muscular back. He took down a towel from his shoulder and passed it to Qiqi, “Rub on, it has been a day, so tiring!”

Is he the only one that is tired? Qiqi felt tired too, a Duke is a Duke, who only knows how to enjoy and not take into consideration the feelings of others. Qiqi grabbed the towel and rubbed on slowly.

“Ok, help me massage the shoulders!” Liu Zhong Tian ordered.

“Massage?” Qiqi looked at the towel in her hands, she really wish to throw the towel forcefully onto his head, and then press him into the water, letting him enjoy for a while. However, she didn’t forget who she is, a common foot soldier, a nobody has to listen to instructions, if not her head will roll off very easily. Hence she angrily threw aside the towel, and put her hands on Liu Zhong Tian’s shoulders, and started massaging softly.

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“Your hands are really comfortable, once the war is over, I’m going to bring you back to my residence, you can serve me for the rest of your life!”

“Wishful thinking……” Qiqi muttered.

“What did you say?” Liu Zhong Tian turned her head over, and looked at Qiqi strangely.

“I am saying, that is really great!” Qiqi awkwardly smiled, Liu Zhong Tian already heard what she said, and laughed involuntarily. Nobody can not listen to him, including this fella.

Liu Zhong Tian heaved a long breath, both arms extended, and he suddenly stood up. Just when he is going to turn around, Qiqi immediately closed her eyes and turned around and ran. Liu Zhong Tian originally intended for Qiqi to rub dry his body, yet when he turned around Qiqi was already gone, why did she disappear in an instant?

“Wei Qiqi, Qiqi!” Liu Zhong Tian shouted for a while, and seeing there is no movement, he could only pick up the towel and rub himself dry, wore his clothes and walked out of the screen cover. He discovered Wei Qiqi curling inwards on the floor mat, covering her head, as if she got scared.

“Qiqi!” Liu Zhong Tian pulled apart the blanket on Qiqi’s head, realised that she is forcefully keeping her eyes shut, cheeks are red, her looks is extremely ludicrous and comical. “You are really a weird person!”

Liu Zhong Tian arranged his attire and walked out, “I am going to survey the land outside, and will be back 2 hours later. Arrange the bed for me!”

Finally he left, Qiqi jumped up, and walked behind the screen cover, realising that there is still water that hasn’t been used. She smelled her own body, it stinks to death, however she adamantly cannot bathe, hence she can only use the water to rub herself. Hence when Third Duke is away, she cleaned herself, however on second thoughts it’s more comfortable bathing in the luxurious basin.

When Qiqi was arranging Liu Zhong Tian’s bed, she fell deep into thought again. There should be some way to go back. She traveled through time and reached the Xiongnu battleground, thus if she wants to go back, she should return to the battleground.

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