Chapter 42 – Two-Star Spirit Master!

It looks like there was a reason behind her size, it stored just enough energy to allow her Pig Spirit Treasure to rise a rank.

(Cuppa: Explains why she wasn’t larger despite her eating habits >.<)

A bit more?

Then she would just absorb that from the atmosphere!

Huan Qing Yan also wish to test if there was any time difference between staying within the ancient bowl and the outside…

The Spirit Energy density within the dimension was also about the same as outside, therefore she immediately sat down and cultivate.

A day went by in the blink of an eye.

When she checked the hourglass within the training room, she discovered that about an hour has passed.

Using this rate, doesn’t it mean that one day outside was equivalent to 24 days within the ancient bowl? So 10 days will be equal to 240 days? Spending a year within the bowl was about 15 days outside?

Eh? This was indeed an awesome treasure!

Huan Qing Yan was relieved, she would not need to worry about being discovered by others if she makes it a point to keep her stay within the ancient bowl short.

She returned into the ancient bowl’s dimension.

About a month plus had passed before Huan Qing Yan felt the Spirit Energy within her Dan Tian was filled. She exits the dimension to return to the training room.

Shortly after, an Egg Star flew across the horizon!

Huan Qing Yan was now becoming a Two-Star Spirit Master!

The little piglet also grunted as it grew slightly larger.

However, it was still an illusion state.

After becoming a One-Star Spirit Master, there was no need to attract the star another time, the Sacred Stone would automatically sense when a Spirit Master was ready to rank up and sent a Flying Star over.

Huan Qing Yan was nervous and tensed, she was afraid that this Flying Star would run away like the first one!

However, her worries were wasted because the second star did not run away but immediately floated on top of the head of Pig Spirit, maybe it was because the first star was already settled?

The star landed and stayed in place.

“How powerful is this sacred place of the human race? It could even send a Flying Star through a sealed formation…” Huan Qing Yan mumbled.

Little did Huan Qing Yan know that the whole Huan Estate was shocked!

The young mistress became a Two-Star Spirit Master within a day? No one would believe a genius like that could exist.

The Huan Family had always been the focus of attention and scrutiny. Now, it would be even more so.

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Within the Old Soup Room, Huan Bei Ming looked exhausted but as he saw the bright Flying Star coming towards the Huan Estate, a gratified smile was formed.


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Huan Qing Yan did not leave the training room, she was determined to continue training.

This time, she wants to absorb the Ink Jade Lingzi completely. There was a large amount of Spirit Energy contained within the Ink Jade Lingzi, for most generic Spirit Energy Food, reaching a hundred points was a very good level.

However, a hundred points of Spirit Energy does not mean that you would acquire said amount when you consume it, it would also be affected by the Star Talent of the Spirit Treasure.

Star Talent could be split into five types: Sesame Star, Yellow Bean Star, Almond Star, Walnut Star and Egg Star.

The lower the Star Talent, the lower the absorption ability. In other words, of one hundred points, a Sesame Star could only absorb 10 points.

For Yellow Bean Star, it would be about 30 points. Almond Star would be about 50 points and Walnut Star would be 70. Only Egg Stars could reach about 90 points.

Therefore, even if everyone were to consume the same food, only does with high Star Talents would benefit the greatest and have the least wastage.

This Ink Jade Lingzi contained more than ten thousand points of Spirit Energy, if half of it was given to Huan Bei Ming than it was a great waste. Although Huan Bei Ming had not seen this item before but he had heard of it, this was also why he immediately rejected Huan Qing Yan’s offer.

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