Chapter 41 – C-Cup

She focused on her water barrel-like waist that could easily fit several swimming life rings.

Next, the life rings began to shrink at a rate visible to the naked eye. A large amount of Spirit Energy began to accumulate around her waist before it rushed into her Dan Tian…

“Well done!” let’s continue.

Slim the face, slim the back, skip the chest, there was no need to slim that down; she always had a complex about her small chest before she crossed over.

Next, slim the arms, slim the thighs, slim the calves…

After searching the whole training room, not a mirror could be found!

An idea immediately struck Huan Qing Yan as she went into the dimension within the ancient bowl and entered the Resting Lounge.

Within the lounge, there was a wall of mirror, within the mirror appeared a slender beauty; she exudes a graceful aura, has a goose egg-shaped face, a pair of classic phoenix eyes, elegant brows, that gives off a cold pride yet filled with energy, a beauty that could suck the soul out of people; her skin was fair as snow while her lips were seductive, her bright face was incessantly seductive yet loveable…

Especially when she smiled lightly, it was exceptionally attractive, like a lighthouse during a storm.

Woah, a beauty!

A true beauty!

Unexpectedly, the slim Huan Qing Yan was born to be so beautiful, her looks were much more attractive then she was before she crossed over by at least a few times.

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And most of all, her greatest pride was that overly voluptuous twins on her chest, like two towering peaks, standing proud and firm; every step taken would create powerful ripples, even she personally could barely prevent herself from having a nosebleed upon looking at it.

“Pervert!” the reincarnated girl coldly remarked.

“What do you know? Only with a large chest can you be a beauty, those types that cannot see their feet when they look down were the favorites of shut-ins!” Huan Qing Yan has made up her mind to keep this image, if she was unable to win an enemy with power in the future, she could still use this seduction card, right?

The more methods available the more means of protection!

Suddenly, the reincarnated girl said, “Thank you.”

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The reincarnated girl called Huan Qing Yan a pervert just moments ago, yet she is thanking her now? Isn’t the change of pace too great?

The reincarnated girl continued, “That trash only had one piece of Ink Jade Lingzi, now he will never learn its secret, this in turn means that he could never rank up as quickly as he did in my previous life. Learning about this was much more comfortable than killing him directly…”

So that was the reason.

“Heh, what’s there to thank. We are sharing the same body, revenge is best served cold, we must take our time to play that trash and b*tch. We should temporary shift our focus away from the trash, that Huan Meng Yue will be likely revealing her true colors soon, let us deal with her after I have absorbed the Ink Jade Lingzi. Anyhow, leave the matter of revenge to this elder sister! I assure you that you will be satisfied and happily go reincarnate…”

The reincarnated girl was also becoming pleased, now that things have headed towards a good development, it also meant that her revenge would be coming much faster!

“Hey. But I must say, your image was still too perverted. Such overly large peaks will make running difficult if you wish to escape from enemies in the future…”

Huan Qing Yan, “……”

After weighing between life and sexiness, Huan Qing Yan finally relented.

She shrunk her chest to a medium size, maintaining it at a C-Cup, while a flow of Spirit Energy went into her Dan Tian…

A Spirit Master absorbs the Spirit Energy within the atmosphere or absorbs them through food and stores them within the Dan Tian. When Spirit Energy within the Dan Tian was filled to the brim, the Spirit Treasure would use it to rank up; when a Spirit Treasure ranks up, its owner would also rank up along with it.

Therefore, a Spirit Master’s cultivation improving was closely tied to their Spirit Treasure.

Huan Qing Yan checked the Spirit Energy within her Dan Tian and notice that just a little bit more Spirit Energy and it would be filled, if she was to shrink her chest to a B-Cup, she should be able to fill it but this was something she rather die than to proceed.

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