Volume 1, Chapter 60 Part 1: Confession


When Long Xiang Luo flashes out of the room, she sees Yun Qian Yu walking straight into the matrix formation.  Lu Chang Zhi who is watching from a dark corner gives Yun Qian Yu’s silhouette a look of disdain.  She is taking his matrix formation too lightly.


Long Xiang Luo’s heart suddenly calm down, there is no way for Yun Qian Yu to break her Senior Brother Lu’s matrix formation.  She stands at the doorway, her lips curling up mockingly as she watches Yun Qian Yu.  I will wait for you to beg me!


Yun Qian Yu’s pace is very slow but every steps she takes are stable.  The courtyard originally is not that big.  You only need to walk around ten steps to reach the surrounding walls.  However, Yun Qian Yu has already taken more than twenty steps yet the walls still seem so far.


Lu Chang Zhi scoffs; she actually thought she could break his formation.  Other than his shifu, shibo and shizun, only one other person could.  Thinking about that person’s talent to create trouble, his mood turns sour.


(TN: His shifu is his teacher.  His shibo is his Senior Uncle.  Shizun is someone from an earlier generation than him.)


After entering the matrix formation, Yun Qian Yu knows that Lu Chang Zhi is not ordinary.  His talent in matrix formation is really high; he can be considered as one of the top in this category.  This is a ‘ring looping another ring’ method.  Had her Yun Clan not been proficient in this and had she not been practicing Zi Yu Xin Jing, she might really be trapped inside here.


Yun Qian Yu stops in her steps; she did not rush to break the formation and instead carefully eyes the arrangement of the formation.  The arrangement he used is marvelous; someone who does not completely understand the art of matrix formation will not be able to break through this.  Yun Qian Yu gives Lu Chang Zhi a praise in her heart.


En, she can learn from this and after modifying it a little, she can later teach this to Man Er.  One ought to know that Man Er is powerful in two kinds of martial art; one is the matrix formation and the other is qinggong.  She is only good at qinggong because one needs to be fast when arranging the matrix formation.  She had to practice really hard back then.  The fact that the man who was poisoned with Chan Ming managed to break into her formation bothered Man Er these days.  Every single free time she has is spent by looking into how to strengthen her formation around Yun Valley.


Seeing Yun Qian Yu stopping, a beautiful smile is spread across Long Xiang Luo’s face.  “Senior Brother Lu is indeed outstanding.”


Beyond the black face cloth, Lu Chang Zhi’s lips curls up.  “It is just a silly little girl.”


Before his lips even falls back down, Yun Qian Yu has already made her move.  With every steps she takes, her feet falls right into the eye of the formation’s lines.  The more moves she takes, the faster she becomes.  In the blink of an eye, her watery blue silhouette turns into a bright blue light.  When that light disappears, Lu Chang Zhi’s formation is already cracked.  The entire courtyard returns to it’s original appearance.


Even though Yun Qian Yu has an extremely high opinion of Lu Chang Zhi, she naturally will not say it out loud.  She slowly turns around and faces Lu Chang Zhi, “Nothing special.”


After saying that, that beautiful blue silhouette elegantly flies out, like a butterfly.  As her silhouette is about to disappear from their eyes, Yun Qian Yu leaves a parting word for Long Xiang Luo, “Do not forget, Princess Luo.  I will wait until the day after tomorrow.”


Long Xiang Luo stomps her feet as she watches the disappearing figure, “Senior Brother Lu, did you left a loophole?”


“Do you think so?” Lu Chang Zhi’s face is twisted in displeasure but Long Xiang Luo cannot see that because it is covered by his face cloth.  He is actually really shocked inside.  Yun Qian Yu not only broke his matrix formation, she even did it in such a short time.  She reminds him of that hateful person.  She and ‘him’ are both hateful and both made his heart itch in an unbearable manner.


“I owe you nothing now, I shall go first.” In the blink of an eye, Lu Chang Zhi too disappears.


Long Xiang Luo glances at the direction Lu Chang Zhi went to.  After thinking for a while, she realizes that her Senior Brother Lu is crazy for matrix method, he would never leave a loophole.  Her heart clenches at that realization.  Doesn’t that basically means that Yun Qian Yu’s matrix method is not lower than Senior Brother Lu?  Judging by the time she took to break the formation, her skills ought to be higher.


If she had known this, she wouldn’t have put her trust in her Senior Brother.  If she had known, she would have arranged a couple of high-skilled warriors to take Yun Qian Yu’s life outside.


She is so done for.  Remembering Yun Qian Yu’s parting words, she immediately flies towards Long Jin’s courtyard.


Outside the posthouse, San Qiu watches the flying blue silhouette in shock.  She got out so fast!  Had he not known Lu Chang Zhi’s personality, he would have thought Lu Chang Zhi had left a loophole.


What makes him even more surprised is that the celestial-like Yun Qian Yu is actually flying towards their hiding place.


San Qiu turns to look at his Master and discover that his expression is even more nervous than it was just now.  He is stunned; what is wrong with his Master?  The princess has safely came out, why is he even more anxious than he was before?


Yun Qian Yu lands a distance away from Gong Sang Mo.  Then, she turns around and elegantly walks towards him.

Gong Sang Mo’s eyes are trained on Yun Qian Yu.  If one looks carefully, one can spot fear lingering within it. The moment Yun Qian Yu entered the posthouse, he knows that the time he has been waiting for is here.  Will she distance herself from him once she knows his feeling towards her?  He is scared that his love will scare her off.


When Yun Qian Yu is a lot closer to Gong Sang Mo, her eyelashes flutter.  Her long, smooth hair and the blue ribbon that ties it dances with the night breeze.  Her cloak flutters when blown by wind, revealing her elegant dress.


She continues looking at the pale blue silhouette that looks like a painting when complemented with the night sky.  The fluttering of his robe and the dance of his long hair synchronizes her own.


San Qiu awkwardly takes note of the weird atmosphere between the two this time.  He looks at the posthouse, finally realizing why his Master is so anxious.


He knows that his presence will not be welcomed here, so he conceals himself in a dark corner.


Yun Qian Yu’s indifferent personality comes with a reason.  In the past life, she had a naïve and innocent childhood.  Back then, everything was beautiful and she had no worries.


But once her parents were murdered, she brought up her little brother and lived under the calculation of their so-called relatives who coveted their family business.  She understood then, that she cannot trust anyone and can never rely on anyone.  She forced herself to study so she could get better day by day.  Once she becomes the best, she could be the umbrella that would protect her little brother so he could grow up peacefully.  As time passed, her personality got colder and her health gradually worsened.  When her brother was old enough to handle their family business, she crumbled.  Only then did she realized that she did not have much time left.  Her heart grew desperate.  Because she had neither time nor good health, her wishes became more and more extravagant,


She would look out of the window every day, wishing she would have a healthy body in her next life.  She wanted to live an idle and peaceful life, away from all those intrigues.


She is lucky the gods aren’t hell-bent on aggrieving her.  Although she comes back as an orphan whose face had been maimed, at least she has a healthy body.  Everything she had experienced in her past life no longer counts here.


Not many people realize that she too is a person.  She has blood and skin and has to eat to live.  She is not a deity whom people offered incense to.  She gets tired too.  Even though she puts on a strong appearance, she too will get affected after going through fights after fights.  She does not have the privilege to seek anybody’s protection whenever she feels helpless, so she cannot show her sadness or grievance for everyone to see.  She can show her strength to everyone, but never her weakness because one wrong move is enough to ruin everything.


That is how she gets her indifferent personality.  She can easily hide her fear within her and look at the world with a pair of cold, confident eyes.  Just because she can shoulder it all, it doesn’t mean that she does not wish for a shoulder to lean on.


She has never experienced love before.  In her mind, her parents are the only one she can count on.  Unfortunately, she died young in her previous life, not having the chance to experience romance.


Gong Sang Mo is the first person to help her in both the previous and current life.  She was saved by him the first day she arrived in this world.  Everything he has done for her is kept in her heart.  After seeing what happened to Wen Ling Shan and Long Xiang Luo, she suddenly has a realization.  She never really understood why the menfolk of Yun Clan were like moth flying towards fire when it comes to love.


Everything that happened between her and Gong Sang Mo for the past three years flashes in Yun Qian Yu’s head.  Because she receives so much doting from the people of Yun Valley, she never really realized just how special Gong Sang Mo has been treating her. It made her wonder, people from Yun Valley dotes on her because of her identity, but what about Gong Sang Mo?  Only now did she finally gives a good pondering about that matter.  She knows that Gong Sang Mo has done a lot of things for her in the dark.


She has faced so many obstacles after arriving in the capital and Gong Sang Mo has done so much for her behind the scene.  She isn’t completely oblivious to that fact.  Gong Sang Mo knows she needs to create an imposing presence, that’s why he chose to do it all in the dark.


Such thoughtful acts towards her make it impossible for her to not be touched.


Yun Qian Yu has no idea how to express her emotion, she can only follow her heart.  She wants to know what Go Sang Mo feels towards her.  She thinks for a while, but cannot find a good way to ask.  In the end, she decides to ask him directly; such a simple thing, she need not make it complicated.


“Sang Mo,” Yun Qian Yu gently calls his name.  She never really realized how nice Gong Sang Mo’s name sound like.


“En.” Gong Sang Mo tries his best to keep his voice calm.


“Do you like me?”  This is the first time Yun Qian Yu is asking someone in such a careful manner.  Even though she is asking carefully, she is also direct because she wants to know Gong Sang Mo’s heart for sure.




He does not like her?  Yun Qian Yu freezes; her hands that are tucked inside her sleeves shakes a little.  Pain suddenly surges from inside her heart.  She has only felt this feeling once before, when her parents suddenly died in her past life.  Her heart suddenly turns into a mess.


“I do not like you, I am in love with you!”  Gong Sang Mo directly confesses, his eyes shining like the moon.  The feeling that he has been suppressing in his heart suddenly floods out just because of that one question from Yun Qian Yu.  His heart no longer feels suppressed.


In the blink of an eye, Yun Qian Yu’s heart soars back into the sky.  Her heart races, jumping faster than usual.  Her beautiful pair of eyes falls on Gong Sang Mo.  She naturally understands the difference between like and love.


“I like my comrades who go into the battlefield with me.  I like my friend who always drinks with me.  I like Uncle Yun who is like a family to me.  I can like a lot of people, but I can only love one.  And that person is you, Yun Qian Yu.”  The words that Gong Sang Mo has waited three years to say are finally said.  He looks at Yun Qian Yu in anticipation, not missing a single change that happens in her face.


Yun Qian Yu’s face remains calm, but the truth is, Gong Sang Mo’s warm confession has triggered an uproar in her heart.


Did he say love?  What is love?  What will love make people do?  Will it make people do what her father, Yun Tian did?  Unwilling to live on once his significant other died?  Will he love her in that manner as well?


Gong Sang Mo wraps Yun Qian Yu around the love and affection he has for her, so she can feel how much he loves her.


Yun Qian Yu’s heart skips a beat.  She does not hate Gong Sang Mo; instead, being with him feels calming.  She believes in him, she knows that, but does that means she loves him?  Yun Qian Yu calmly asks herself.


“What does love feels like?”


Gong Sang Mo who has been waiting for her reply in anticipation is only greeted with yet another question.  He does not feel discouraged though; his heart softens instead.  She wants to know her own feeling; seems like he still has hope.


“You will want to hold hands with him and grow old together,” Gong Sang Mo looks at her gently, his eyes full of emotion.  His explanation is very simple.


When he says that, Yun Qian Yu can suddenly imagine the both of them standing together while holding hands, their hairs white.  Just thinking about it makes her feels very warm.  The feeling of yearning suddenly emerges from her heart.


“But I don’t know if I feel the same as you do.” Yun Qian Yu lightly frowns.


Gong Sang Mo’s warm smile freezes for a moment.  He helplessly purses his lips before slowly walking towards Yun Qian Yu.


Seeing him coming towards her, Yun Qian Yu’s heart inadvertently thumps heavily.


Gong Sang Mo stops one step away from her.  He bends down and gets into Yun Qian Yu’s eye-level.  It feels like the two of them are glued together; Yun Qian Yu’s ears warm up.


She involuntarily takes one step back.  Seeing that, Gong Sang Mo is not upset.  Instead, he laughs.


“Qian Yu, do you hate me?”


Yun Qian Yu immediately shakes her head.


“Do you trust me?”


Yun Qian Yu nods.


“If I offer you any help, will you reject it?”


Yun Qian Yu shakes her head.


“Do you like the things I sent you?”


Yun Qian Yu nods, she really does likes them.  She likes them very much.  Gong Sang Mo seem to really understand her.  She likes all the things he gave her, it is hard for her to reject them.


“If this cloak is given by another man, will you accept it?”


Yun Qian Yu is stunned; she finally realizes that she has never accepted anything that was given by other men.  If this cloak had been sent by someone else, she will not want it even if she likes it.


“No.” Yun Qian Yu softly says.


Gong Sang Mo continues asking with his lips temptingly curled up, “Why not?”




The usually eloquent Yun Qian Yu is rendered speechless.  Why won’t she accept anything that is given by other men?


“Why do you accept my gifts?  Why do you accept my help?”  Gong Sang Mo persistently asks, he will not waste this chance today.  He must let this yatou understand her own feelings tonight.  If he wastes this chance away, he might as well just go and buy a block of tofu and chokes himself to death with it.


The usually invincible Yun Qian Yu now has a big question mark floating on top of her head thanks to Gong Sang Mo, the fox.


Gong Sang Mo does not give Yun Qian Yu the chance to probe her own heart.  Instead, he created his own answer and forced it into her head.


“Because deep down inside, you like me.  That’s why you trusts me, that’s why you didn’t push me away.  That’s why you accepted my gifts and allowed me to help you.  You consider me as your own person, so you feels like you don’t have to reject anything if it comes from me.”


Is it really like that?  Does she really like Gong Sang Mo?  The question mark floating on top of Yun Qian Yu’s head turns into a big exclamation mark.  So it is like that!




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