Chapter 40 – Demon Curse

“Sure, thank you Papa. Papa should also take care of your body, refrain from overexerting yourself. Once Little Yan becomes powerful, Little Yan will bring our family of four to travel the continent and enjoy all the beautiful sceneries that the continent has to offer. There will be no need for you to become the Hanging Cloud Empire’s Imperial Chef and become a machine to the benefit the cultivation of others, okay?”

“Papa will listen to you.”

In terms of safety, Huan Qing Yan believed that the spatial dimension within the ancient bowl was the safest. However, people might notice something and discover her disappearance after entering it.

As for this secret the ancient bowl, Huan Qing Yan decided to keep it from Huan Bei Ming after some pondering.

One less person learning the existence of such a heaven defying treasure, meant one less source of danger.

In the end, as long as it was with her, it would be a tool that would be used to benefit her family.

From another point of view, Huan Bei Ming and her family not knowing about it might be better for them also.


After Huan Qing Yan entered the training room, Huan Bei Ming clutched his chest and release a couple of muffled coughs.

He was truly happy today and drank a bit too much.

Fifteen years ago, he was gravely injured during the battle between the Human and Demon Races, receiving a Demon Curse and nearly died… Over the past fifteen years of his life could be said to be a gift.

Now he is reaching his limits as he feels his lifeforce weakening. He dared not tell anyone about this, that includes his wife and daughter.

A man that was supposed to die has managed to survive till now was a great shocking secret by its own right.

He had the faint feeling that the countless cases of murder that happened within the Hanging Cloud Empire was somehow related to him, the Demon Race has sent someone!

Huan Bei Ming went to the Thousand-Year-Old Soup Tower and saw his mute disciple, Huan Jiu Li, currently adding water into the soup pot.

Seeing Huan Bei Ming, “Ah, ah, ah…” his disciple respectfully greeted.

“Jiu Li, I am recently sorting out some of the secret recipes I have. Once I have written them down, I want you to store them away safely…” This mute disciple was an orphan who Huan Bei Ming picked up outside the city and has been taking care of him for more than ten years. He was a diligent and fast worker while also kindhearted, he was also older than Huan Qing Yan by two years and had awakened his Spirit Treasure some years ago…

Currently, he has reached the level of a Mid-Grade Imperial Chef and could be said to have truly inherited most of his skills and teachings.

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Making Huan Bei Ming feel really gratified.

Huan Jiu Li seemed displeased and pointed at the blood stains on Huan Bei Ming’s chest before shaking his head, “He, He, He…”

He wants him to rest.

“This is nothing. I must leave more recipes for Little Yan and Xing Han while I still have breath in me. In the future, when I am no longer around, you must take care of Little Yan like she is your own sister. Help me protect her in the shadows, are you willing?” Huan Bei Ming smiled and asked.

Huan Jiu Li displayed a sad expression, he shook his head before nodding.

He could be said to be the only person who understood Huan Bei Ming the best. Being a mute had sharpened his other senses, making him more sensitive than ordinary people. Even though Huan Bei Ming did not mention anything but he could sense that his recent body condition was getting weaker with each passing day.

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“You are very fine. Jiu Li, let us start.”


Huan Qing Yan did not immediately consume the Ink Jade Lingzi but focused on her body of flesh, converting it into Spirit Energy.

She also had enough of this fleshy body of hers, walking has been a chore, whenever she took a larger step then usual, it would cause her body to tilt. Which girl does not like to be beautiful? Matters about image has always taken the number one position!

Fortunately, it was not a complex process. She focused her will on her calves, the fleshy calves began to shrink as a surge of Spirit Energy began to rise and was absorbed into her body, the energy was stored inside the center of her body, the Dantian, which specializes in storing Spirit Energy.

“Damn. Losing weight is truly invigorating!” There was no need to eat any slimming pills with side effects or any need to exercise. You can slim down whichever areas you want…

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