Chapter 39 – No No No, Little Yan

Madam Huan acknowledged and spoke with concern, “Bei Ming, I know you are happy but try not to drink too much. Xiao Yan is still young, there are many chances to speak in the future…”

Next, she gave Huan Qing Yan a tender smile before leaving with Huan Xing Han carried in her arms.

Huan Qing Yan had a feeling that there was a hidden meaning behind the conversation behind the couple, what could it be?


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“Little Yan, your mother is correct, it is not the time yet. You have just become a One-Star Spirit Master and should focus on training; most people awaken their Spirit Treasure before they turn ten while some may even awaken when they were just born. Your Star Talent is outstanding but compared to others, you started about ten years late, stay calm and focus on training. As for the Royal Family, you do not have to worry. Since they have bestowed us the title of kingship, it is likely that they wish to both keep us by their side while compensating what has happened at the Star Attraction Pond. Papa will handle these matters, you just continue training.”

Huan Bei Ming rarely spoke so much, this was likely due to being overly excited and one too many cups of alcohol.

Huan Qing Yan also had the same intention, “Papa, this daughter will undergo close-door training from tomorrow onwards to breakthrough and become a Two-Star Spirit Master…”

“You have just become a One-Star Spirit Master, to breakthrough into a Two-Star Spirit Master would normally require a person to at least train for another half a year. Little Yan, aren’t you being too impatient?” Huan Bei Ming lifted his head, his eyes was lightly clouded with intoxication.

“Papa have you forgotten about that piece of ink jade I got from Bai Cheng Feng? That is a good item, it’s an Ink Jade Lingzi…”

Huan Bei Ming was alarmed and was half awakened from his drunk stupor, “Little Yan, how did you know about Ink Jade Lingzi? That is an ingredient that grows within the deepest regions of the mountains. Although its effects are so great that even Nine-Star Spirit Masters can have a great boost in cultivation after consuming it but it is also exceptionally rare. The Hanging Cloud Empire has not discovered this ingredient before, so basically no one can identify it, even Papa had only heard of its name…”

Could Huan Qing Yan explain that the knowledge was obtained from the memories of the reincarnated girl? That the trash of a man, Bai Cheng Feng, and the b*tch, Huan Meng Yue, improved their cultivation by leaps and bounds due to the consumption of this Ink Jade Lingzi?

“Didn’t I have Top-Grade Star Talent? I am able to sense the high Spirit Energy within the jade…” Huan Qing Yan told a lie. “Papa, this Ink Jade Lingzi is quite large, I will split it into two so we can both use it…”

“No no no, Little Yan. Giving it to Papa will only be a waste, Papa is only an Almond Star, my future potential is limited. You started much later then your peers, you should take all of it instead. Yes, you should go into close-door training from tomorrow onwards. No, you should start now. Papa will protect you from disturbances!”

Huan Bei Ming was very clear about the pros and cons of this situation. Since Lord Ninth Prince was willing to give away this item to Huan Qing Yan due to the bet, it also meant that he had not discovered its true value.

If he was to discover the real value of this great item, then he would definitely use whatever means possible to get it back.

Huan Qing Yan followed his instructions, “Thank you Papa. I will return to my place now.”

“No, go to my training room instead. I have a spell formation in that room, once you entered and activated it, no one outside could enter until you choose to come out voluntarily.” The formation was a product after spending a fortune to hire a Spell Formation Master. Within the Huan Estate were two large spell formations, one is set at the Thousand-Year-Old Soup Tower while the other is in his training room.

Coincidentally, he could also use the time that Huan Qing Yan spend during close-door training to build her a proper training room.

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