Chapter 38 – National Order Princess

When news of Huan Qing Yan attracting a Goose Egg Star spread, people came from everywhere to visit the Huan Estate to congratulate.

Therefore, before Huan Qing Yan and her father could return home, their halls had already been filled with countless gifts, causing Madam Huan’s hands to go numb from receiving them.

When the father and daughter returned home, they saw Madam Huan bringing Huan Xing Han, Huan Meng Yue, and the mute elder brother, Huan Jiu Li, as well as the servants to receive them at the door of the estate.

Upon seeing Huan Qing Yan, Madam Huan immediately requested her to release her Spirit Treasure for everyone to have a look.

Huan Qing Yan did not reject the request and released her Pig Spirit.

The whole estate immediately erupted in a joyous atmosphere. From master to servant, everyone, including the guests, began to speak words of congratulations and praise. Everyone was vying to get her attention like she owed them money.

Fortunately, Huan Qing Yan had her fair share of experience in handling large occasions. She was someone who even dared to reject the Emperor’s marriage decree in front of everyone; handling this situation was a piece of cake. After a series of humble replies, she used the excuse that she required to cultivate and retreated to the back of the estate.

Huan Bei Ming and Madam Huan remained in the front hall to continue to take care of the visitors.

In the past, whenever there were any large-scale visitations, it was always due to Huan Bei Ming’s achievements. This time, it was Huan Qing Yan’s perfect Spirit Treasure talent that strengthened the reputation of the Huan Family even further, allowing the family’s prestige to reach an unprecedented level.

After Huan Bei Ming returned, he had also stopped the flow of gifts and visitors.

The Royal Family had made three decrees: Huan Bei Ming was bestowed the title of National Order King, Madam Huan was bestowed the title of National Order Madam while Huan Qing Yan was bestowed the title of National Order Princess. Along with their titles were also countless treasures and gold…

That night, the Huan Family members had a dinner as a family of four.

Despite Huan Bei Ming’s high status and achievements, he only had one wife and an ordinary person on top of that. Having no additional wives or concubines for a person of his standing could be said to be exceptionally rare.

Huan Bei Ming was very happy and have also drank some wine.

“Little Yan, Papa was glad to have the chance to watch you grow up for fifteen years and witness your Spirit Treasure awakening. Papa only has gratitude in his heart as well as proud to know that I have not brought shame to the Human Race. Papa has been waiting for the day you awakened your Spirit Treasure so that I can tell you something…”

His words were a bit strange, normally when a child made a great achievement, the parents would normally say they were proud to not bring shame to the ancestors instead of the Human Race. However, no one present noticed this weird point.

Huan Qing Yan raised her cup to give a toast to Huan Bei Ming, “I must thank Papa for helping me to hold down the Flying Star today. If not, Little Yan would not have been able to succeed the Star Attraction Ritual this time.”

Huan Bei Ming was stunned for a moment before he said, “Papa does not have such abilities. Your Flying Star was pulled back due to the help of someone?”

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“Yes. If it wasn’t Papa, then who could it be?”

Madam Huan was also curious and asked, “Could it be a State Teacher level person assisting in the shadows? You were very close to the palace…”

Huan Bei Ming shook his head, “We have just offended the Royal Family; no one related to them would raise a hand to assist. Although we do not know who this elder benefactor is but the person should at least have a cultivation level of a True Spirit Master. This person is the Huan Family’s benefactor, we must repay this kindness in the future.”

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An image of an old grandpa with a long, white beard and emitting a heavenly aura began to surface in Huan Qing Yan’s mind.

True, since the person assisted her then it would mean that the person is a friend and not a foe. They would surely meet in the future so she decided to set this idea aside temporary.

Huan Bei Ming got even more excited and drank several more cups of wine.

The young Xing Han eventually began to start dozing off.

Huan Bei Ming said to his wife, “Zhi Luo. Xing Han is likely tired, please bring him away to rest.”

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