Volume 1, Chapter 58: Within Three Days


The official wipes the sweat on his forehead, “Not yet.  I have investigated everyone within the posthouse, but no one seems suspicious.  The rest of the envoys were only escorted here in the afternoon by the Hu Wei Camp’s troops.  The two people who got poisoned were amongst those heavily injured.  They have not eaten anything, they have only taken medicine.  We checked the remnant of the tonic they drank and no traces of poison can be found.  The bowls they used did not have any problem too and no suspicious thing can be found in their rooms.”


Hua Man Xi looks at the official, “There is only one possibility left.  The perpetrator directly fed them the poison.”


The official thinks so too.  But who could it possibly be; to be able to enter the heavily guarded area without detection and fed the victims poisons?


Yun Qian Yu no longer asks anything: this is already expected.

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The two people who got poisoned are placed in the same room.  She studies the looks on their faces before checking their pulses.  Everything is indeed the same as she thought it would be.


Yun Qian Yu retracts her hand before facing the group of physicians who are currently kneeling on the ground, “What are you kneeling there for?”


“We apologize, Your Highness!  We cannot cure the poison….”  The physicians put down their headgears on the floor in shame.


“Just continue boiling the medicine.”


The physicians look at each other.  The princess is from Yun Valley; she is an expert in medicine.  This poison naturally isn’t going to hold her back.


The head physician is the first to understand her.  He immediately gets up and bows before approaching Yun Qian Yu, waiting for her instruction.


Yun Qian Yu writes a prescription and hands it over to the head physician.  “Personally oversee this.  Do not let others take over.”


“Yes, please do not worry, Your Highness.” The physician carries the prescription and brings two other physicians to him to brew the medicine.


Yun Qian Yu turns to Mu Wei who is standing behind Yu Jian, “Mu Wei, did you bring the needles?”


Mu Wei immediately takes out a roll of needles from his sleeves, “Answering Your Highness, Mu Wei always takes them with me.”


“Alright, you can do the needle procedure.” Yun Qian Yu nods before sitting on a chair in the sideline.


“Ah?” Mu Wei thinks he heard wrong.


Bei Tang Yun looks at Mu Wei.  This is clearly a kid, he should be no less than thirteen years old.  He immediately objects in displeasure, “Princess, you must be joking.  He is just a child.”


Yun Qian Yu is now too lazy to deal with the 3rd wangye.  Even if he wants to put on a drama, she has to be willing to play with him for it to count.


She looks at Mu Wei, saying, “I will only say it once.  Take off the upper part of his clothes first.”


Mu Wei now understands that Yun Qian Yu is planning to personally teach him.  Even the disciples in the inner part of Yun Valley does not receive this privilege.  He is so lucky!


Mu Wei tries to suppress the delight in his heart.  He steps forward and takes off the upper garment of the victim.  Then, he unrolls the set of needles open at the head of the bed before waiting for Yun Qian Yu’s teaching.


Just as Bei Tang Yun is about to speak again, Hua Man Xi steps forward while crossing his arms, his lips crooked demonically, “If the 3rd wangye is bored, this shizi is willing to keep you company.”


Bei Tang Yun gives him a look before shutting his own mouth.


“Insert one cun of a needle in his ‘baihui’ point.”  Yun Qian Yu says simply.


(‘Baihui’ point.)



Mu Wei inserts exactly one cun of a needle in the ‘baihui’ point in a rather familiar manner.


“Insert two –and-a-half cun of needle in his ‘tianshu’ point and half-a-cun in his ‘shanzhong’ point.”  Yun Qian Yu slowly instructs him.



(‘Tianshu’ point.)


(‘Shanzhong’ point.)


The rest of the physicians who are listening from the sideline are shocked.  This method seems dangerous; it might endanger the life of the victim.  Who in their right mind would insert their needles in that manner?


However, the more Mu Wei pierced him with the needle, the better the victim appears.  They are all shocked.  Some of the brave ones gather near Mu Wei to watch.  Once one of them gathers enough courage to, the rest naturally follows suit.  Before long, Mu Wei is surrounded by them.


Mu Wei knows what those physicians want.  He looks up, “All respected physicians, please give me some space so I can listen to Her Highness clearly.  Even a small gap is enough.”


The embarrassed physicians make way so Yun Qian Yu’s voice can travel without being obstructed.


Not long later, Mu Wei finish putting the needles under Yun Qian Yu’s instruction.


“Take the needles away after fifteen minutes.”  After saying that, she looks at the other poisoned victim, “Have you remembered the order?”


Mu Wei nods.


“Go on.”


Mu Wei makes his way to the bedside of the other victim.  He recalls the order of the piercing and the depth of the needles before calmly starting the procedure.  The physicians are no longer courteous, they follows him to watch.


When they see Mu Wei finishing the procedure without a single error, they gasp.  He is a genius ah!  He remembers everything in just one go!  They look at Mu Wei with shining eyes.


The moment he finish treating the second victim, the waiting time for the first victim has end.  He steps forward to remove the needles before suddenly pausing.  He looks at Yun Qian Yu, “Your Highness, in what order should I remove the needles out?”


Yun Qian Yu becomes more and more satisfied with Mu Wei.  He is not haughty and knows to be careful.  Those two qualities are a must in a physician.


“In reverse order.”


Mu Wei then starts by taking off the very last needle.  Once he is done with this one, the waiting time for the other has come to an end.  After he finish removing all needles from both patients, the tonic that was made by the head of physician arrives.


Yun Qian Yu checks the tonic to make sure nothing is wrong with them.  Once done, she speaks, “Feed these to them.”


Because the two people are in coma, Hua Man Xi has to step forward and help them drink the tonic up.


Within fifteen minutes, the two people wake up.  They both starts vomiting real hard until each of them vomits out a mouthful of black blood.  After that, the vomiting stops.


The head physician checks the pulse, his face a sight of joy, “Your Highness, the poison is cured!”


Yun Qian Yu says, “I believe the head physician knows what to do next.”


“Rest assured, Your Highness.  All of us will stand guard here the entire night.”


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Yun Qian Yu nods before turning to Mu Wei, “Not bad.”


Mu Wei who has just received Yun Qian Yu’s praise is full of joy.  Even Yu Jian pats him in the shoulders while laughing.


Yun Qian Yu orders the official to add more guards to the posthouse even though she knows nothing more will happen tonight.  She needs to do this to sooth the hearts of the Jiu Xiao’s envoys.


Yun Qian Yu looks at the fatigued Yu Jian, “Return to the palace!”


Seeing Yun Qian Yu about to leave, Bei Tang Yun steps forward to remind her of their agreement, “Please do not forget, Your Highness.  Our three-days promise.”


Hearing that, Yun Qian Yu who is about to walk out pauses in her steps.  She turns around to face Bei Tang Yun, “Is the 3rd wangye hoping for bengong to find the person or to fail?”


Bei Tang Yun chokes in his own breath; isn’t she being too direct?


Yun Qian Yu turns around and elegantly walks away.


Outside the posthouse, San Qiu stands near the gate while holding a watery blue cloak.  Though his face is expressionless, he is lamenting to himself on the inside.


When will his Master marry the princess-ah?  He is the best guard out there, but he has been wasting the past three years doing silly errands.  He almost broke his legs back then, while searching for those three Ye Ming pearls that ends up in the princess’ hand.  He had to search high and low throughout all the kingdoms for them.


Even those grapes that the princess likes so much were brought by him as seedlings from the precious Sheng Guang grapes in Mo Dai Kingdom.  He does not even need to brings up about the countless of times his Master made him do something for the princess in the dark.  Today, it has come to the degree of asking him to send cloaks.  If his master really wants to court the lady, why didn’t he come himself?  Other couple seems to get hitched really easily.  Find a matchmaker, send a betrothal gifts and once they are done with the ceremony, they officially becomes husband and wife.  Why is it so hard for his master, who is basically the finest of all men?


Yun Qian Yu sees San Qiu once she walks out of the posthouse.  “San Qiu?”


Seeing Yun Qian Yu, San Qiu immediately hands the cloak to her, “Your Highness, this cloak is sent by wangye.  He said the nights are colder these days, do not forget to wear this cloak if you wants to go out.”


Yun Qian Yu’s eyes flashes when she sees the cloak in San Qiu’s hand.  A warm feeling slowly creeps into her heart and spreads into her entire body.  She feels like she is floating above a cloud in the middle of the sky.


Yu Jian and Hua Man Xi who are behind her rolls their eyes despicably.  This method of courting her is simply too unpleasant!


Yu Jian feels especially antsy.  Is his Brother Sang Mo trying to snatch his imperial sister away from him?


Yun Qian Yu accepts the cloak.  It feels really soft when touched.  It fits just right; not too thick and not too thin.


She spreads open the cloak; it’s edges are embroidered with elegant white orchid.  It’s hood is also embroidered with the same white orchid; the pattern really suits Yun Qian Yu’s taste.  Simple, yet elegant.  She stares at the cloak; her heart feels warm even before she puts it on.  With a flick of her hand, she drapes the cloak around her body and ties the lace around her neck in a beautiful butterfly knot.


“Please convey my gratitude to your wangye.  I really like it.”


“Yes.” San Qiu finally sighs in relief; as long as she likes it.  His task is over, and he disappears in a flash.


Hua Man Xi glances at the cloak that is fast becoming a thorn in his eyes.  Remembering about Yun Qian Yu promising to find the 7th wangye within three days, he opens his mouth to ask her, “What should we do next?”


Yun Qian Yu jumps onto her horse, “Continue the search for him.”


“Just continue searching without a purpose like that?” Hua Man Xi raises his eyebrows.


“It is enough as long as people think you have a purpose.” Yun Qian Yu calmly replies him.


“You really have a way?” Hua Man Xi is not sure if Yun Qian Yu really has a way.


“Don’t worry, the 7th wangye will return safely before the sun sets on the day after tomorrow.”


Initially, Yun Qian Yu has not come up with any good ideas.  However, the poisoning incident today gave her one.


Once Yu Jian got on his horse, the two of them return to the palace. When they reach the palace’s gate, both of them shows the guards their pendants.  Seeing those pendants, the guards open the gate to let them in.


The two of them head over to Murong Cang’s palace first to report the current situation to him.


Murong Cang stroke his beard, “Since you already set the date, do you have any way to bring the 7h wangye back in time?”


“The one who starts the problem has to be the one to end it.  Whoever created this is responsible to solve this.”


“Haha, you tricky girl!” Murong Cang’s worry is finally put to rest.


Yun Qian Yu pats her stomach, “Grandfather, Yu Jian and I have not eaten dinner.”


Li Jin Tian laughs, “His Majesty knew both Your Highnesses would be returning hungry, he already ordered people to prepare your meals.  The imperial kitchen has been keeping it warm the entire time.  This servant will let them serve the meals now.”


Dinner is served really quick.  Yun Qian Yu and Yu Jian are both still young; running around in and out of the capital makes them really hungry.  Seeing the foods makes them even hungrier.


They both eat enthusiastically.


Seeing them, Murong Cang feels immeasurable heartache and fondness.


Once they are done with dinner, they both return to their own palaces.  When they get there, it is already midnight.  Yu Jian was poisoned yesterday and though the poison has been cured, his body still feels weak.  He yawns as he walks to his bed and goes to sleep.


Yun Qian Yu, on the other hand does not sleep.  She sits cross-legged on her bed, practicing Zi Yu Xin Jing while waiting for Feng Ran’s report.


As for Chen Xiang, Yu Nuo, Ying Yu, Man Er and Hong Su; the moment Yun Qian Yu returns, they began discussing about the sudden appearance of the cloak.


“No need to even ask, it must have been sent by Xian Wang!”  Chen Xiang says rather confidently.


“I think so too.  Mistress will only receive gifts if it comes from Xian Wang.” Yu Nuo supports Chen Xiang’s view.


Ying Yu, Man Er and Hong Su nods in agreement.


They are all secretly wondering; when will Xian Wang confess to their Mistress?


Feng Ran who has been busy since afternoon returns with a thick pile of report.  Seeing Yun Qian Yu practicing, he sits on a chair and quietly waits for her to finish.


Yun Qian Yu senses his presence the moment he came.  She stops practicing and heads over to sit opposite Feng Ran.  She takes the thick report and quietly reads them.


Turns out, the official in the banquet who was against Hua Man Xi selecting people from the martial arts tournament was Wen Ru Hai, Wen Ling Shan’s father.  No wonder Wen Ling Shan is so outspoken, it’s in her blood!  Her brothers on the other hand; The eldest brother is calm and steady while the second brother is candid and straightforward.


“Do you know why Imperial Censor Wen’s sons did not enter officialdom?” Yun Qian Yu can see today that the first son has a silver Ya Xuan pendant while second son has the one made of wood.  That means the two brothers are talented and outstanding.


“I heard it’s because their father won’t let them,” Feng Ran replies.


Hearing that, Yun Qian Yu realizes that Wen Ru Hai is a smart person.  She continues flipping the pages until she reaches one that tells about Long Xiang Luo.  She stops flipping the pages; reading about her answers a lot of her questions.


After finish reading the report, she sends Feng Ran away to rest.


She sits in her chair without moving.  She lets one of her maids to stay for the night while the rest are sent away to rest before she herself flies out of the palace, heading straight towards the posthouse.  The posthouse she heads to is not Tong Wen Building, but Jin Ding Building where the Mo Dai Kingdom’s envoys are staying at.


(TN: Tong Wen Posthouse is the posthouse that houses the envoys from the Jiu Xiao Kingdom.)


Gong Sang Mo quietly stands not far away, watching as that watery blue silhouette disappears into the posthouse.


“Master, do you want me to follow her in?” San Qiu looks at the direction in which Yun Qian Yu has gone to.


“No need.”  Gong Sang Mo’s eyes are trained on the Jin Ding Building.


San Qiu did not think Yun Qian Yu will find out so fast.  He does not know what she plans on doing here, all by herself though.  Don’t tell him she plans on saving Bei Tang Ming all by herself.  He understands Long Xiang Luo really well; she is the type that will do anything to get things her way.  She is a treacherous woman.


“How is Bei Tang Ming?”


“He is not harmed.  He has been fed with medicine and has been sleeping the entire time.” San Qiu remembers seeing him drooling in his sleep when he found him.  He wonders what that prince was dreaming about.


“Do you want to go home first, Master?  This subordinate can keep guard here.”  San Qiu asks.


“I will wait for her here.”  Gong Sang Mo stands there, not moving.


San Qiu purses his lips; he does not allow him to follow her, but his heart is not at peace either.  His Master’s heart is really in a knot.  He looks at the building that is veiled by the night sky: Just wait.



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