Chapter 24

Just as expected. Ning Meng Yao looked at the other party and coldly ‘hmphed’ and said: “Leave the twenty liang silver behind then you can roll, but you need to help me do something.”

“You…. You say.” Taking out the twenty liang silver at once let him felt his flesh was endlessly painful, but he had no choice but to take them out, he could only obey.

“Spread out new, say that that official something Zhao defrauds someone.”

“What? This cannot do, I will give you all thirty liang, okay?” Once this doctor heard, he immediately shook his head. Official Zhao family was a big household in the town. If he offended them, how could he still profit? This cannot do, absolutely not.

Ning Meng Yao’s eyes squinted slightly and looked at the one in front, seeing that he would rather take out ten liang silver more than open his mouth to say two sentences then she understood. This Official Zhao family was perhaps not that simple and she did not make things difficult for him.

“Leave the silvers behind and immediately roll out. If you do this act of harming people again, don’t blame me for not reminding you.”

“Yes, yes. I’ll roll.” Leaving the thirty silvers behind, that person ran off with a smoke, that kind of speed was as if there was a dog chasing behind him.

Yang Le Le was still a bit unhappy: “Yao Yao, are you just going to let him off like that?”

“What else if not? Even if we send him to the officials, you guys won’t get any definite profit. Until that time, they can just say that Big Brother Yang’s wound was too severe that even Doctor Li came out to help. If at that time, he called that official Zhao out, then the one eating loss would be you guys.” At the start, Ning Meng Yao also wanted to send this quack to the officials but then thinking again, this quack doctor was sent by official Zhao. When truly comparing them, the Yang family was only a normal small old common family, reporting would only invite disaster to their family.

In this way, it was better to take the money and let the matter become something personal. So even if official Zhao knew about it, he would not dare to say anything about this since this doing was after all something he did not do thoroughly. If he really wanted to make it a big deal then even though others did not say, but who would still dare to go to his place and work?

If he had even little smarts then he would understand, that was why this kind of end was the best.

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Once Yang Le Le heard this, she understood that Ning Meng Yao did this for their sake: “Yao Yao, thank you. I will first grab the medicine for my brother. You should take this money.”

“No need, you take it. Even though eating medicine would fasten recovery, but Big Brother Yang also needs good supplement. Waiting after that, it is not late to return it to me.” Ning Meng Yao shook her head. Yang Yi needed good supplements for his body to recover quickly right now. She was also not anxious about this much money.

Yang Le Le heard her and understood Ning Meng Yao’s meaning and laughed as she went out the door to follow Doctor Li back to grab the medicine for Yang Yi.

Waiting for sending Doctor Li away, Ning Meng Yao prepared to go back but Yang Zhu’s whole family barred her and wanted to kneel before Ning Meng Yao in the next moment.

Them behaving this way made Ning Meng Yao became at a loss, immediately helped Yang Zhu and Madam Yang up: “Uncle Yang and Auntie Yang, what are you doing? Are you not overwhelming me with special favors?”

“Meng Yao girl, our family’s boy owes you much help, ah. Thank you. Thank you.” Yang Zhu who was supported by Ning Meng Yao thanked her continuously.

If it were not for Meng Yao girl then today their family’s boy would unfortunately be ruined.

“Uncle Yang, you don’t need to be this courteous. When I first arrived, you helped me with a lot of things and now that me and Le Le are friends, I will obviously help her with whatever problem she has. Please don’t treat me like an outside like this.” Ning Meng Yao helplessly said.

That time when she had just arrived at White Mountain Village, there were a lot of people who were not willing to accept her who was an outsider and it was Yang Zhu alone who stood out from the crowd and let her live in this place and also busying back and forth to help her. This favor, she won’t forget.

“Little sister, thank you very much.” Madam Qiao who was also Yang Yi’s wife, looked at Ning Meng Yao gratefully.

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“Sister-in-law, if you’re this courteous to me again then I won’t dare to stay here.” Ning Meng Yao looked at Madam Qiao with some helplessness.

“Thank you, auntie.” Six year old Yang Zhi who was already sensible lifted his head and looked at Ning Meng Yao seriously then said.

Ning Meng Yao crouched down her body and reached out her hand to rub his little head: “You are welcome.”

Saying a few words to Yang Zhi, Ning Meng Yao also told Madam Qiao that in this period of time, she should give Yang Yi some bone soup and fish soup to drink. This could help him recover a bit faster.

After conversing with them, Ning Meng Yao turned her body and went back home.

After that, Yang Le Le did not come to search for Ning Meng Yao for a few days, probably because she was at home taking care of Yang Yi. To this, Ning Meng Yao only smiled and did not say anything while Yang Zhi was sent by Yang Zhu to her place to learn words. Although he came late, but he was very smart and was able to roughly catch up.

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