Chapter 21 – Gender bias

Wei Qiqi looked at the hateful Duke. She is feeling grieved in her heart. She must succeed, if not she will be looked down upon by him.

“Today our meeting ends here, everybody can return! Wei Qiqi stay behind!” Liu Zhong Tian said without expression.

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General Chi and Deputy Liu rose up to leave the big tent. Wei Qiqi looked at Liu Zhong Tian strangely. She wonders if there is anything special, hence him ordering her to stay behind.

“Help me to massage my legs, I want to rest properly for a night!” After speaking finish, Liu Zhong Tian laid down on his bed.

“I am now no longer your foot soldier, why are you still asking me to massage your legs!” Liu Zhong Tian protested.

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“So are you going to massage?”

“I will……” Qiqi sat down with a grievance in her heart and started massaging reluctantly.

“From the way I observe you, you seem like a person who likes to win!” Liu Zhong Tian suddenly opened his mouth.

“So what, I have never thought of losing to anybody!”

“You will invite trouble upon yourself! Tomorrow if the experiment fails, return to my side as a personal bodyguard and massage my legs every day!”

Wei Qiqi felt that the Third Duke’s words made her extremely uncomfortable, hence she unconsciously increased her force while massaging. Liu Zhong Tian couldn’t bear it and started laughing at her.

“You really act like a woman……”

Qiqi’s hands trembled. Actually, she is a woman. She wonders if the Great Han army camp has a woman and what happens if she is discovered?

“Duke…… can the Great Han’s camp have females as soldiers to participate in killing enemies?”

“Of course not. If there is, I will chop off her head!”

Qiqi is scared till she panicked. “Then, there really cannot be a woman? Like someone who is special!”

“Of course can, the families of the generals or dukes can come to the military camp as long as they don’t participate in the military affairs!”

“Gender bias!” Qiqi furiously tightened her hand into a fist and forcefully punched down on the Duke’s legs.

Liu Zhong Tian experienced pain, and he sat up. He grabbed onto Qiqi’s collar and lifted her up slightly. “Do you want me to chop off your brains, then you will willingly serve me!”

“Then give the order and chop me. I don’t have a home to go to anyway!” Qiqi’s eyes turned red, and stared at Liu Zhong Tian. A pair of beautiful eyes is fuming with fire at the moment.

Liu Zhong Tian is thinking, if Qiqi’s face doesn’t have those yellowish spots protruding out, just with her facial features, she should be an extremely handsome man. That pair of eyes is as if it is drawn with a charm that mesmerizes people. When he thought of this, Liu Zhong Tian released Qiqi and became furious.

“Get out!” Liu Zhong Tian turned around and coldly said.

One moment he wants to kill, the next moment he wants to chase people away. This Duke has a weird temper. Qiqi stood up and hurriedly left the big tent.

Due to the hardship of traveling, Qiqi can only squeeze together with everybody. Her head and legs are full of the stinky smell of men. When she thinks back to the royalty-like lifestyle of her past as an heiress, Qiqi became instantly depressed. She furiously climbed up and squirmed out of the tent. She rested outside of the tent and looked at the sky that is full of stars.

It was as if she saw her own grandfather. Every time he sees Qiqi he will be so happy that he couldn’t keep his mouth closed. That expression is as if there isn’t a granddaughter that is cuter than her. Due to her dad remarrying three years ago, Qiqi’s Grandfather decided to bequeath all of the property to Qiqi’s name. Which is almost all of the Wei family’s fortune.

Qiqi’s dad married a beautiful middle-aged lady. That lady even brought a sister that is two years younger than Qiqi. Ever since that lady knew that all of grandfather’s fortune is transferred to Qiqi, she has been having doubts. Even Qiqi’s dad is questioning grandfather’s methods. However, now, nobody has to worry over the family assets. She doesn’t belong to that era anymore. From an outstanding girl that can do everything in the world, she got reduced into a commoner in the Great Han and she even lost her looks.

Qiqi stared blankly at those flying stars. She really hopes that she can jump to the sky,take a good look at this world and find out what is happening. Slowly she began nodding her head and unknowingly fell asleep.

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