Chapter 22 – Fish Oil Bombs

On the second day, Third Duke Liu Zhong Tian and General Chi sat on the chairs in the desert. They were here to look at Qiqi’s experiment with the screen covers. Liu Zhong TIan squinted his eyes slightly, looking at Qiqi who is busy now. He wonders what kind of surprise will she bring to him.

Qiqi instructed the soldiers to make some purified fish oil and store it in the jars. After sealing the jars, they used the powder for fireworks and made a very long string.

Qiqi buried the jars within the desert sand and then shouted mightily. “All should evade this!”

Qiqi felt confidence brimming within her heart. She has experimented with this plaything several times in her high school. There was once when she nearly caused an explosion to happen in a warehouse. Luckily her grandfather was there to settle the problem, she didn’t think that it will be put to use here.

Everyone evaded. Qiqi carefully went up and lifted the torch to light up the string. Thereafter she speedily ran outwards. Damnit, she only ran a few steps when she realized that the string is too short. Following a loud bang, the sand flew up, the fish oil splattered and the fire lit up the sky. Large parts of the desert were then drenched in the fire.

Liu Zhong Tian felt the tremor and instantly stood up. In front of his eyes are black smoke and sand. Where is Qiqi? He walked to the front in big strides and had a sudden realization in his heart. Could Wei Qiqi be blown to death?

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Some coughing rang and Wei Qiqi walked out from the thick smoke with a face full of black soot. She cursed in a high pitch. “Damn it, I nearly choked to death. What is wrong with this? It exploded so quickly that it nearly blew me to death!”

Liu Zhong Tian heaved a sigh of relief, returned to his seat and calmed down. He lost a bit of himself just now.

“This is obviously a miracle!” General Chi stood up and clapped. Following that all the soldiers present happily cheered as well.

Qiqi smugly walked to the front of Liu Zhong Tian. “Duke, if we make ten or more jars of this bombs and bury it within the desert, when the Xiongnu army comes and attack, we only need to light up the strings. However, there is some difficulty in lighting up the strings. Today I was nearly blown to bits. Haha!”

Qiqi wiped her face. The sweat and black dust were wiped together and it formed lines of black marks on her face. It looks extremely comical. Liu Zhong Tian immediately shifted his gaze elsewhere. If he continues to see this, he will uncontrollably laugh out. He is famous for not smiling at all. How could he be laughing in front of the army because of this fella.

“Haha! Qiqi, look at yourself!” Deputy Liu laughed. “Hurry go and wash, if not everyone will be scared to death!”

“Oh?” Qiqi touched her face, and saw her hands. She immediately understood, and she laughed sheepishly.

“Everything will go according to what Deputy Wei has arranged!” Liu Zhong Tian announced loudly. He stood up and spoke softly in front of Wei Qiqi.

“You have succeeded. However, by sleeping outside of the tent like yesterday, it is easy to fall sick. If you are not used to squeezing with everyone, you can come to my tent!” After he spoke finish he brought his soldiers and left.

Qiqi looked at him with surprise. How did he know that she is sleeping outside the tent? Did he come by in the middle of the night?

The moment Third Duke left, the soldiers came rushing forward, and picked Wei Qiqi up. They cheered on loudly, and took her for a hero.

“Let’s get Deputy Wei to bathe. He is too dirty, why not we strip him clean and everybody gives him a good wash?”


When Wei Qiqi heard this, she got scared till perspiration formed on her head. She speedily jumped down and turned tail and ran. This bunch of guys really took her as a man, if she really got stripped clean, wouldn’t she have no face to face anybody?

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