Chapter 23 – Stripping Deputy Wei

The soldiers thought that Qiqi was joking with them. They got excited and pursued from behind, shouting loudly!

“Strip Deputy Wei! Everybody give him a good wash as a reward!”

“No no!” Wei Qiqi became frantic. She hurried her steps, swiftly ran into the camp grounds and ran straight to the front of Liu Zhong Tian’s tent. She didn’t give a second thought before squirming inside. She estimated that within the camp, only Liu Zhong Tian’s tent will be a deterrent to them.

Those soldiers saw Qiqi entering the Duke’s tent and they all stopped in their tracks and looked at each other before leaving silently. Nobody dares to interrupt the Duke, that is warrant for dropping of heads.

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Liu Zhong Tian saw the panting Wei Qiqi who just ran it. Her whole face and head has black water and she looks extremely miserable. Both of her hands were on her knees, and she opened her mouth widely. It looks like she ran with difficulty.

He immediately stood up and looked at her strangely. This fella, when will he know how to walk properly, he actually dares to just barge into the big tent. In the entire camp there is only him who dares to do that.

Qiqi took half a day to recover her breath, then pointed to the outside of the tent. “Your soldiers are crazy. They need to……” She embarrassingly looked at Liu Zhong Tian. “What you said just now, does it still count?”


“It is that I can come to your big tent to sleep!”

Liu Zhong Tian nodded his head, Wei Qiqi happily jumped up. “That is great! Do you know that your soldiers’ feet really stink, it is so smelly that I cannot sleep properly. Compared to that, the floor mat here is good!”

Wei Qiqi looked at her own hands and clothes. Previously the black oil and sand exploded onto her. She has never looked so miserable before, hence she grinned and went to the front of Liu Zhong Tian. “Duke, I have a request.”

“Speak!” Liu Zhong Tian sat down.

“Can I bathe at your place?”

“Only I can bathe here, the soldiers can bathe at the river outside!” Liu Zhong Tian said coldly.

“Hey! Liu Zhong Tian, don’t be so selfish!”

Liu Zhong Tian immediately sharpened his brows. “I told you, don’t call my name, call me Duke!”

“Liu Zhong Tian!” Qiqi walked to his front, and moved her face closely to his. She looks even more comical with the black dust on her face.

“Do you want to get out yourself, or do I have to carry you out!” Liu Zhong Tian put down the scroll in his hands, and lifted Qiqi’s collar. Wei Qiqi saw that he is really furious, thus she immediately softened.

“Duke, you cannot go back on your word. You said that I can come in. If I cannot wash then so be it. I am not going to the riverside and will just stink like this! When that time comes don’t blame me for the weird smell in your big tent.”

Liu Zhong Tian released her and pointed at the wooden bucket. “When you finish bathing, dry yourself properly!”

“Yes Duke!” Qiqi happily turned towards the wooden bucket, then she thought of something. She turned around and looked at Liu Zhong Tian.

“Duke, why not you turn around for today and go on a survey!”

“No need, General Chi will do the surveying!”

“Why not go out and get some fresh air?”

“I just returned.”

“Oh, you are not going to see how the soldiers are preparing the fish oil bombs?”

Liu Zhong Tian became a bit angry. “What are you thinking of saying? Go wash yourself!”

Qiqi embarrassingly smiled. “I am not used to people looking at me bathe!”

“How troublesome, why don’t you say earlier!” Liu Zhong Tian stood up. “I will go and survey, after two hours I will be back! Go and bathe quickly!”

“Thank you, Duke……” Qiqi bowed, and then started laughing.

Wei Qiqi came to this Great Han era which made people hate it. This is the first time that she is bathing comfortably. She changed into the already clean T-shirt and jeans and wore her light traveling shoes. She sighed in her heart. Maybe when the shoes wore out she will not be able to wear it again. Hopefully it won’t get ruined before she gets back.

Maybe someday there will be a lightning amidst the clear sky and when she opens her eyes, she will realize that she has returned to her own car. In front of her will be those teasing comedies. She thinks that if she really goes back, she will miss this place and that cold Third Duke.

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