Chapter 10: The Second Reincarnation

Species Name: Fallen Angel

Original Sin: Pride

Surname: Lucifer

Tier Level: Seventh

Racial Characteristics: Control of Darkness , Gifts (unknown)

Evolution Tree: N/A

Interests: Not all of the fallen angels are arrogant. In fact, their personalities are extremely similar to human beings

Attitude towards Humans: Meh

——From <<Devils and Men>>


Death came to Mo Ke like a fleeting dream. Unannounced and traceless but also peaceful and most of all, pleasant.

Soon after, a flat buzzing echoed in the surroundings of the loli. Its source, the crystal pendant on Yi Yi’s chest. It was shaped like pair of devil wings and had a blood red hue throughout; clearly an item connected to the devils. As expected, the vibration of the crystal was soon accompanied by a devil’s voice.

“Yi Yi, don’t tell me you’ve fallen for that human.”

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The tripled iced loli remained as frozen faced as ever as if a talking pendant was the most natural thing in this world. “Fudina, can he still be saved?”

“You want to save that human?”

“Mo Ke was unsatisfied…”

“I’m aware of that. Humans are always like that. One moment they aren’t satisfied about their power and another moment later, they aren’t satisfied that someone else’s wife is prettier than theirs. At times, they are unsatisfied with their current wealth…The point is they are greedier than Mammon’s race…”

“I think Mo Ke still wanted to live in the end.” She curtly interrupted Fudina’s ranting and fell silent once more. Her icy face betraying nothing as usual.

“That’s why humans are such strange creatures. They want to live on no matter the cost, but are willing to risk their lives to protect another; even if that person is a stranger. They might have accepted their deaths but their body still latches onto their will to live, desperately struggling for naught.”

“If Mo Ke had just stayed hidden, he wouldn’t have died…”

“Then those goblins will do all sorts of *%%^&* to you…”

“Shut up!”

Fudina brushed off her brusque comment and continued, “Haha , either way this ending isn’t too bad, though that human died in the end.”

“He’s not Human.” Yi Yi immediately cut in with her deadpan voice.

“Hm? Not a human? Then what is he? A dog?”

“He’s Mo Ke, the one who saved Yi Yi.”

“Fine, fine, fine.”

“He’s the first person to help Yi Yi without asking for anything in return. He’s also the first person to unreservedly risk his life for Yi Yi.”

“In a sense, he did indeed hold nothing back.” After a deliberate pause, Fudina continued, “But why do I get the feeling that he was seeking death.”

“Even so, that was in Yi Yi’s service!”

In face of her persistence, Fudina relented. “Fine fine. My dear princess, whatever you said was correct.”

“Yi Yi wants to save him.”

“…”  Fudina fell silent at her request. After a moment of deliberation, Fudina spoke up, “You shouldn’t…with your current magic power…saving him isn’t as easy as you think.”

This warning fell on deaf ears as she persisted once more, but instead of talking she bent down onto Mo Ke’s body, her pink lips almost touching his nose. She opened her mouth slightly and inhaled. A wispy column of mist rushed out of Mo Ke’s nose like a pair of translucent snakes coiling around each other as they ascended into her mouth.

As more and more of the fog gathered in her mouth, it slowly formed a sphere. Once it had fully stabilized, she spat the sphere out onto her hand.

The sphere was roughly the size of a lychee and had a face imprinted on it. It was the face of a slumbering Mo Ke. In middle of this sphere was a solid mote of light that was slowly leaking away on its outer edges. As the light dissipated, the outer edges became more translucent by the second. This was Mo Ke’s soul slowly dispersing due to the loss of its protective body. A normal human’s soul was simply too weak to survive without a body. This was why ghosts were a rarity in this world.

Souls filled with a deep hatred before dying were an exception to this rule. These souls had a high chance of becoming vengeful spirits because their deep seated hatred would help stabilize the soul, while simultaneously feeding it by absorbing the hatred in the world. This applied to strong desires in general. However, whether it was hatred or strong desires, Mo Ke possessed no such thing so he could not stabilize his soul. Given time, his soul would disperse into nothingness.

“With the heavens and earth as my witness, I do hereby swear upon the highest echelons of Purgatory. I, Yi Yi, as one of the candidates for the throne of the Demon King of Pride accept this person as my fiancee…”

“Hey hey… I don’t want to enter a guy’s soul…I’m only 500 years away from forming a new body…I’ll have to pass on this…don’t make me do this…”

“Protect him well. I will aid your revival at the right time.” The pendant’s words were ignored once more as she lowered it carefully onto Mo Ke’s soul without seeking Fudina’s consent.

“Fine, since you said so, I’ll help this fellow just this once. With the power of the Chaos crystal, reincarnating a human is hardly worth mentioning…it’s just…I would have to sleep for a while.” Seeing that he had no say in this matter, he resigned himself to his fate. “However, I can’t  guarantee he will be able to survive in that place…”

She threw a deadpan look at the crystal and said, “If he doesn’t make it, then you can accompany him in death.”

“…Fine, I got it. *Sigh*…I’m just so unlucky. Hopefully this little brother will be fortunate enough to survive until I awaken.”

“It’s Mo Ke.”

“Fine, fine. Mo Ke.”

As Mo Ke’s soul came into contact with the Chaos crystal, the crystal slowly liquefied and seeped into his soul. It wasn’t long before Mo Ke’s soul had a faint red hue within it. It was initially a faint almost pinkish red hue but soon darkened into a dark red akin to blood.

As the crystal did its work, the blood around the battlefield began consolidating at one spot. The red liquid began coagulating and started flying around in a purposeful manner as if it was the ink on an artist’s brush. Soon, an intricate blood formation was formed on the ground.

Yi Yi took a step forward and gently pressed down onto the magic formation. In that instant, the ground within the formation seemed to have been torn asunder. Fiery tentacles which could have only come from the depths of hell, sprouted out of the cracks and instantly reduced Mo Ke’s body to ashes upon contact.

Under the protection of the Chaos Crystal, Mo Ke’s soul dove into the crack.


Chaik Village.

Roscar got up early to train as per his daily routine. What struck him as strange was the absence of a certain boy who would usually be up and training in the yard by now.

He was probably tired… As he told himself this, Roscar chose to continue his aura training until Nicole called them for breakfast. However, when the time for breakfast came, Mo Ke was still nowhere to be seen as if he wasn’t even in the house.

“Little Ke, it’s time for breakfast.” She knocked on his room door and entered the next instant without waiting for a reply…The room was empty.

Her heart started pounding as a strange look crossed her face. She had a bad feeling about this as if something terrible was about to happen. She scoured the room and quickly found the letter left on the table by Mo Ke. She dashed out of the room and immediately brought the letter to Roscar. The two of them swiftly opened the letter and read its contents. It didn’t explain why he wanted to leave but merely stated that he wanted to take a trip outside.

Mo Ke was missing!

Roscar left Nicole some instructions and immediately dashed out of the house. He frantically combed the village and soon came upon the tracks left by Mo Ke. He was an experienced hunter after all, tracking an eight year old was easy for him. He followed the trail closely, through its various twists and turns. Half a day later, he finally came upon the battlefield of the goblins and devils.

The battlefield was devoid of anything other than the stench of death emanating from the corpses littered about. He quickly got down to the grisly work of flipping through each individual corpse, his mood visibly affected by the implications of this situation. After an extensive search, he only found a short sword engraved with a name and a buckler.

As for that blood formation, he only knew it had to do with devils and nothing else. As he brought back what he thought was Mo Ke’s relics, he was greeted by the sight of an anxious Nicole. By her side, was Sares dutifully comforting her.

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At that moment, Roscar seemed to have understood something…

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