Chapter 55 – You Vicious, Unfilial Daughter

Huan Qing Yan used the momentum and continued, “Before Papa died, he had already passed his position of Master to me. From now on, the Huan Estate will listen to me. Servants, whip the corpse of the Head Housekeeper a hundred times before hanging his body outside the gates of the Huan Estate to display. Next, lock his followers inside the firewood shed and hand them over to the authorities when they come over to investigate the unknown body.”

In the next moment, the servants quickly followed her instructions.

The clan relatives in the area immediately tried to stop her, “You are making a scene!”

“The person is already dead, yet you viciously ordered to whip his body!”

“This person could even burn her father, what else would she dare not do? No one would want to marry this vicious woman…”

“Even giving the servants a hundred silver as dismissal fee, really a b*tch who wastes the family fortune. Since her direct elders of her family line are no longer around and we are her elders too, we must stop her from making a mess…”

None of them flushed with embarrassment at their words, these so called Huan Clan relatives were branches that split away nearly nine generations ago; in short, having the same surname was their only relation with them.

When Huan Bei Ming was around, he would do his best to take care of them. Now that he had  passed away, they all came to their house to bully the widow and her orphans.

In a way, they could be considered elites among cheap people.

Huan Qing Yan straightened her brow to form a stern expression and replied without holding back her tone of sarcasm, “Dear uncles who were branched far away, this is the Huan Estate, a family property that was built by my father alone! This is my home and all of you have no say over it, do not think that you can use the word called ‘elder’ to speak in here! The word ‘elder’ is something that all of you are not worthy of!  Can it be that all of you are eyeing the fortune of my house? My Papa had just passed away, so are all of you itching to have a piece of it? My Papa is here right now and had seen clearly everything that you have done; who took the burial offerings within his coffin? Why did my Papa’s body appear here? I believe some of you knew clearly why! The constables are coming here soon, I suggest thinking about how to explain yourselves and clear your way out of suspicions or you might be squatting in jail before you know it!”

“You, you…” some of the clan relatives seemed to be having heart attacks from anger.

A middle-aged man with a rat-like face seemed to have the intention to come out and give Huan Qing Yan a beating.

Huan Qing Yan coldly said, “Huan Dong Hai, my Papa’s body was not even cold, yet you tried to bully me with your power as a Four-Star Spirit Master in front of him? This lady clearly remembers that I was bestowed the title of National Order Princess, a commoner like you dared to touch a princess? Are you feeling that you have lived for too long and wish to shorten it?”

Although the Royal Family were despicable, they still have their uses when the situation requires.

In her previous life, the reincarnated girl only had a bad temper and lacked shrewdness, displaying her emotions for everyone to see; if not for those loyal people protecting her, she would not have lived for that long…

When the situation requires a person to be vicious, then they must be vicious!

When it was time to use a soft approach, she was not afraid to bend her back even if it would break.

The person called Huan Dong Hai paused his steps, he did not dare take action now so he used words instead, “Huan Qing Yan, you vicious and unfilial daughter, don’t you care about your reputation?”

“How could the Royal Family bestow this type of unfilial girl to be a princess!”


In the previous life, it was because the reincarnated girl cared for her reputation that their property continued to be split repeatedly. What did she get in the end?

Her brother was crippled, her mother was poisoned while sunk in depression, eventually her family was broken and everyone was gone…

This thing called reputation, was something she had discarded from the moment she decided to cremate her Papa’s body.

At that moment, Huan Meng Yue suddenly appeared out of nowhere and shakily said, “Qing Yan, aren’t you being too rash? As a woman, you should not take things too far; Master had just passed away, from now on our Huan Estate has no more…”

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