Chapter 54 – Devote Her Heart To Him

Next, Huan Qing Yan personally carried Huan Bei Ming’s body and placed him on top of the firewood.

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“Luo Qiao, light it up.” A dull and calm voice ordered.

Luo Qiao had already heard of the news regarding the master’s body being stolen from the mouths of others. Although she felt that burning the body was an act that went against the traditional rules of filial piety, it was indeed the most effective method to protect the master’s body.

Who knew when those despicable robbers would dig up his grave after he was buried, burning would be the best way to stop those vicious and immoral individuals.

These would settle the matter once and for all.

Therefore, with her Young Mistress’s order, she lighted a fire without hesitation.

The surrounding clan relatives began to scold Huan Qing Yan one after the other, “You unfilial daughter, what are you doing!”

“Oh heavens, burning the body of your father, what sins had Brother Bei Ming done to have borne such a terrible daughter!”

However, they only dared to use words but not take any actions; they dare not make any rash moves with the Silver Mask Guard present.

The servants of the Huan Estate also felt displeased at Huan Qing Yan’s method. Although they were pointing fingers, they did not dare voice out their thoughts.

Huan Qing Yan’s decision was also something that was out of the Silver Mask Guard’s expectations causing the Silver Mask Guard to look at her a few times.

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His gaze contained an expression that could not be explained clearly.

It looked like a mix of surprise and shock yet it looked like a gaze of appreciation.

Under the glow of the raging flames, Huan Qing Yan turned towards the Silver Mask Guard and sincerely expressed her thanks, “I thank you my Lord, to be able to obtain your aid today, this little girl could not express my gratitude with words. I wonder if you would tell me your name and allow this little girl to pay a visit in the future.”

The Silver Mask Guard replied with a deep voice, “No need. Maintaining the order and security of the capital is our duty. As I still have a case to investigate, I will take my leave now. As for the unknown body within the coffin, there will be relevant authorities coming over to investigate later… Goodbye.”

Huan Qing Yan knew that the Silver Mask Guard had truly been a great help today, not holding any grudge from their past interactions and had even stayed till now.

One must know that not anyone could be so impartial and draw the line clearly between official and unofficial business, not only did he not make things difficult for her, he also helped her solve many potential difficulties.

It’s a shame that this Brim Hat Bro was already a married man, if not, she would devote her heart to him.


She thought a bit too much.

She swept her gaze at him for one full circle before she did not force the topic and half bowed to expressed her thanks, “Thank you my Lord, have a safe journey.”

The Silver Mask Guard’s figure blurred, the next moment he was seen on the roof before he finally disappeared.

Huan Qing Yan maintained her posture for a sometime until this Lord Silver Mask had completely disappeared before she slowly straightened her posture.

The voices of criticism from those clan relatives and the displeased gazes of the servants were now focused on Huan Qing Yan.

Huan Qing Yan looked at her surroundings as she stood under the glow of the flames before she declared, “Papa had passed away, the Huan Estate would sell all its excess servants from tomorrow onwards, those who were deemed disloyal and untrustworthy would all be sold! Of course, those who were loyal and trustworthy would be released from their slave contract and be rewarded with a hundred silvers, the money should be enough for them to return to their village or start a small business…”

When she said that, the servants all began to have a settled mind.

The reason they were feeling anxious and nervous was due to the ongoing rumors. With their Master dead, the Huan Family said to be cursed, even the Young Mistress who had just awakened with an Egg-Level talent was also said to be cursed; in addition, the Young Master was still very young while Madam Huan was lacking in her own views. Thus, without a master managing the Huan Estate, it would eventually collapse and be destroyed…

These led to them being enticed by various ideas so as to earn something out of the chaos currently present.

Now the Young Mistress was safely out of training; not only did her image transformed greatly, becoming a great beauty, her character had also become much firmer than before. On top of that, she had also given them an assurance, so why would they continue to cause trouble?

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