Chapter 53 – Please Forgive Little Yan For Being Unfilial!


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Before Huan Qing Yan could finished her sentence, the fat body of the Head Housekeeper suddenly fell onto the ground, blood was flowing out from the seven orifices of his face, he had died!

The Silver Mask Guard went over to check the body, “He hid some poison in his mouth and used it to commit suicide.”

Huan Qing Yan’s expression turned cold, he rather commits suicide then to confess the identity of the mastermind?

Who was this person? What benefits did he received that could make him sell his life?

Huan Qing Yan felt an invisible web being spun behind her…

However, Huan Qing Yan was not someone who could be easily frightened; be it a devil or a god, she wants to find out who was pulling the strings behind the scenes!

The clan relatives were surely related to everything that has happened one way or the other.

A few clan relatives who were quiet earlier on began to start making comments one after the other, blaming and holding the Head Housekeeper, Zhang Chang Fu, responsible.

“This damn fatty was unexpectedly audacious!”

“To think that the old chap was such a vicious and greedy person, I have long felt that something was wrong about him when I first saw that thieving rat look of his.”

“Exactly, not only did he steal the offerings, he also planned to steal the body of Brother Bei Ming, is he bullying the Huan Clan because he thinks nothing of us? The few hundred people within our clan does not exist for show!”

“At least he still had some conscious and knew how to ask Brother Bei Ming for forgiveness by offering his life… this type of person deserves to be dead.”

Huan Qing Yan’s cold sharp gaze swept through the crowd, causing these clan relatives to unknowingly shut their mouths.

All of them felt strange and alarmed, how could a fifteen years old girl like Huan Qing Yan display such a look, it felt like her gaze could pierce through their hearts and see what they were truly thinking, making them feel unbearable.

“Lord Silver Mask, could you help me check my father’s cause of death…” Huan Qing Yan pleaded.

Fortunately, despite all the misfortunate things that has happened, she managed to find her Papa’s body.

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The Silver Mask Guard acknowledged with a nod and approached Huan Bei Ming’s body to inspect, “It looks like the cause of death was due to an old injury being triggered after it festered and accumulated over the years.”

Huan Qing Yan breathed a sigh of relief, it seems like her Papa’s death was not due to some plot.

However, the matter of stealing his body must be revenged!

Some of the clan relatives began to act and put on kind expressions, one of them said, “This should be enough. Qing Yan, why did you suddenly become so narrowminded? How powerful was Brother Bei Ming when he was alive? Who would want to harm him? Are you developing some sort of victimized paranoia?”

“This old man thinks that you should quickly return Brother Bei Ming’s body to the ceremonial hall and properly bury him…”

Huan Qing Yan ignored them, she had already experienced all sorts of ugly words coming from these people through the memories of the reincarnated girl, their words are now just farts to her!

Put the body back into the coffin?

And allow them to steal it again?

“Servants! Go and bring me some firewood now!”

The Silver Mask Guard stood there, not moving nor speaking while overlooking everything with deep and profound eyes, no one dared to look at him.

Everyone was confused, the servants also looked at each other. Returning the master’s body to the coffin should be the most important thing to do now, why order them to bring firewood?

Suddenly, Luo Qiao who was standing within the crowd shouted, “You lowly servants, did you not hear the order issued by Young Mistress? Are you waiting to be sold by the Huan Estate tomorrow?”

The servants immediately ran off to the firewood shed and brought back piles of firewood.

Huan Qing Yan faced her Papa’s body and kowtow to him three times, “Papa, you were an openminded person when you were alive, I believe you will not mind Little Yan’s choice. The human heart is too difficult to predict, please forgive Little Yan for not being powerful enough and was unable to protect Papa; but Papa you can be rest assured, Little Yan will grow up very quickly and will surely protect Mama and Xing Han. Papa, please forgive Little Yan for being unfilial!”

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