Chapter 52 – So He Really Died!

Huan Qing Yan felt her chest tightened as she ran up and opened the large sack, this was Papa’s body! Tears instantly fell from her face…

If she did not end her training today and had not met a Silver Mask Guard along the way; if she did not feel any suspicions from the start, then her Papa’s body would have been stolen by others…

The reincarnated girl had not done the same thing in the her previous life, so that means Papa… Huan Qing Yan dare not think further!

The reincarnated girl seemed to have thought of the same too as emotions of deep sorrow began to surge from within, nearly causing Huan Qing Yan to lose control of the body.

“Speak. Why did you swap the body?” the Silver Mask Guard asked the servants lying on the ground with a chilling tone.

When the servants saw that this person was a Silver Mask Guard, they already knew that situation was far from good. In addition, seeing the body of their Master who just passed away being hid inside the sack caused them to jump from extreme fright, none dared to hide any facts and all of them pointed at the gathered crowd; at the fattest person within it who was wearing extravagant clothing…

This fatty was the Huan Estate’s Head Housekeeper, Zhang Chang Fu!

“My lord, this has nothing to do with us! We are just following the instructions of the Head Housekeeper. Us lowly servants did not know that the sack contained the body of Master! If we knew, we would never have dared to do this! Head Housekeeper only told us that the sack contained valuables of the Huan Estate. With the Master gone, the house could no longer flourish, so we wanted to earn something while we can…”

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The Head Housekeeper immediately kneeled on the ground, his face was pale, “Please spare my life, Sir Silver Mask please spare my life! Young Mistress, please save this lowly one, this lowly one had served and toiled for the Huan Family for nearly six years!”

Huan Qing Yan was truly enraged, she picked up a branch off the ground and viciously hit the fatty with it, avenging for her Papa.

However, she knew that the Head Housekeeper was likely not the main mastermind, doing such a thing served no benefits to him.

There’s surely someone pulling the strings from behind.

After taking a deep breath, she used the calmest voice she could muster and said, “When did you swap my Papa’s body? Why did you steal it?”

“If this lowly one tells you, will Young Mistress help me beg for forgiveness with Sir Silver Mask to let me live?” the Head Housekeeper said expectantly.

“You have my word. Now tell me.” Huan Qing Yan agreed.

The Silver Mask Guard did not react but he seemed to have silently agreed with the arrangement.

The Head Housekeeper did not dare to raise his head to look at the warning gazes coming from his surroundings he steeled himself and said, “It happened last night. When Madam Huan was exhausted and went for a rest, this lowly one used the convenience of my authority to secretly swap the body. Master… Master was a Six Star Spirit Master, it was said that the body of a Spirit Master was very useful even after death, the black market would gladly pay a handsome price for the body of a Spirit Master of that level… Young Mistress, this lowly one must be possessed, I plead for your forgiveness, this lowly one wouldn’t dare to do it another time…”

Huan Qing Yan was so angry that only by cutting this man to pieces would it be enough to satiate her anger, “You must have borrowed your guts for the heavens! Is there someone who instigated you to do this? Do you have any accomplices?”

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The Head Housekeeper shook his head, “No, there are no other accomplices. Young Mistress, this lowly one was just blinded by a moment of greed…” As he said those words, numerous quiet sighs of relief were secretly released from some people within the crowd, the tension in their bodies were also gone.

“Fine, so the coffin was solely opened by you?”

“Yes, it was opened by me alone.” The Head Housekeeper confessed everything.

“Then where are the burial offerings within the coffin? This sack only held my Papa’s body, not a single piece of those offerings was found! You should stop trying to lie to this lady, name your accomplice or else…”

“Those… were all taken by this lowly one due to greed.”

“Fine, since you are not willing to speak the truth, then I could not help you also. Lord Silver Mask…”

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