Chapter 41: Being too diligent makes a person become annoying.

Being too diligent makes a person become annoying.

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After escaping from Yato, Lina fell into the depths of despair in her apartment.


(Why did I have to lose to such a guy…)


Holding her knees, Lina remained sitting on the floor for a long time.

Even among angels like her, Lina had always been superior.

She always carried out her tasks perfectly and was always diligent.

Lina was always the first. She had never lost to anyone before.

And that excellence of hers was the core of her self-confidence.

However, today, her confidence had been crushed by Yato.

Before she fought against him, Lina had assumed a smooth victory because of her overconfidence.

She made it all the way to the top due to her efforts. There was no possible way she would lose to someone who couldn’t make it to her world. Or that was what she thought at the beginning.

Though, her conceit ended up being the main thing that led to her defeat.

Thinking that she would win without even appraising his stats, Lina had recklessly challenged Yato without measuring his strength, resulting in her current situation.


(How should I report this to Metron-sama…)


Pondering an excuse, a spark of light appeared in the ceiling above her head.


“Ya! Lina.”


Before realizing it, she found herself inside a white room with a single blond boy sitting on a chair before her.

Lina, who was reflected in that room like an image, straightened herself in hurry.



“Looks like he got you, Lina.”


While Lina quickly kneeled, Metron talked with a composed tone.

Hearing what he said, Lina made a gloomy face and cast her eyes down.


“M-My apologies. I didn’t have the least idea that Kamiya Yato would be that strong.”

“I’m also surprised about that. Who would think that he’d get that strong? But you see, Lina, that’s not what I’m talking about now.”


Halting his speech, Metron stayed silent for a short while then continued.


“I ordered you to observe him and not drag him to the other world. Although, I did say that it would be nice if he could be brought there.” Metron said with a slightly shocked expression.

Lina was actually ordered by Metron to only observe Yato.

Realizing that Yato had become stronger than expected, he started becoming vigilant and asked Lina to observe him and immediately report any weird moves he took.

He also talked about how fortunate it would be if he was to get Yato in the other world.

However, that was no more than a mere wish and not an order.

Letting out deep sigh while sitting on his chair, Lina raised her head.


“I am Metron-sama’s excelling subordinate. Even if it wasn’t an order, it is my duty to achieve anything that Metron-sama would find the best.”

“It would be also nice if you weren’t too diligent actually…”


Metron let out another sigh to Lina who was looking him right in the eyes.


“But what should I do now? You can’t keep on observing him now that he’s aware of you.”

“Metron-sama! Please give another chance.” Lina suggested to the troubled Metron.


“A chance?”

“Please give me the permission to transform! I’m sure that I can defeat Yato that way and bring him to our world!!”


Hearing her enthusiastic request, Metron made a bitter face.


Hey, I just said that we need to observe him and not defeat him…


“If I use【Angel transformation】, I’m sure I can defeat him!!”


Lina kept asking Metron.

【Angel transformation】. It’s a skill that Metron cast on Lina before she came to earth, which restrains her angel powers in order to keep her in a human form.

If she was to use the skill, her true power would be released.

Once she was released from her human form, she would get back enough strength to defeat Yato. That’s what Lina was thinking.

However, despite her plea, Metron couldn’t give her permission.


“Sorry about that Lina, but I can’t let you do that…”


Immediately after rejecting Lina’s suggestion, Metron stopped moving. A good amount of time passed by, as he fell in thought before he suddenly made a cheerful face and changed his mind.


“Or maybe let’s give permission after all.”


“Yeah, I lost to your zeal.”


With her plea cheerfully approved by Metron, Lina became exceedingly happy.


“Thank you very much!! I shall defeat Kamiya yato for sure this time!! Definitely!! Certainly!!”


Her eyes were about to tear up from the extreme joy that Metron-sama was seeing hope in her.

Even that small fact made her tremendously happy.


“Ah, yeah, do your best. Well then.”


Making a bitter smile to Lina who thanked him while sinking in tears, Metron cut short the conversation.


“Yes!! Please leave it to me!! Metron-sama.”


Lina screamed alone in her room after the conversation was done. Her voice reverberated in the night and echoed around.




Ending the conversation with Lina, Metron let out deep sigh. He didn’t think she would cry and end the conversation in fluster.

At first he wasn’t intending to allow her to use 【Angel transformation】. That was simply because he knew that it would be useless.

Even if she used it, defeating that guy would still be an impossible task.

Metron knew that very well, since he had checked Yato’s stats.

His stats were very abnormal.

His level was still low, however, the rising of his stats and the variety of his skills were about to reach the same level as Metron and the other gods.

Despite the great walled off difference between an earthling and a god, Yato was somehow able to make it that far. Metron had no other choice but to accept that reality.

Things would get bad at this rate. If Yato were to reach the same range that Metron and the other gods were in, they wouldn’t be able to deal with him anymore.

He sent Lina to observe him for that reason, but didn’t imagine such a result in the end.


“Lina is too diligent, isn’t she…”


Metron realized that Lina’s serious character was causing him problems, but he shook off those thoughts afterward.


“Oh well. It will reach an end soon enough anyway.” Metron uttered while letting a fearless grin reach his face.

Kamiya Yato would eventually become a mighty existence, impossible for Metron and other gods to deal with.

In that case, he just needed to end before that happened.


“I feel bad for Lina, but that’s for the sake of the future.” Metron muttered alone inside the white room with a serious look. Not the least bit of confusion or sorrow towards Lina could be noted in that voice.





Reflex speed


“I didn’t see Lina from that time. I wonder where she went.”

“She could be unexpectedly close~”  ← Rouga

“Let’s try luring her to show up.”

“How~ “  ← Rouga

“Let’s see… Stupid Metron!”

“What did you just say?!”

“She really showed up…”

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“That’s fantastic level of speed~”


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