Bk 2 Chapter 128 – Fujo v Yasen

The counterfeit Rain Drizzle technique Zilan employed was something that many in the audience could not understand. ‘How can a Half Breed in the Tempering stage move that fast?’

Needless to say, none of them could figure out exactly how his ‘Divine Ability of speed’ worked either.

If one were paying real close attention though, even if they might not dissect the technique completely, a few clues would still present themselves. For example, the rain drop that was circling Zilan did so from ten meters away and it just so happened that the after images he had left behind were ten meters apart.

From this observation one could then theorize that wherever that raindrop appeared Zilan would be able to instantly travel to. Just imagine it, an ability where within a ten meter radius your range of movement was completely flexible and instant, almost akin to teleportation. Imagine if the range was increased to a kilometre or thousands of kilometres how crazy would this movement technique be or what about if the number of raindrops were increased to five or ten, all of them transport points that Zilan could ‘teleport’ to at any time. This ability was just godly!

Of course no one in this audience would be able to theorise that Zilan’s ability could stretch to a further range nor would they even think about the possibility of more than one raindrop coming into play. However, in their defence Zilan himself was very, very far from actually achieving the theorized state. After all, the current him could barely use the technique three times when the range was just ten meters, plus he was only going forward.

Not to mention, the [Rain Drizzle] technique still had a lot more to it than just this.

Even Wazimu and the Fourth Elder had underestimated this technique. Yes, Wazimu had been able to see that it was a technique that was inspired by a [Secret] of the Universe however, one must note, what Zilan considered a Secret of the Universe and what Wazimu considered a Secret were two totally different things.

The [Secrets] Wazimu was familiar with could be considered minor, as it is an insight that was obtained from this small plane. Yes, this was still part of the Universe but it only showed a tiny bit of the Universe’s complexities. For example, it rained on this world but on other worlds and other planes the rain they experienced was of a completely different type.

Rain did not necessarily equal a simple showering of water and the occasional lightning. No, the Universes Rain, the highest level and example of rain in existence, actually referred to the raining down of laws and edicts, truths and Mysteries.

This was the type of Rain that the Rain Dragon King had gotten insight into. Naturally, he had not comprehended the entirety of the Universe’s Rain otherwise the rank of this technique would not merely be at low-mid [Secret] instead it would be a High level [Universe] technique and the Rain Dragon King would stand at the Pinnacle of Beasts in the Universe.

Zilan’s ambition was to one day finish what the Rain Dragon King had started and completely comprehend the Universe’s Rain.

As for Elder Wazimu, his idea of a Secret of the Universe were the insights that the Chairman had collected and crammed into the Enlightenment enclosure. Once those insights were comprehended to the pinnacle, to him that would mean having gained mastery of a Secret of the Universe. For example, if the insight had to do with rain then upon Mastery one would be able to summon the rains and command the clouds. What he didn’t know was that this type of insight was not only at a very low level, it also only had effect on this world. For the worlds with greater restrictions or higher worlds, one with such level of insight would be lucky enough if they could avoid the lightning and find shelter from the rain rather than control it.

Judge too took some time to process the Half Breed’s performance as the defeat of the young Master was something he could not have imagined. If it was Yasen who had beaten Domin then he wouldn’t have been this shocked but for it to be Zilan, the one everyone thought to be undeserving of the first chair amongst Fire Guardians. This unexpected turn of events left him speechless.

Nevertheless, he was overseeing the tournament and the competition needed to move on.

“Fujo PurpleSun, step forward and state your challenge.”

‘Looks like Zilan has also improved.’ Thought Fujo as he stood up.

“Junior challenges Yasen.”

Hearing his name being called Yasen retracted his gaze from Zilan, stood up and jumped onto the platform.

Once the crowd saw Yasen and Fujo jump up on stage, the discussions about the Half Breed gradually subsided.

“This is going to be interesting.” Said one of the more informed spectators.

“Of course it’s going to be interesting, look who’s fighting.” Sarcastically remarked another person.

“That isn’t what I meant. Hehe, Fujo and Yasen’s families are two of the most powerful in the Gold sector however, anyone who knows anything will tell you that House Andriani is by far the most influential family clan in the Gold sector.”

“So how does that play into this?” wondered another audience member.

“Hehe, it wasn’t always that way. There was a time when the Rising PurpleSun family was at the head but with the unfortunate passing of their most powerful practitioners, House Andriani came up from the rear and suddenly took the lead. It was only in this generation with the appearance of Senior Amani, his brother and the birth of Fujo that the momentum seemed to be shifting and the name Falling PurpleSun family was retired.”

“Oh, so it’s like that but with Yasen’s presence I doubt the head position will be shifting anytime soon.” The audience member gave his opinion.

His words although bold weren’t exactly farfetched. After all, a genius at the soul-compression stage who was also exceptionally talented in Alchemy, even if one searched all of Brivata, such individuals were as rare as Dragons and phoenixes.

“It’s good to see you again.” Said Fujo smiling.

“Forfeit.” Replied Yasen in an indifferent tone.

“Sigh~ you’ve always been like this, boring and uninteresting.”

Yasen “……”

“So, how’s your sister? Is she still sick?” Fujo’s tone rarely sounded so soft and filled with melancholy as it did when he spoke about Yasen’s sister.

“Judge!” Yasen’s voice on the other hand turned cold at the mention of his sister.

“Begin.” Declared Judge.

Like open flood gates, Yasen’s aura burst out of his body spreading across the stage and around the arena. His intentions were clear for everyone to see. He wanted to suppress Fujo with only his aura.

Unfortunately, his tactic was bound to fail.

With a light roar from Fujo that fearsome, overbearing aura that was almost about to bear down on him abruptly stopped in its tracks. It could not advance even an inch further no matter what how much Yasen tried.

“You know it was not your fault. What happened to your sister that day was unfortunate but it was a result of good intentions.”

“Fujo, this is the last warning I’ll give you. Shut up or you’ll regret it.”

“Haha, that’s funny. I admit that if you were to use ‘that’, I would have no chance of winning, at least not at this time but we both know you can’t use it anymore so I guess you’ll have to listen me talk. Of course, you can forfeit any time you feel like.”

“You’ve forced me then.” A cold light flashed past Yasen’s eyes.

“Like I said, unless you use ‘that’ let alone beat me, you won’t even be able to touch me.” Smiled Fujo.

Zilan could see and hear everything that was taking place on stage however, he couldn’t follow what was going on.

“These two know each other? From their conversation, I can’t tell if they’re friends or enemies. I thought I heard someone in the crowd say their families are at odds? Is that not the case?”

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