Chapter 93: Blood Shadow Skill, Explode!

What is a demon?

To follow one’s heart desires, wanton and unrestrained, create from the killing of others.

Heavenly demon. Integrated the baleful Qi, blood demon Qi, evil spirit Qi and fierce Qi. With the four different evil Qi within him, a powerful might was created.

Qin Tian’s body was now twice as big as it was before. He was filled with explosive might, and his limbs and skeleton felt free. He only wanted to use one word to describe it, “Refreshing!”

What made Qin Tian even more refreshed was that the black dust fog had materialized under his blood eyes.

Baleful spirit: Undying creature
Rank: 5
Hp: 100 000
Experience: 50000
Qigong: 10000
Note: The baleful spirit is formed by the Ninth Heaven Demon with evil spirit Qi.

“Forming a demonic incarnation?” Qin Tian looked at the baleful spirit’s attributes, and the first thing he thought about was that it was an incarnation. “If this was an incarnation, then how strong is its real body?”

The baleful spirit was black with a pair of dark green glowing eyes. Its four limbs were like composited with tungsten steel in general and evil spirit Qi flowed out of its body continuously, creating a chilly baleful Qi, extremely terrifying.

After entering the demonic mode and looking at the baleful spirit’s materialized body, Qin Tian let out a faint smile. Although his face hung a smile, an endless killing intent was brought with it, “F**k you, though I can’t hit you just now, Laozi can kill you now!”

The baleful spirit trembled as it stared at Qin Tian, as if unable to believe what was happening.

Suddenly, a dark lance was formed.

“Rank 1 berserk!”

Qin Tian snorted. Using the rank 1 berserk in a heavenly demon body, with his attributes multiplied by four times, he became extremely powerful, “Laozi wants to see whether you can be beaten to death.”


The baleful aura formed by the Heavenly demon was far stronger than the baleful spirit. Facing the black lance of the baleful spirit, there was no sign of fear on his face. This was the pride of an ancient heavenly demon, to treat such a low ranking monster with disdain.

Disdain all the way from the bones.

The lance pierced through the sky, bring along an aura of death as it moved.

Qin Tian laughed and both his hands created a thousand palm images. The palms gathered and formed a humongous palm image. As if it was a real hand, it grabbed the lance. His eyes flashed with cold light and his body exploded out with strength. The lance grabbed was thrown out.

“F**k, so powerful.” Qin Tian shouted out excitedly, “Really fun ah.”

In the beginning, he did not expect his strength to become so horrifyingly strong after entering demonic mode. It was completely out of his expectations.

However, demonic mode’s horrifying strength could only be used against the demon tribe. Against righteous cultivators or sects with countless talisman strong against demons, the baleful aura might be suppressed. Using it would be very difficult.

In this devil region, no matter what the heavenly demon wants, nothing can stop it.


The baleful spirit was swung off and landed heavily among the boulders. Angered, it thrust its lance forward.

“You were hit right?”


“Laozi wants to see whether you will die or not.”

Having succeeded in hitting it, Qin Tian followed up with a leap. In mid air, a blood shadow was formed, creating a countless amount of them. One became two, two became four, four became eight……

In the end, the sky above them was covered with blood shadows.

Qin Tian was excited. Such a power felt too cool, too strong. “Blood shadow skill, explode!”

The cries startled the power of heaven and earth. The earth trembled and the sky looked as if it could not bear the force of it. An endless rumbling of thunder was heard as if it wanted to tear it apart.

With a thought, the thousands of blood shadows turned black as they rushed into the body of the baleful spirit……

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One entered, two entered, three entered……

After thousands of them entered, Qin Tian appeared and laughed cruelly. His blood red eyes were filled with excitement, “Die for Laozi.”


The baleful spirit could not prevent the intrusion of the blood shadows, and the black lance could not stop him from continuing. It was as if Qin Tian had now become a figureless baleful aura, unable to be attacked.

Its black pair of eyes was full of unwillingness to concede. The black lance was swung continuously, producing an even more terrifying baleful force. But Qin Tian who has the body of the heavenly demon showed no fear. Now, the attacks of the baleful spirit were only like some tickle, containing no strength at all.

‘Rumble, rumble, rumble!”

The baleful spirit was fulminated. As a rank five evil spirit monster, it held an extremely powerful baleful force, yet it could not escape from the thousands of blood shadows exploding inside it.

Also, the explosion constantly engulfed its baleful force. With every explosion, its baleful force decreased by a bit.

After a period of explosions, the baleful spirit could no longer endure any longer. It’s black body expanded and ‘boom!’, exploded after reaching the limit.

Death from exploding.

“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for killing a rank five evil spirit monster. Experience +50000, Qigong value +10000, survival value +0……”

“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for gaining the black spirit lance……”

“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for triggering an ‘S’ grade task: Kill the ninth heaven demon in three days. Failure to complete the task will result in the player staying in the devil region forever.”

“Demon mode state has ended, reinstating to original self.”


It was another big haul, yet he could not become excited no matter how hard he tried.

Glazing at a distant with dull eyes, curses flowed out of his mouth. Finally, he roared out, “Grandpa system, is Laozi’s life not worth any money? ‘S’ grade task, you mother say trigger then trigger, have you ever thought about my feelings?”

“Let’s just forget about the triggering of the task. But must you make a task which says that failure to complete it will cause me to stay in this bir*s**t region?”

“Did it ever occur to you that if I die, you will be gone forever?”

“You bi**h, really irresponsible.”

Qin Tian sat down, vexed. Appearing from an unknown place, Mao Mao moved towards him weakly and revealed a cute expression. Its dark red eyes held an intention to comfort like it did not want him to be unhappy.

“Ai, dishonest system!”

After letting out a long sigh, Qin Tian stood up and looked at the black particles.

When not in the demonic mode, he could not see the real body of the baleful spirit.

Suddenly, the black particles turned red as they rose, and gathered together. Forming into a huge red ball, it darted towards the valley……

Qin Tian was startled and immediately thought about the ‘S’ grade task. The baleful spirit was an incarnation of the ninth heaven demon going around absorbing the blood essence of monsters. Those red particles were obviously the blood essence of the bladed beast it was chasing after previously.

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In the valley, the sky above was flourished with redness, and lightning flashed constantly.

After hesitating for a moment, his eyes turned firm, “Let’s go take a look……”

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