Chapter 94: Ninth Heaven Demon

In the valley of viciousness.

Thousands of demons were kneeling on the ground. They were paying their respects, awaiting in fear……

At the chancel was a huge blood pool, bubbling furiously like the eruption of a volcano.

Blood particles were constantly entering the blood pool from all around, becoming one with the pool.

Every time, once a number of blood particles gathered reached a certain amount, the pool will bubble even more furiously. In the middle of the pool was a creature struggling.

None of the demons in the valley dared to be disrespectful. All those with a trace of defiance would immediately explode.

Suddenly, a ball of blood entered into the pool.

The blood pool trembled as the creature roared with anger, “Who had the audacity to kill the baleful spirit.”

As soon as the words were spoken, blood colored lightning struck the earth, everything they touched was destroyed. The destructive power of the lightning was terrifying.

The creature in the blood pool was the ninth heaven demon, one of the ten great demon kings of ancient times.

After tens of thousands of years, he finally almost managed to regain his true body, incarnating into the real ninth heaven demon.

he had been suppressed in the devil region. To regain his peerless body, he relied on his baleful force to form nine baleful spirits. They killed monsters continuously, gathering the blood essence of them and helping him in his cultivation. The strength of a baleful spirit in the eastern continent of the devil region could be considered to be undefeatable. To have lost one today, the ninth heaven demon became angered as he released his baleful sense……

Qin Tian who was tens of kilometres away from him had his expression changed. Immediately, Mao Mao was brought back into the spatial ring and he hid his aura with the predator’s aura.

The ninth heaven demon baleful sense was like a surging wave, moving out with shocking speed. If not for Qin Tian having been careful and felt the baleful sense rushing towards him, it would have taken control of him. Moments later, his body would explode, or be under the control of the ninth heaven demon.

When the baleful sense past by him, cold sweat emerged on his body. The power contained inside it was too great, even ten Yang Hong would not be able to compare. “Is this the strength of the ninth heaven demon?”

His heart tightened and his lips turned dry as he thought, “If this is the ninth heaven demon’s strength, then I would undoubtedly be sending myself to death.”

The baleful sense’s strength was beyond his imagination, so the might of the demon was obvious.

Qin Tian did not want to send himself to death yet, at least not currently. The ‘S’ grade task was to kill the demon king. Unable to help it, he started cursing again, “Why use such lowly mean, making me kill the baleful spirit, thus triggering the hidden task. What? Kill one of the demon kings of the ancient times, the ninth heaven demon? I’m only a rank two spirit refining realm cultivator, how could I be his opponent?”

Qin Tian let out a long sigh.

Looking at the valley, Qin Tian contemplated for a while and once again moved towards it.

As the baleful sense was not able to feel anyone strong enough to cause the death of his baleful spirit, the ninth heaven demon started rampaging with rage. Raising his head, he shouted, “Get out and find……”

Every demon kneeling down rose and darted away without a moment of waste.

“Who dares to go against me in this eastern continent?”

“Could it be the western continent’s savage demon king?”

“To dare to spoil my happy occasion, I won’t forgive you……”

Cultivating for tens of thousands of years, the true body would soon be formed. With the true body, all his strength would be regained. At that time, no one in the devil region would be his, the ninth heaven demon, opponent. All will be in his control.

As long as the devil region’s demons unite, using the blood of them, breaking out from this place would not be impossible.

When that day comes, he would let all those great cultivators and saints taste the power of the great demon king.


The ninth heaven demon king laughed madly, causing the sky and earth to tremble.

Hiding behind a boulder, Qin Tian became terrified. He could not be considered as strong. Being unable to shake him, what could he, Qin Tian, use to kill him?

As one of the ten great demon kings of ancient times, even without a true body or a tenth of his real strength, the release of a tiny baleful force would cause him to have a nervous breakdown. His brain would explode, leading to his death.

“What do I do?” Qin Tian asked himself as he calmed down and thought about ideas on how to kill the demon, “There should be a way. Since the system gave me three days, it definitely won’t let an egg smash against a rock. It should have a plan.”

“But what is it?”

The system would definitely not release a task which is impossible to complete. Though Cang Tianji’s task was a heaven-defying ‘SSS’ grade task, the system did not implement any time limit. Qin Tian would have enough time to level up and finish the task.

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Now that the system wanted him to complete it in three days, there must be a way.

“But just what is it?” Qin Tian frowned as he thought repeatedly and observed the demon, not letting go of any details.

Previously when he met with the baleful sense, he used his predator’s aura to hide away from it. Could it be that if he concealed his aura, the demon could not attack him? He does not have a true body, thus could only attack with the spirit. Would the predator’s aura comprehended be able to go against it?

“I’ll know once I tried.”

Looking at the blood pool at the chancel, Qin Tian let out a cry, “Rank 1 berserk!”

Under the effect of berserk, the effect of the predator’s aura increased by four times.

“Let’s gamble.” Qin Tian’s expression was firm and charged in. Monsters started to chase.

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In the blood pool, the ninth heaven demon laughed cruelly, “Human?”

“To have actually came into the devil’s region……”

“The human sc*ms that suppressed us of more than ten thousand years……”

“A mere human, rank two spirit refining realm cultivator dares to enter so deep into the devil region, are you not putting us demon tribe in your eyes?” The words of the demon became more and more ferocious, killing intent rose. Baleful force surged out, causing waves to appear in the blood pool and shaking the whole chancel.

“Thousand evil force, out……”


Thousand evil force, something formed from the baleful force. Extremely terrifying, and is one of the demon’s unparalleled abilities.

Qin Tian gashed his teeth and made preparations to retreat. He was gambling, gambling in the fact that the baleful force’s spirit attack would not be able to penetrate through his predator’s aura……

It was quiet, like nothing had happened.

The Heavenly Dragon From Scripture quietly hid itself, harmonizing with the baleful force. Qin Tian was now like an empty body, unable to receive any spirit attack.

The powerful and terrifying thousand evil force went past his body.

Qin Tian had his eyes shut tightly, there was tranquility within his body. That moment seemed like ten thousand years had gone by.

“Didn’t die?” Qin Tian laughed as stared at the ninth heaven demon full of delight.

Spirit attack was invalid?

“Haha……haha……ninth heaven demon, the thousand evil force released by an ancient demon was invalid, haha……” Qin Tian was boiling with emotions, “‘S’ grade task, here I come……”

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