Chapter 95: Demons, Gather!

The ninth heaven demon and the baleful spirit are different.

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The ninth heaven demon is made up of baleful sense, without a true body. Using the ninth heaven force, the baleful sense could sweep across the devil region’s eastern continent. Although the baleful spirit is formed from the baleful sense, it has a true body. The spirit attack would contain physical attack.

The spirit attack by the baleful spirit with a true body would cause Qin Tian to feel pressure, but the attack by the ninth heaven demon without a true body formed from the thousand evil force is purely spiritual. Just by using the predator’s aura, harmonizing his aura with the baleful sense, no matter how strong the thousand evil force was, it could not do anything to him.

After testing it out, he was in high spirits.

Since the thousand evil force could deal him no harm, he started laughing out crazily as his eyes revealed his greed. Staring at the ninth heaven demon at the chancel, he said, “Old ninth ah, you’re delighted too early.”

“Who are you exactly?” The ninth heaven demon inquired seriously. Baleful force rose and entered into Qin Tian’s body. Again and again, they all ended as a failure, making him agitated. However, his heart was filled with shock, “Law of aura, to have comprehended a supreme law……”

“Able to comprehend the law of aura as a rank two spirit refining cultivator.”

“Just what are you? Who is your master?” The demon asked coldly.

Qin Tian smiled faintly and stepped into the chancel gently. Observing the blood pool, he spat at it, “Pah……”

“Ninth heaven demon, not even a d*gsh*t.”

“What great demon king of the ancient times, really a let down to the demon tribe.”

“Damn it, scaring this Laozi to death just now. Laozi’s rage would be hard to disappear without scolding you.” Qin Tian pointed at the head in the middle of the blood pool and started berating. The feeling of pointing at his nose and scolding felt refreshing.

The ninth heaven demon was one of the hegemon of the demon tribe many years ago, one of the ten great demon king, unrivaled. Who would dare to berate him like this?

Being berated as someone who’s not even a d*gsh*t by a human race which he has an undying hatred for, the demon felt that he had no face left. He was filled with fury. He itched to tear apart Qin Tian’s mouth, feed on his flesh and drink his blood. Though even after doing so, his fury would not be completely subsided.

Insulting an ancient demon king might be something only Qin Tian dared to do.

Having his anger dissipated, Qin Tian exposed a cold smile and walked around the pool. Suddenly, he asked, “How much blood particles are there inside here.”

“En, let’s have you contribute a bit.”

“Virtuous Draconic Force, formless energy.”

Qin Tian snorted and an evil suppression force filled his body, With no hesitation, he struck……

Ninth heaven demon: One of the great demon kings of ancient times
Rank: ???
Hp: 1 000 000
Experience: 1 000 000
Skill: Ninth heaven force, thousand evil force
Note: The ninth heaven demon is made up of baleful sense, every attack is purely spiritually based.

As he attacked, the line of groove appeared on the blood pool and the demon’s attributes were shown, startling him. “A million Hp……”

Using the dragon elephant force only caused tens of Hp to disappear. How long would it take for him to kill the demon? Furthermore, the demon might be able to regenerate. Not only would he not die, Qin Tian would be tired out.

“It’s not right to attack like this.”

Qin Tian immediately retreated to the side. Not to mention physically, his Qigong would also not be able to sustain. The law of aura uses up lots of Qigong and is needed to be activated. It would not be good to delay it, so he needs to think of another idea.

1 million Hp, which is an extreme BOSS ah!

With Qin Tian’s current degree of damage, the demon would not die in three days. If he does not kill it in three days, the system would deem the task as a failure. The ending that awaits Qin Tian would be to stay in this devil region forever.

Yang Hong is not dead, Yun Man isn’t saved, and Cang Tianji’s spatial ring still contains numerous treasures not taken out yet. If he does not get out of the devil region, all these cannot be fulfilled.

“There must be a way, there must……” Qin Tian frowned and contemplated.

“With your rank two spirit refining cultivation, even if you’ve comprehended a powerful law, your strength is too weak. You don’t even have the strength to tickle me at all, haha……” The ninth heaven demon mocked him. At first, he thought that Qin Tian might have a powerful attack, but it seems like his worries were unnecessary.

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He only needed three more days. In three days, the collection of the blood essence will be finished, refining out his true body and allowing him to regain his might. At that time, the first thing he would do would be to throw this human bastard into eternal suffering.

Thinking about it, the demon started laughing.

“F**k your laughter.” Qin Tian glared at him coldly before walking another round around the pool. He stared at the four pillars.

The four towering pillars had weird symbols on them. They looked like some sealing formation, yet something else too. There were weird symbols all around the chancel. Qin Tian pondered and gave the blood pool another glance, sounds of waves hitting the shore could be heard.

Grains of blood was flying in from all over. Qin Tian revealed a sly smile. Activating his Qigong, he punched a pillar……


The pillars trembled and the carving of symbols became distorted as if it was in great pains.

“What are you doing?” The ninth heaven demon suddenly raged. The head in the middle of the pool struggled and attacked recklessly.
[TLN: the head is the ninth heaven demon’s head]


Qin Tian smiled, “Afraid now? didn’t you feel complacent just now? Laugh again and see how Laozi will deal with you……”

Once again, Qin Tian smashed towards the pillar, causing it to sway. The symbols became more distorted and decreased, bits of rocks fell off. The ninth heaven demon released rounds of his thousand evil force and ninth heaven force.


The rage of having his reverse scale found out.

The more the ninth heaven demon raged, the more Qin Tian believed that this was something he depended on. Destroying the evil chancel and letting the blood pool flow would definitely cause him to die.

All these were Qin Tian’s conjecture. He attacked the pillars because he wanted to see the demon’s reaction.

The temper of the demon tribe is extremely violent, unable to endure, and the ninth heaven demon was even more so. Qin Tian’s action made him rage as killing intent covered the whole valley, but they were of no effect to Qin Tian.


The pillars let out a muffled sound as the symbols started vanishing and distorting. With every attack, the blood pool also shook ferociously like it could not control itself and wants to destroy the demon.

“Bastard human, this king shall let you taste the pain I’m facing……”

The ninth heaven demon released an enormous gust of baleful sense and roared, “Demons…gather!”

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