Chapter 96: Blood Flowing Down to Form a River

Qin Tian guessed it right.

The chancel was indeed something the ninth heaven demon greatly relied upon.

Once the chancel was destroyed, the demon could not live much longer.

For many years, the ninth heaven demon used his baleful sense to take control of the eastern continent. Demons are bloodthirsty in nature and rarely touch upon profound laws, allowing him to be safe until now.


The ninth heaven demon laughed, “Human, enjoy your days of suffering, wohaha……”

Like the cry of a devil, it was extremely piercing to the ears.

The powerful thousand evil force was ineffective against Qin Tian, startling him. However, that does not mean he could not do anything.

In this eastern continent, all of the demon tribe listen to his command and are absolutely obedient.

The roar which caused the baleful sense to spread out was a summon to the thousands of demons. Qin Tian was only a rank 2 spirit refining realm cultivator, no matter how strong he was, he could not be the opponent of thousands of demons.

Qin Tian’s expression changed as he felt a strong aura outside the valley. His attacks did not weaken. Again and again, with each attack, the ninth heaven demon cursed.

Qin Tian did not care. At the very least, he had to destroy a pillar before the demons rush in.

“Rank 1 berserk.”

Releasing his divine ability, he punched the pillar with all his strength, hitting it heavily. The number of symbols decreased, and the shaking became even fiercer. It would be completely wrecked in a few more punches.

“Kill him……”

The ninth heaven demon was in a state of insanity as once the demons arrived, he shouted. Baleful force covered the whole valley. Those with a weak heart would immediately have their heads exploded.

“Just a bit more, a tiny bit more.” Qin Tian thought anxiously. Thousands of demons were already rushing deeper into the valley and less than a hundred metres away from the chancel, they would reach in half a breath’s time. Beads of sweat were dripping down his forehead like beans and his clothes were drenched. The rate of attack increased, “Beak for me……”


All the symbols on the pillar vanished. Hitting it one last time, his hand penetrate through it and cracks formed. Without the symbols’ support, the pillar shook vigorously and fell. Stepping on the fallen pillar, he jumped.

“Demon mode!”


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Bones crackled, and his body turned red as if he was on fire.

In less than half a breath’s time, Qin Tian became a heavenly demon. The killing intent he released pressured every demon charging towards him. “Unworthy juniors, how dare you go against me?”

“Heavenly demon?!” The ninth heaven demon trembled, “How, how could it be? How could a heavenly demon yield to a human? It can’t be true, absolutely not……”

“Kill him, he can’t be a heavenly demon!”

The baleful force gathered in the baleful sense was extremely powerful. Hearing the words, the demons revealed their bloodthirsty nature as they charged towards Qin Tian.

“Courting death!”

After becoming a heavenly demon, pride was embedded into his bones and he looked at all others with disdain. Facing the attacks of thousands of demons, he was filled with scorn. The black spirit lance appeared in his hand, forming thousands of lance light. They rushed down as if charging into a million demon sized army……


No, this was only his second time entering the demon mode, and there were many things in which he could not do properly. What made him even more worried was that there was a time limit to the demon mode. Also, every usage needed 100 000 Qigong.

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Facing these demons, he needed to kill them in one shot.

However, the ten thousand demon army contained many rank seven demons, and even rank eight ones. These demons are many times stronger than monsters of the same rank.

Though the heavenly demon is strong, it was only rank one, thus being unable to display the full might of the heavenly demon.

Blood splattered all over as his experience bar skyrocketed, but Qin Tian was worried. The valley was filled with demons, with ten thousand at the very least. The eight baleful spirits were guarding the exits, eliminating his escape routes.

“Since I can’t retreat, I can’t avoid this. Luckily, Laozi can enjoy his feast heartily……”

“Formless energy!”

The evil suppression force and the heavenly demon’s killing intent, both of conflicting origin integrated together in Qin Tian’s body, exploding out a shocking pressure.

While killing, he retreated towards the chancel.

Thousands of demons were flowing into the valley like water and Qin Tian was unable to stop this. Now, the only method left was to quickly destroy the chancel, break the blood pool. After all the blood flowed out, the ninth heavenly demon would no longer be able to live much longer, not to mention gaining a true body.

Seeing Qin Tian retreating towards the chancel, he roared, “Don’t let him come close to the chancel.”

The army of demons felt an overwhelming pressure, and some unfortunate ones died.

After a few moments, blood was flowing down the valley like a river.

It was an extremely tragic scene.

Facing thousands of demons, no fear was shown on Qin Tian’s face. The black spirit lance slaughtered numerous demons, and he was about to break through to the rank three spirit refining realm. Suddenly, he leaped into the sky and roared, “Sky Piercing Lightning Arts!”

One hundred thousand Qigong disappeared instantly. A purple aura flame was formed and spread out immediately, half of the valley was covered by it.

“Descend……” Qin Tian ordered. Among the purple flame aura, a heaven-defying lightning pierced through the sky and descended. All that touched it were killed.

The three other pillars let out a muffled sound. They were not able to resist the lightning.

The ninth heaven demon was close to turning crazy. The thousand evil force rushed towards the sky, but it was unable to change the reality. In an instant, half of the demons died, and Qin Tian became a rank three spirit refining cultivator, recovering to his original state.

“Great.” Qin Tian laughed inwardly. Against the pillars that were close to collapsing, he punched towards one of them. The power of the heavenly demon filled his body, in just a few bouts, a pillar collapsed.

“Damn it.” The ninth heaven demon felt bitter. Other than shouting out his anger, there was nothing he could do. In front of his eyes, the third pillar is about to fall. With a different tone, he begged, “Please, spare me.”

“If you spare my life, I, the ninth heaven demon is willing to serve you forever.”

“As a great demon of the demon tribe, I possess countless precious abilities, immortal tools and immortal stones. As long as you let me go, all these will be yours.”


Seeing that Qin Tian was not moved, the ninth heaven demon continued the tempt him. If not for him being extremely busy that he did not even have the time to speak, he would have looked at the demon with contempt. Such lies might be able to trick children, but not him.

With Qin Tian still not being moved, the ninth heaven demon once again revealed a sinister look.


The fourth pillar fell, and all the symbols in the chancel vanished. The blood in the blood pool bubbled more furiously than ever. Waves were formed continuously and blood splattered out.

Following soon after, cracks were formed, and blood flowed out. The ninth heaven demon roared. Without the suppression of the pillars, he could not control the blood. “I’ll kill you……”

He had cultivated for tens of thousands of years, with just a few more days remaining. And everything was destroyed by Qin Tian.

The ninth heaven demon had experienced another tragedy.

However, Qin Tian was feeling refreshed. Looking at the Hp bar above the ninth heaven demon decreasing rapidly, he revealed a face of a scoundrel having his dream come true. “Big haul, big haul, come to me, haha……”

An epic haul!

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