Chapter 74 – Mini Bowl


For Huan Qing Yan to enter the mysterious dimension within the bowl again, all she had to do was to think about it.

She used the reason of having not properly rested for the few nights to return to bed to rest and gave instructions to not be disturbed.

Lou Qiao stood guard outside her room, ensuring no one would disturb her during her period of rest.

This time, Huan Qing Yan familiarly went to the Resting Lounge within the wooden house to enjoy a comfortable and gentle bath. The fatigue she accumulated from working without rest for a few days disappeared, making her feel exceptionally refreshed.

After the bath, she went to the arable plots of land behind the building, hoping to find more of those miraculous weeds.

But there was none…

After being disappointed for a short moment, she understood the logic that those weeds were not common cabbage and would not grow as and when she needed them.

Since the land could grow weeds, it would also be able to grow other plants, so Huan Qing Yan took out a few fruit seeds.

These were seeds she specially kept with her after eating some fruits earlier.

There were two apple seeds, three orange seeds and a few pomelo seeds. Adopting a curious mentality, she scattered the seeds randomly on the land and left them as such, ignoring them.

In the front yard of the wooden house, a small stream was running. Within the water were countless fishes swimming about carefreely.

There were a large variety of fishes within the stream; there were fat ones, skinny ones, long ones and short ones, but she could not recognize any of these species.

Other than the stream, there was also a well in front of the house that looked very deep. From the well, were streams of Spirit Energy coming out of it but the well itself seemed dried up and empty.

The sky still looked cracked, like the cracks found on the ancient bowl.

An idea suddenly struck Huan Qing Yan and she began to shout towards the sky, “Is there anyone? Is there anyone?”

Only the echoes of her voice returned.

“Is there anyone? Is there anyone?” the sky repeatedly echoed…

After shouting herself out of breath, Huan Qing Yan began to laugh out loud.

Having an absolutely private space was truly a good thing. She can do whatever she wants in here and no one would treat her like a crazed person.

If she got tired, she can come in to rest a bit, or do some planting, enjoy a good bath, shout a bit etc.…

After she properly rested, Huan Qing Yan came out of the dimension and appeared on her bed.

With the ancient bowl held in her hand, Huan Qing Yan mumbled, “The only lacking aspect of the bowl was its size of an adult’s palm. It makes it inconvenient to constantly bring it with me, what happens if it accidently fell or I broke it? I must think of something so that I can carry it with me without problems… if only it could turn smaller.”

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The next instant, the ancient bowl shrunk, becoming a mini bowl the size of her thumb!

“Woah!” Huan Qing Yan found it fascinating, “A size changing bowl! But it still looks fragile…”

The bowl once again underwent a change, it turned transparent and melded into Huan Qing Yan’s palm and disappeared.

Huan Qing Yan jumped in fright, ‘how come it’s gone? Did it run away because of her grumbling?’ And said in fluster, “Hey, come back, please come back…”

The ancient bowl reappeared on her palm again.

Huan Qing Yan seemed to understand what was going on, this was a treasure that could be kept within her body! Like a similar material as the Spirit Treasure, it could be stored within the body but what made it different was that this ability was an inborn ability of Spirit Treasures as they were born from their master’s body but this treasure bowl was an external item, commonly referred to as Magic Equipment.

Magic Equipment was categorized based on their colors, as all magic equipment would emit a soft glow. The color of the glow they emit would change based on the equipment’s quality and power. From the weakest to the strongest, the colors are: white, green, blue, purple, orange, gold…

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