Chapter 73 – Dangerous!

The expression seemed respectful, but the words and the tone was rather arrogant.

“This Young Master being involved in the case does indeed feel like I am stealing it from the owner. Since Ninth Prince has such good intentions, then this Young Master would gladly oblige.” A clear soothing and refreshing voice was heard as the Silver Mask Guard replied.

“I dare not, I dare not.” The Ninth Prince quickly explained, “The esteemed guest willing to visit our Hanging Cloud Empire is something that we greatly appreciate, we dare not trouble you with our problems.”

The Silver Mask Guard smiled before he turned and left.

Before he left, he unintentionally glanced at Huan Qing Yan for an instant.

Huan Qing Yan immediately felt alarmed, this feeling of being looked at was similar to the one that she felt when she was talking with Young Master Hou.

So the Silver Mask Guard had overheard their conversation?

Huan Qing Yan tried her best to squeeze out a smile and a light nod of acknowledgement.

However, his figure was already long gone and was already seated within a luxurious golden horse carriage and leaving.

Huan Qing Yan broke into a cold sweat.

Did that person know that she had discovered his identity?

If it was yesterday, Huan Qing Yan would say that she only felt gratitude towards him but today, all she felt was danger.

She did not realized it when she first met Brim Hat Bro as she was only an ordinary person who did not and could not sense any form of danger, so in a way ignorance was a bliss.

But now that she had become a Three Star Spirit Master, her sense of danger and perception had increased greatly. She could tell from her instincts who were the dangerous ones and who weren’t.

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This person was exceptionally dangerous!

On top of that, this person seemed to be strangely paying a close attention to her, giving her a feeling that her every move was being monitored closely. This caused her to feel uneasy, why?

She could not think of a reason at this moment.

Therefore, she decided not to do anything to handle this situation, no matter what, she just needs to avoid provoking him and it should be enough.

“Young Mistress, the crowd has scattered. Let us return.”

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“Young Master, that Bai Cheng Feng is rather cocky! He dares to stop you from investigating?” Mo Si suddenly came out of nowhere and appeared within the carriage.

Ji Mo Ya was currently having a shut eye and replied, “We did fail to consider the thoughts and considerations of the local rulers.”

“Consider for them? If they were capable, they would have solved this case long ago. Now twenty-one individuals have died, yet they have no clues. Consuming twenty-one Spirit Masters might even be enough for a Demon Soldier to rank up and turn into a Demon General.”

The Demons were separated into the following categories: Demon Soldier, Demon General, Demon Commander, Demon King, Demon Emperor…

Ji Mo Ya did not react to his words.

Mo Si continued, “Does the Young Master wish to let that Bai Cheng Feng learn a lesson and dampen his arrogance before taking action? That would also greatly increase Young Master’s reputation.”

Ji Mo Ya opened his eyes and looked at him.

Mo Si immediately shrunk his head and coughed before changing topics, “Come to think of it, what was that young lass that Young Master was observing doing? Drawing herself to become so ugly, it seems like she is playing some sort of scheme. Young Master, Mo Si thinks that the lass is very suspicious.”

“She does seem suspicious!” Ji Mo Ya said.

Mo Si who only wanted to change the topic was surprised at his master agreeing with him, “Ah! Which part of it was she suspicious?”

“I remember the Emperor is setting up a banquet tonight?”


“Then let us head straight towards the palace. Since we might be staying within the capital for a period, we need to get the Emperor to find me a good chef…”

“Okay! This subordinate feels that the environment of this empire is rather good, the girls are also pretty, even a fatty could transform into a great beauty…” Mo Si had once again forgot to control himself and began to chatter.

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