Chapter 72 – Something Is Not Right

“I heard the person had a terrible death, his chest was emptied out…”

“Indeed. Nothing happened to the concubine sleeping beside him other than her falling unconscious.”

“I heard that it was a Great Demon who only targets Spirit Masters. Demons would benefit greatly from eating Spirit Masters, common folk like us are useless to them.’


Very quickly, a group of soldiers came out of the back gate, carrying along with them a corpse covered by a bloodstained white cloth.

They had a special sigil on their uniforms, three swords crossing each other, that was the sigil of the Ninth Prince’s Estate Guards.

“The Ninth Prince and Silver Mask Guards are now performing an investigation, all irrelevant individuals must immediately leave this place!” The leading guard shouted at the crowd, the crowd automatically parted a way for the guards to leave.

But no one left the place, there were all curious and excitedly looked at the mansion.

As expected, a handsome young man wearing a yellow robe walked out shortly.

The young girls within the crowd began to uncontrollably scream, “Ahhhhh! It’s the Ninth Prince! Ninth Prince!”

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Huan Qing Yan squinted her eyes and a cold sheen was within her eyes.

Bai Cheng Feng, let me, Huan Qing Yan, slowly play with you in this life. I will watch how you receive the demon poison and watch you slowly die…

The atmosphere was lively but all they saw was Bai Cheng Feng standing sideways and stretch a hand out to address someone behind him, “Please! You first. Please!”

This was a standard courtesy that one would show to their superiors and he even used a very polite tone.

Everyone was stunned, can it be that the Emperor also came?

That was why the Ninth Prince was being so courteous?

If the Emperor was here, why no one announced it? Why no one told them to kneel?

As the people were wondering, a Silver Mask Guard walked out from the gate under the countless curious and expectant eyes of the crowd.

Huan Qing Yan was shocked, wasn’t that Brim Hat Bro who helped her yesterday?


Something is not right. Although a Silver Mask Guard had a high status, they were still ultimately people who worked for the royal family. Why would a prince show so much courtesy to him?

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To be able to cause Bai Cheng Feng to be so courteous and try to earn a favorable impression, Brim Hat Bro is definitely not a simple Silver Mask Guard. Then what is his true identity?

Huan Qing Yan suddenly remembered that this Brim Hat Bro attended the Huan Estate’s banquet using the identity of a foreign country’s emissary.

There is definitely something weird here.

“To cause an esteemed guest to take action has truly made us feel bad about it. The esteemed guest should focus on enjoying what our Hanging Cloud Empire has to offer or visit some of our beautiful and popular places, let this prince handle this bloodstained case. This prince will surely apprehend the culprit within seven days and bring the culprit to you for interrogation…” the Ninth Prince said with a smile.

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