Chapter 71 – Nervous

Young Master Hou was hooked, he looked at the faces of the two servants in front of him and asked, “Can it be that the lady is very ugly, that’s why the Huan House specially sent people to contact me?”

Lou Qiao took out a drawing they prepared in advance, it was the drawing of Huan Meng Yue; a small palm-sized face, gentle yet with a beautiful figure that would easily cause men to have indecent thoughts…

“This is Miss Meng Yue of our house.”

Young Master Hou immediately salivated as he stared at the picture in awe and unknowingly stretched his hands to hold the picture, “How would I know if this picture is real or fake?”

“That is the real thing, Young Master Hou can always get the matchmaker to arrange a visit to the Huan Estate to check personally.”

Huan Qing Yan continued, “In fact, Young Master Hou should also understand. The Master of the Huan Family just passed away, our Madam would like to quickly settle this marriage and use the joyous occasion to boost the family’s luck! Isn’t this a great event that suits both parties? If you are willing, this stack of notes that is worth ten thousand silvers will be yours.”

Young Master Hou quickly nodded his head, “Willing, I am willing!”

This was literally a gift being delivered straight to the doorsteps, he had no reason to reject.

Young Master Hou was not afraid of it being a trap because his father was a Third Grade Official of the empire, who would dare to play tricks on him?

Just based on the picture of the beauty and the silver notes in his hands, he would be an idiot if he did not accept the deal.

The young servant beside him was also happily nodding his head, it was as though he had won the prize himself.

“Then our Huan Estate will be waiting for Young Master Hou to visit us with a marriage proposal, we would like to congratulate you in advance. However, Miss Meng Yue is shy, so I hope you would not tell anyone that the proposal was initiated by the Huan Family first. I believe this is something you understand…”

“Of course, I understand.” Young Master Hou nodded his head like a chicken pecking on rice.

Young Master Hou looked at the picture and grew fond of what he saw the more he looked at it. He did not expect that such a beautiful and charming girl had a crush on him. She had the looks, the family and the money, causing his bad mood due to his losses in the gambling to instantly turn great, making him feel utterly satisfied and smug.


After Huan Qing Yan and Lou Qiao said their goodbyes with Young Master Hou, they did not return using the same way they came but chose to circle the vicinity.

Lou Qiao asked curiously, “Miss, why do you seem somewhat nervous?”

“I felt someone watching us while we were talking with the Young Master…” it was a gut feeling that Huan Qing Yan had.

However, she also noticed that the person spying on them did not have a malicious intent. If not, that person would have immediately exposed her, but why was she being monitored?

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“Sesame Lane had always been a street with few pedestrians; this servant had been paying attention and found no one within our surroundings. Maybe Miss got too tired?”

The Young Mistress had been working restlessly over the past few days and did not have the chance to properly have a good rest, this might have caused her to have illusions. However, Lou Qiao did not say what she thought.

Suddenly, Huan Qing Yan changed her perspective. What was she afraid of? I am a modern person who crossed over okay? My mind was built much stronger!

After consoling herself, her nervous heart also calmed down.

What’s more, she had not done any great evil or sin, she was just dealing with a b*tch, it was not as though she had killed or did arson.

“Maybe I think too much, I remember there was a popular dumpling soup shop nearby, since we rarely come here, let us have a bowl before we go home.”

“Yay! Ok!” Lou Qiao happily said. “But Miss. Take a look over there, why are so many people gathered there?”

Huan Qing Yan looked at the direction and discovered an anomaly along the side of the streets, there were corpses of snakes and rats that were scattered and lying around.

“This, can it be…”

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The rumored signs of a Spirit Master’s doomsday – The Heart Digging Demon!

The master and servant duo hastened their steps and reached the gathering crowd.

They were at the back gate of a mansion, it was crowded with people murmuring in discussion.

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