Chapter 70 – A Great Match!

Hou San Hao lifted his leg and kicked at the servant, “Stop talking nonsense, quickly undress your clothes so that this Young Master has something to wear! This Young Master has lost his charming image.”

The young servant quickly removed his outer robe for his Young Master to wear before the two of them slowly walked towards home with their heads hanging low and depressed.

The Young Master Hou was considering what method to use to get more money from his family, so that he could recoup his losses.

He truly lost too much over the past two days, if his family found out, they would surely beat him to death.

As he walked, a clear cheery voice suddenly came from behind him, “Young Master Hou, please wait!”

Hou San Hao impatiently turned his head, only to see two young men wearing blue robes, both of their faces were dark and covered in huge ugly moles, their figures were short and plump; an image that would cause people’s stomach to churn uncomfortably.

“Who are you? Why do you call this Young Master? Are you thinking of lending this Young Master some silvers to spend?”

These two individuals were Huan Qing Yan and Lou Qiao in disguise, the master and servant duo were both good looking, so it took them quite some effort to disguise themselves. To make things thorough, they even made sure to change their voice.

“Young Master is indeed a rare talent, you are too smart! I indeed have a large sum of silvers for Young Master to spend. I am just wondering how sincere the Young Master is to obtain it…” the reason Huan Qing Yan chose this Young Master Hou was also because of his utterly trashy reputation that she learnt from the reincarnated girl’s memories, he was a gambling addict and very lustful, an easy target to manipulate.

When compared with Huan Meng Yue, they can be considered a great match!

Huan Meng Yue was superb at acting pure and innocent while Young Master Hou was a lusty gambling addict, they were both not simple characters and very well matched.

When the time comes, when Huan Meng Yue awakens her Spirit Treasure and ideally when she had already married into the family, it would surely be a wonderful show. Huan Meng Yue would surely not be willing to spend the rest of her life with this trash while this Young Master Hou was also not a kind and easy person; when they clash, won’t it be very interesting?

When that happens, Huan Qing Yan would secretly stir up more chaos so that Huan Meng Yue’s life would be even more colorful, till it would not lose out to what Huan Qing Yan had experienced in her past life…

Young Master Hou squinted her eyes and asked, “What sort of sincerity are you implying?”

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Huan Qing Yan said, “We are the servants of the Huan Family. The Huan Family has an adoptive daughter, Miss Meng Yue. She had once seen the charming Young Master and had been thinking of you since then. She admires the talents of Young Master and wishes to have a union with Young Master…”

“The Huan Family? The family where someone just died? That’s bad luck, plus she is an adopted daughter? Even the real daughter herself would not be able to match this Young Master! Admires this Young Master? That is only natural. You cannot find another Spirit Master who was as charming as this Young Master in the capital!” Young Master Hou immediately rejected the idea while not forgetting to boast about himself along the way.

“Young Master Hou, please do not rush to reject. I have ten thousand silver notes here, if you approach the Huan Family with a marriage proposal, these would be yours to keep. Miss Meng Yue had also said before, it does not matter if she becomes the main wife or just a concubine…”

Young Master Hou’s eyes opened widely, ten thousand silver notes!

What’s more, it was for free! It would be enough to cover the fortune he stole from his family.

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However, no matter how much a trash he was, he was one who still knew how to use his brain. His pair of small eyes turned as he thought before he revealed a sly face and said: “The matters of marriage could not be taken lightly. These are matters that are arranged by one’s parents, this Young Master…”

Huan Qing Yan immediately said, “Miss Meng Yue is well doted by Madam Huan and would surely provide a hefty dowry. She would definitely provide seventy-two sets of dowries worth another ten thousand silvers…”

Ten thousand silvers worth of dowry? That’s the standard of marrying off a direct descendant!

Anyone would feel enticed when it involved ten thousand silvers, let alone a Young Master Hou who was in need of money.

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