Chapter 69 – Hou San Hao

The siblings talked that night, although Xing Han was not close to his sister and even disliked her slightly, he did not reject her. Huan Qing Yan was a person who had lived two lives and was able to patiently coax the young boy, eventually strengthening their sibling bonds successfully.

When she returned to the second floor, she instructed the waiting Lou Qiao that they would go out after dressing in disguise.


Sure Win Gambling Shop.

Hou San Hao had lost everything except for the pair of boxers he was wearing and was forcefully removed from the gambling shop by the workers.

“Why are you pushing this Young Master? This Young Master wants to recoup my losses, let me in…”

Two muscular thugs crossed their arms while standing in front of the shop’s entrance, “Young Master Hou, you have lost everything on you. If you wish to recoup your losses, please get some silver from your father first, the gambling shop only recognizes money and not individuals!”

Having their gambling shop located here meant that they had a powerful backing supporting them, therefore they were not afraid of young masters like him.

Hou San Hao tried to push his way in but to no avail.

“You two lowly servants are too much, you dare to look down on this Young Master!”

After taking a step back, he flicked his finger before an illusion that looked like a cross between a bear and a dog appeared and rushed at the two men.

The two men did not panic but lifted their heads and summoned a Wolf and a Pointed-Horn Goat respectively to block the dog-like bear.

Huan Qing Yan was observing the situation from a dark corner, these animal-shaped illusions were their Spirit Treasures.

They were all Sesame Stars, the most pitiful of Star Talents.

The higher a person’s Star Talent, the faster their cultivation improved. Be it through absorbing Spirit Energy from the atmosphere or from eating food containing Spirit Energy, the efficiency advantage of those with higher talents were absolute.

For a Sesame Star, it basically represented that it would be extremely difficult for them to enter the ranks of high-level Spirit Masters.

A Spirit Master’s level could be split into nine levels or Nine Stars.

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One to Three Star Spirit Masters were categorized as Low Level Spirit Masters, Four to Six Star Spirit Masters were categorized as Mid Level Spirit Masters, while Seven to Nine Star Spirit Masters were called High Level Spirit Masters.

A fight between Low Level Spirit Masters was normally settled between their Spirit Treasures, the Spirit Masters themselves rarely got involved. Once the Spirit Treasures clashed, it would be apparent who was the weaker or stronger Spirit Master.

Lou Qiao whispered, “Young Mistress, that rumors regarding that Young Master Hou being a Spirit Master is surprisingly true. Would he marry Miss Meng Yue?”

She was slightly worried.

Huan Qing Yan mocked, “Aren’t you overestimating him? He is just a One Star Spirit Master and one with a Sesame Star Talent, it would be impressive if he can reach Three Star in this life. He is just another trash!”

Lou Qiao looked over the scene in detail and sighed, “Indeed, it is only a Sesame Star Spirit Treasure. Come to think of it, our Master was an Almond Star while Young Mistress is a Goose Egg Star, the most powerful within the Hanging Cloud Empire!”

Huan Qing Yan smiled and did not speak further.

The Spirit Treasures were ranked based on their Star Talents: Sesame, Soybean, Almond, Walnut, Egg… Star Talent defines how much a Spirit Master could achieve in one’s life.

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Over at Sure Win Gambling Shop, how could the Young Master Hou who was only a Sesame One Star Spirit Master win against two Spirit Masters? He was quickly defeated as his Spirit Treasure turned into a ray of white light and went to his wrist.

Although the Young Master Hou lost the fight, he did not lose his spirit. He continued to hurl verbal abuses at the two muscle towers, “Humph, the two of you better watch out. Once I return and win those silvers, I would bury you two lowly servants to death with it!”

Standing near the gambling shop was a young servant wearing green, he was startled awake when he heard the shout of Hou San Hao and cried out in dismay, “My dear Young Master, you were finally out after staying inside for three whole days! You lost everything again? What am I to do!? If Master and Madam found out that you pawned that antique you stole from the study, they would definitely beat me to death…”

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