Chapter 68 – I Won’t Make Fun Of You Anymore

After Huan Qing Yan slimmed downed, her features were exceptionally pronounced. With a face shaped like a goose egg, a pair of classic phoenix eyes, snow white skin and red cherry lips, the allure and beauty that she was emitting could easily suck a person’s soul away…

Especially when she smiled, it was exceptionally attractive and beautiful.

Her smile caused Huan Jiu Li to go dumbstruck, the meat he held with his chopsticks fell onto the table top unknowingly, his face instantly turned red when he noticed what happened.

Madam Huan was filtering through her memories, trying to remember who was this Young Master Hou when she suddenly remembered, “Isn’t he one of the infamous Ten Foul Young Masters of the capital? The one said to have done all sorts of unsavory things from drinking, gambling to prostitution? Isn’t this person not suitable for a match?”

“Indeed, it is not suitable. That Young Master Hou is the heir of a Third Grade Official and is also said to be a One-Star Spirit Master himself while Huan Meng Yue is only an adopted daughter of our family. If Papa is still around, her status might be higher but now, it is indeed not a suitable match. However, Mama can be rest assured, I have my methods to make the Hou Family visit us with gifts and bring a marriage proposal…”

Huan Qing Yan deliberately distorted Madam Huan’s meaning, she knew that Madam Huan was worried that the character of this Young Master Hou was bad and not suitable for Huan Meng Yue but Huan Qing Yan changed it into a matter of status instead.

“So be it. Since it is a regarding a person of no use, Mama could not be bothered with it.”

Huan Qing Yan leaned her head on Madam Huan’s shoulders and acted coquettishly, “Yes Mama, leave everything to me. You should properly take care of your body, although Papa is gone, you still have Xing Han and me. Our family would definitely live safely and well.”

“Ok. Your actions these past two days were truly too extreme, Mama is worried about how those clan relatives would retaliate…”

“There is no need to worry about them, we will handle them when the time comes. Oh right, Mama, I would like to get Xing Han to stay in my place and live with me, what do you think? Xing Han is still too young to stay alone, plus we are now in a sensitive period…”

Madam Huan replied, “I am just worried that you will be too tired with everything, how about getting him to stay with me instead?”

“From the day Xing Han was born, I have not truly taken care of him as an elder sister. I was immature before and thought that a younger brother would only steal the affection of Mama and Papa from me. Now that your daughter has grown up, I should also properly show my care and bond with Xing Han. What else would Mama be worried about if he stays with me?” Huan Qing Yan smiled as she spoke.

Huan Jiu Li was eating rice when he saw Huan Qing Yan’s beautiful smile, this caused a grain of rice to enter his windpipe and caused him to choke and cough in fits.

Huan Qing Yan smiled and turned towards him, “Brother Jiu Li, can I ask you something?”

Huan Jiu Li immediately managed to stop his coughs.

“Am I so terrifying that you would drop your food and choke on rice?”

Huan Jiu Li, the burly youth, was stunned and froze for a moment before he started making sounds in a bid to explain himself…

However, no one could understand him.

“Ok. I won’t make fun of you anymore. I have a matter that I need you to do for me from today onwards. I will be relying on you from now on to watch over the Thousand Year Soup of our Huan Family. Do not let its fire go out, do not let anyone else get close to it, I do not trust anyone else.” Huan Qing Yan gently said.

Huan Jiu Li immediately patted his chest to promise.

“Brother Jiu Li, you are so nice.”

Huan Jiu Li’s expression was as happy and excited as though he had eaten honey.

After finishing their meal, Huan Qing Yan returned to Tender Face Chamber and got the servants to bring over Huan Xing Han’s daily necessities. She assigned Lou Zhu as the main serving girl of Xing Han, she would be taking care of him and be around with him always. Huan Qing Yan let Huan Xing Han stay in the first floor while she herself stayed in the second floor.

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