Chapter 67 – I Am Not Marrying

Huan Qing Yan’s smile remained unperturbed and even filled a small bowl of fish ball soup to give Huan Meng Yue, “Since you have nowhere else to go, then so be it. Some time ago, matchmaker Zhou visited us about arranging marriage for Meng Yue, I told her that the affairs of marriage should be decided by Meng Yue’s close family when she returns. Since you have nowhere else to go, then I suppose Mama and I would have to look at the candidates on your behalf.”

Not willing to go home? Not willing to leave? Sure!

I would marry you off then!

Although Huan Meng Yue and Huan Qing Yan were said to be the same age, Huan Meng Yue was in fact more than half a year older and was turning sixteen, the age that was suitable for marriage.

“Marriage proposal? Looking at candidates? No no no, I am not marrying!” Huan Meng Yue’s face changed greatly.

Huan Qing Yan smiled, “When a girl reaches a certain age, she would eventually have to marry. Xing Han, after Sister Meng Yue marries someone, she would still continue to visit us, bringing you good food and play with you, is that okay?”

Though Huan Xing Han was young, he was able to understand what marriage was, he did not object and said, “Yay! Sister Meng Yue is getting married! When Sister Meng Yue gets married, she would still visit me…”

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Madam Huan was in a small predicament and was unable to speak.

Huan Bei Ming was on his deathbed a few days ago, why would a matchmaker come visit to talk about arranging a marriage? It feels like her daughter was plotting something, she had now acknowledged the fact that her Little Yan was much more intelligent than her and knew that she did things decisively. Although Madam Huan was unable to assist her much, she could guarantee that she would not hinder or disrupt Huan Qing Yan’s plans.

Lou Xiao was also a clever girl and had sensed that her Young Mistress disliked Miss Meng Yue, therefore she continued the Young Master’s words and said, “I congratulate Miss Meng Yue for your upcoming bliss, Miss Meng Yue is so pretty, I am sure the matchmaker could easily find countless candidates.”

Huan Meng Yue immediately retorted, “I am the same age as Young Mistress, how could I dare to get married before her?”

Lou Xiao immediately changed into an angry look and said, “Master just passed away, Young Mistress cannot marry for the next three years to observe mourning. What’s more, Young Mistress is a genius with an Egg Star Talent, how could a thing like you compare yourself to Young Mistress?”

Huan Meng Yue instantly went pale and explained, “No. What I am trying to say is that Master had also treated me like a daughter, so I also wished to observe mourning for the next three years…”

“You are not qualified!”

“Luo Xiao, you!” Huan Meng Yue was now trembling in anger, she looked at Huan Qing Yan and saw that she maintained her smiling face, showing no signs of intervening.

Huan Meng Yue covered her mouth in despair as though she was greatly wronged and ran out of the Madam Huan’s courtyard in tears.

The courtyard maintained a quiet atmosphere for some time.

Madam Huan said, “Little Yan. What is truly going on regarding the matchmaker?”

Huan Qing Yan instructed Lou Xiao to bring the Xing Han away to play after he ate his fill.

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Since everyone left were people she trusted, she did not hide her intentions and explained, “Mama. Huan Meng Yue is not a person we can keep.”

“Why? That child has always been rather dutiful…”

Huan Qing Yan slowly said, “That is only on the surface, it will be hard to say in the future!”

Madam Huan seemed to have remembered something about yesterday. When the servants were being tested for their loyalty by touching the robe, Huan Meng Yue did not volunteer herself to do so. Did Little Yan notice something then? If that was the case, then she truly could not stay.

After a series of thoughts, Madam Huan replied, “If that’s the case, which family are you planning to marry her to?”

Unknowing to her, Madam Huan was beginning to get used to Huan Qing Yan being the pillar of the house.

“This daughter had heard of a family in Sesame Lane called the Hou Family. They have a Third Grade Official currently working for our empire, an elder within the family who is a Six-Star Spirit Master as well as a unique family recipe… That Hou Family seems to have an heir called Hou San Hao?” Huan Qing Yan smiled.

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