Chapter 48: I’m bad at dealing with awkward situations.

I’m bad at dealing with awkward situations.


The next morning.

I was drowsily laying on my desk in school. I still needed to sleep. When I came back home and looked at the clock, not much time was left before the sun rose.

It was probably because the flow of time on earth and that world are different.

Because of that, the time quickly flew by, not giving me a chance to get enough sleep.

I was careless. I could have used 【Time-space teleportation】and went a few hours back.

Paying the tormenting price of my stupid miss, Lina, next to me, was surrounded by the other girls and making a fuss.


“Eeh!! Lina-san you can cook?”

“Yes, I live alone, after all.”

“You live alone!! That’s great!!”


I was pretty disturbed by the racket they were making this early in the morning. Please stop talking next to me. You’re annoying and I can’t sleep. Looks like Lina did attend school after what happened yesterday. Maybe because she stopped hesitating, it felt like she had opened up a bit more to her classmates.


“It feels like Lina-san had changed somehow.”

“Yeah, it’s like you’re more cheerful and smiling more often now.”

“Is it because you weren’t feeling alright?”


Some girls watching over her from a distance were even whispering about her change.

She was indeed smiling more often than before.

Well, she’s finally acting normally.

She couldn’t speak without care before because of her mission and whatnot.

It was only normal for her classmates to be surprised.


“Hey, don’t you think Lina-chan today looks cuter than before?”

“Yeah, she looks like an angel with that smile.”


Looks like even the guys noticed her change. A few male students were charmed by her bright smile.

Also, the guy who said the last line, you were correct!


“I will go call her.”

“Seriously!? Don’t do that! All that’s waiting for you is a honorable defeat!”

“No, I feel like I can do it now.”


Leaving those words behind, the male student stood up and approached Lina.

Everyone there was right about Lina smiling more often, but that was not the only thing that changed about her.

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“Y-Yo Lina-chan. You look especially lovely today.”

“Shut up you vulgar pig. Don’t talk to me.”


Like what just happened, Lina was abusive in treating every male student. She used to answer them normally while averting her eyes before, but now she had exhibited her real character.

The abused male student returned to his seat as he gradually sank into depression. Poor guy. When he sat back on his chair, the other students comforted him while yelling, “You’re a hero!!”.

A few seconds later, other guys started praising him, all at the same time. The victim bashfully hid his face. Really, poor guy.

Well, good luck next time man… I don’t know your name though.

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But still, I wonder why Lina hates guys in our class.

Is it maybe because she hates men in general?

But that doesn’t explain her being normal with me.

Thinking about the reason while laying on my desk, Kamaishi whispered to me.


“Don’t you think that Lina-san had changed?”

“Yeah, she did indeed.”

“But why does she act cold only towards our male classmates?”

“Who knows. Maybe she’s bad at dealing with guys like you, Kamaishi-san.” I spoke while laying my face on the table.

Well, Kamaishi is a whole different level when it came to that. I had actually never seen her talking with a guy before. I wondered when she would be able to talk to them normally.


“Y-You think? But Lina-san can still talk to them, so she’s not like me.”


Kamaishi spoke her mind, brimming with confidence.

Just what are you competing for?

That’s not something you should feel proud about.

While I was feeling a bit sorry for Kamaishi-san, who was still making a confident face, she suddenly looked at me as if she remembered something.


“That’s right, Kamiya-kun. I’m thinking about inviting Lina for lunch with us today, what do you think?”

“Lunch? I don’t mind really.”


Feeling glad that I approved, Kamaishi continued.


“Okay then, I will try asking her laster.”



Giving back a short reply, I closed my eyes, trying to sleep.

Lina would probably wake me up during the lesson. That’s why I needed to recover from my lack of sleep now.

With that last thought in mind, I let my consciousness fade away.




At lunch break, Kamaishi, Lina and I went to sit on a bench in the shade of a tree to eat our lunch. I was able somehow compensate for my of sleep using the free time we got between lessons. But I wonder why I was feeling as if Lina wanted to rebuke for doing that as well.

Feeling uncomfortable because of the fear of her complaints, I decided to concentrate on my lunch.

We had the chance to go the roof instead, but it was a bit too hot to go there this time of year.

It was already summer and the sounds of the cicadas could be heard everywhere.


“Let’s sit here.”




Kamaishi and I replied to Lina’s suggestion and the three of us sat on the bench.

Apparently, Kamaishi had a hard time trying to invite Lina to eat lunch with us.

Once we got our free time, all the girls in the class tried talking with her.

In such a difficult situation, it wasn’t easy for Kamaishi—who has no female friends—to meddle in.

She sneaked her way to Lina in the last moment before the class ended, got her to accept and came back tired.

You did well, Kamaishi.


“Why?! Why is it him?!” “He already has Kamaishi, doesn’t he?!” “Oh God, please punish that greedy guy!!”


The guys who saw me walking out of the classroom with Lina started yelling and crying while hitting their desks, but I didn’t mind that.


“I’m going to get some drinks.”

“Don’t forget my water today.”



Kamaishi responded to me with a slightly embarrassed face and left us behind.

Now I was alone with Lina.


(This is kinda awkward…)


Not having anything to talk about, both of us remained quietly sitting. The sounds of cicadas controlled the place and I could feel the sweat running down my back and on my forehead.

Out of curiosity, I took a sidelong glance at Lina who was sitting with cool face with her eyes closed.

She didn’t seem in the mood to talk at all.

Left with a single option—to start a conversation myself—I opened my mouth.





Our voices overlapped.





Again, when both of us were confused, we looked at each other and compromised.


“You can speak first.”

“No, it’s you who needs to speak!”


Repeating the same lines for a few time, both of us started laughing.


“Fufufu, I bet we looked pretty stupid now.”

“Hahaha, that’s right.”


Laughing together for a while, we both felt comfortable and started chattering.


“Well then, I shall speak first.”



Giving Lina permission to speak, she remained silent for a few seconds then said.


“Are you going out with Kamaishi.”

“Ha? Me and Kamaishi?”


Lina nodded to my question. Wait, why are you bringing this topic now?


“Why are you asking that?”

“Well, I heard from our classmates that you too are getting along way too much and that Kamaishi fought some love rival in the past and such. So I’m curious.”


I agree that we were getting along very well, but I wasn’t sure about that love rival part. I don’t remember someone like that.

Rather, does the everyone in the class see us that way?

I didn’t know that.


“We’re not dating, and of course, I have no idea about this love rival either.”

“I-Is that so? Well, that’s fine too.”

“Hm? What you mean by ‘fine too?’”

N-No, nothing at all. Never mind.”


How rare for her to lose her composure. For some reason she seemed relieved after knowing that I wasn’t dating Kamaishi.

Kamaishi and I were only best friends.

There’s no way we’d be dating.


“Well then, it’s your turn. What did want to say?”


Finishing what she had to say, Lina gave permission for me to speak, but I couldn’t come up with anything to say.


“No, I was just trying to change the awfully quiet mood of earlier. I didn’t have anything in mind to talk about.”

“Is that so?”



With my reply, both of us remained quiet again.

I just really hate that kind of situation.


“… You know, let me speak.”

“Hm? Didn’t you have nothing to talk about?”

“I just thought of something now.”


Ignoring Lina’s perplexion, I forcibly convinced her to listen to me.”


“Anyway, I’ll start.”



Acting as if I didn’t notice her bewilderment from my unusual attitude, I continued to speak.





Meanwhile in the classroom.


“Why is it him again?!”

“Even though he already has Kamaishi!!”

“I heard he even got another girl somewhere. Then why is he going for a third one?”

“Why doesn’t he understand us?!”

“Do you think you can win against him when it comes to picking up girls?”

“… I don’t think so.”

“Yeah, he’s got a good face, after all.”

“Aah! All that a guy needs is a good face! Why?!”

“That’s life for you man…”


“Do you think Lina-san has something for him?”

“Maybe she likes him.”

“That would be amazing! It’s the third girl!”

“This will make the romantic battle for him even more intense.”

“I wonder who will be the winner.”

“Who known, Lina could be stronger than what we think when it comes to that stuff.”

“That means that once Kamaishi-san leaves them alone, she will attack…”



Both girls and boys were having an exciting conversation.

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