Chapter 49: Being jobless doesn’t feel good.

Being jobless doesn’t feel good.


“Do you hate guys?”


Lina tilted her head when hearing my question.


“Guys? Not really…”


I didn’t expect that answer.

Surprisingly enough, she doesn’t hate guys.


“Then why did you act that old towards that guy this morning?”

“Morning? Ah, that guy.”


Recalling what happened this morning, Lina spoke with a slight frown.


“I acted like that because I felt an ulterior motive in his attitude, which made uncomfortable. It’s not like I hate guys or anything like that.”


Isn’t that exactly what it means to hate guys?

Instead of asking this question, I had something else in mind that took the first priority


“Are you fine with me?”

“Y-You’re still the one who saved my life. I can’t act that way towards someone who saved me. Even if you had an ulterior motive as well, I wouldn’t have a choice but to endure it.”


Lina replied as she bashfully avoided eye contact with me.

So that’s how it is. I didn’t really understand what she meant though.

I followed what she said with a nod and decided to chance the topic.

Looking forward, a gentle breeze blew against me.


“It’s pretty cool in here.”



Lina leisurely agreed to my casual comment.

Sitting on the bench below the shades of trees in this midsummer and receiving the cool, gentle breeze blowing in our direction, I couldn’t feel more relaxed.


“It’s exactly like you said.”


Enjoying the cool ambiance while sitting, Lina suddenly brought up a discussion.



“You told me that our classmates were interested in me. When I arrived today, I was told that a lot of students and teachers were worried about me. Well, the teachers were more worried about you sleeping than me.”


Lina said while smiling. Those teachers are really eagre on doing something about me sleeping.


“This was the first time something like that happened to me. I felt a bit embarrassed but I was happy.”

“There are no schools in the heavens?”

“There are schools there too, but at that time I was concentrating only on pursuing knowledge to didn’t make any friends.”


Lina had a nostalgic expression on her face.

I guess she was recalling her past days.

She seemed as if she was missing her old times.


“Come to think of it, what are you going to do about your god serving job?”


I asked her out of curiosity.

Lina stopped recalling her nostalgic past and said with hesitation.


“Y-Yeah… about that…”


Staying quiet for a few seconds, she continued.


“…… I actually didn’t get fired yet.”


I didn’t expect that she would say that.


“Eh? Really?”

“Yes, that’s because…”


Lina explained the reason behind her not getting fired.

Apparently right after that incident, Metron called Lina work place and obviously feigned innocence while apologizing. “Sorry!! I didn’t expect she would get teleported with that earthling too. It was my miss, sorry~”

Lina seemed to be thinking that Metron didn’t want his action to be reported to the upper rank gods and used it as material, requesting from him to stay here, on earth. Of course, he ageered right away.

The world of gods is really like a rank based society.


“But are you okay with that? Even if you’re okay now, you were about to die at that time.”

“Well, that’s right… looks like I’m still respecting him somewhere in my heart. I couldn’t do something that may cause him troubles. And…”


“If I opposed him now… I’d become jobless.”


Hearing that last and definite words, all I could do was agree.

Lina looked kinda gloomy after that.

I heard her repeating the word “jobless” in a low voice. It seems that Being jobless doesn’t feel good even for Lina.

It’s only natural for her to avoid losing her job after all those tests she did in her life.

Life isn’t hard only in this world.

Right when the mood started feeling heavy because of her gloom, I heard a cheerful voice coming to our place.


“I’m late-!!”


Kamaishi (savior) was half-running toward us.


“Sorry, the vending machine was– Lina-san what’s wrong?”

“Ah, she seems to be tired of reality and all…”


Having a hard time trying to explain the reason Lina was depressed, Kamaishi went to sit next to her.




Lina raised her head to look at Kamaishi, who then said with a cheerful smile.


“I don’t know what you’re going through, but cheer up. Here, eat your lunch.”


Lina kept gazing at Kamaishi. Looks like she was fascinated by her. Perhaps she’s seeing Kamaishi as an existence brighter than sun right now. How moving.

A few moment later, Lina gently took Kamaishi-s hands and said.



“Eh? G-Goddess?”

Only allowed on


Confused by what she said, Kamaishi drew a little back.

Eventually returning to her sense, Lina grasped Kamaishi’s hands with more strength and sparkled her eyes.


“Kamaishi-dono, Can I please call you Sayaka-dono from now on?”

“Eh? I-I don’t mind.”

“Is that so! Please call me Lina too.”

“Um, I can’t just call you like that. At least Lina-chan would be okay. You can call me Saya too.”

“I understand. Saya-dono.”


Keeping her smile, Kamaishi replied to Lina who suddenly became in high spirit.

As expected from Kamaishi. She already captured the heart of an angel.

I unintentionally smiled gazing at the happy Lina and the bewildered Kamaishi having a conversation.

Glad they’re getting along.


“Let’s eat our lunch then.”




Lina and I replied to Kamaishi’s suggestion.

Feeling uncomfortable with way Lina was speaking, Kamaishi asked her to stop being too formal.

Lina seemed downhearted because of that. Though that didn’t last for long.

After that, we enjoyed our time eating lunch and having harmonious conversations.

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“What do you learn in a heaven school?”

“Not much different from earth’s elementary school. We lessons and sports. The only difference is that we have a class when we learn about gods.”

“About gods? How is it like?”

“Things like the favorite food or the hobbies of a god, and especially the wage they get.”

“Just what are they teaching elementary students?!”


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