Chapter 75 – Who Bailed Him?

Huan Qing Yan searched a few times but was unable to discover any glow coming out of the ancient bowl and was unable to determine its grade. All she felt was that this magic equipment was exceptionally awesome and extraordinary.

“Ok then. Little bowl, you can go in again!” Huan Qing Yan tested again.

As expected, the bowl turned invisible as it melded into her palm once again.

It was truly easy to use.

Huan Qing Yan was now rest assured that the bowl would not break easily unless she deliberately broke it herself.

Huan Qing Yan glanced at the sand falling within the hourglass she placed in the table.

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The time acceleration function was also awesome to the max, she could enter the dimension to train from now on, spending a few years within in training was equivalent to only a few dozen days outside, she would not need to worry about being weaker and unable to catch up to others!

When it was time for dinner, Huan Qing Yan had dinner with Madam Huan and Little Xing Han while receiving the report regarding the shops being sold. The properties owned by the Huan Family were all in their prime and earning good revenue but they were all being sold at the average market price, therefore there were no problems selling them off.

“When the Huan clan relatives heard of the sale, they all panicked like ants on a hot pot! Some even barged through the gates of the Huan Estate a few times…” the new deputy housekeeper reported.

Huan Qing Yan sat in the middle of the room drinking tea without speaking.

“We have followed Young Mistress’s instructions and told them that we are selling the shops based on the average market price, if these clan relatives wished to buy the shops, they would be given a 30% discount but they must hurry up as the shops would be sold to whoever pays first… Young Mistress, what do you guess happened?”

“What else? They must have gathered outside the door and started cursing!” Huan Qing Yan sighed.

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Duan Sheng replied, “Most of them were like that but a small portion began to gather funds, they seemed sincere in buying over the shops and are not thoroughly without conscience, they are still reasonable people. Young Mistress, please do not be sad, those ruthless relatives that lack conscience would never enter the estate from now on.”

However, would it really be that easy?

They even dared to swap Papa’s body, they must have a powerful figure backing them from behind the scenes…

“What happen to Huan Dong Hai after the constables caught him?” Huan Qing Yan suddenly remembered.

“The magistrate has made a verdict that Huan Dong Hai was not related to Master’s Body Swapping Case and was released after bail.”

Huan Qing Yan smiled coldly, she had expected this outcome from the start.

“Who bailed him?”

“Military Division Secretarial Official, Lord He Guang Qing.”

Huan Qing Yan revisited her memories, isn’t this He Guang Qing a subordinate of the Ninth Prince, Bai Cheng Feng?

Something was not right, Bai Cheng Feng had no motive to act as such, Huan Bei Ming’s body was of no use to him so it should not be him…

In addition, He Guang Qing had yet to join Bai Cheng Feng’s faction because the position of the current Crown Prince was still very firm and stable while Bai Cheng Feng was currently still an ordinary prince. As the Secretarial Official of the Military Division, He Guang Qing would not join a prince without a clear future.

The question now was, who was He Guang Qing under? What were they scheming? The situation seemed to be more complex than what Huan Qing Yan anticipated.

To heck with it!

One step at a time then, the reason they dare not force their way into the estate now was because of her title of National Order Princess as well as her identity as a Spirit Master with Egg Star Talent.

However, if the royal family were to remove her title, these enemies who were hiding within the dark might send high level Spirit Masters to deal with her. When that happens, the situation would be hard to say, Huan Dong Hai might once again lead the clan relatives and force their way in.

Her current plan of selling shops to these clan relatives at a 30% discount was just a temporary stoppage measure, allowing some of them to focus on the business acquired to earn income while slightly reducing their attention on the Huan Estate. This was also Huan Qing Yan’s way of sharing her wealth but her targets were the clan relatives who were not exceptionally greedy; since they were willing to pay for her shops, it would indirectly mean that they had a conscience and were not utter ingrates, sharing some of her wealth to these type of people was fine too.

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