Chapter 97: Desperate Struggle

The chancel collapsed and the blood water was in a turmoil.

The ninth heaven demon let out a thunder-like roar. His face was hideous as he tried his best to use his unparalleled baleful sense to take control of the situation, but it was of no use.

Without the suppression of the chancel, he could not control the blood essence.

Losing the chancel’s suppression, the blood essence lets out a powerful feeling. The ninth heaven demon was made up of only baleful sense. No matter how strong his baleful force and ninth heaven force, it was of no use.

The blood essence broke out, causing his Hp to decrease. Blood shot out like thousands of arrows.

The blood essence in the blood pool was also in a turmoil, they continued to break away from the control of the demon. The blood essence suppressed for thousands of years were exploding out completely……

At this point in time, the ninth heaven demon was so busy that he did not have the time to have scruples with Qin Tian.

The demon army halted as they watched from the sidelines. They have been oppressed by the ninth heaven demon for thousands of years, and now rage had been ignited inside of them. If not for the trace of fear restraining them, they would have rushed up and smashed the chancel into pulp.

Without the baleful force’s threat, none of the remaining demons attacked Qin Tian.

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Qin Tian has the body of a heavenly demon, a supreme existence among the demon tribe, and is revered greatly. If not for the ninth heavenly demon’s oppression, none of them would dare to anger such a prestigious demon, especially after they had seen his capabilities. Releasing a huge lightning which killed all that touches it. Fear sprouted from the bottom of their hearts.

“Continue to be arrogant ah.” Qin Tian smiled in delight as he squatted down, looking at the hideous face of the ninth heavenly demon. “Weren’t you very harsh, very domineering? Continue to let Laozi see your arrogance.”

A typical state of mind of a small man intoxicated by success.

The ninth heaven demon of feeling extremely bitter, his hideous face kept twisting. His baleful aura contained a deep rage as his black pupils stared at Qin Tian firmly, roaring, “Ah……”

“Shout, even after your voice breaks no one will take notice of you.”

After his voice descended, he smiled, “These words are too awkward. Those that don’t know may think that I’m doing some bad things.”

“Seeing the Hp bar above the demon decreasing, Qin Tian carried on, “Let me help you increase the speed.”

It may take half a day for a million Hp value to decrease finish. In this unfamiliar devil region, staying too long may cause him to meet with unnecessary trouble. It would be better to increase the rate.

‘Peng, peng, peng……”

“Sc*mbag, what’re you thinking of doing?” Almost wanting to rush out of the pool, he shouted.

Qin Tian kept his attacks and replied, “Seeing you living such a tiring life, I just wanted to help you save some time.”

After saying finish, he gathered all his strength and continue to break apart the chancel. In a few punches, more cracks were formed. Like the mouth of a fountain, they flowed out continuously.

“Going too far!”

The ninth heaven demon said coldly. “Ninth heaven force, supreme ability, condense!”

When the word ‘condense’ was said, the bubbling of the blood stopped as they sink. A huge whirlpool formed in the middle of the blood pool.

The head of the ninth heavenly demon vanished.

Qin Tian was startled, “Not good.”

The ninth heavenly demon was going to forcefully form a true body!

“Virtuous Draconic Force, formless energy, break for me……”

Qin Tian’s power increased as the evil suppressing Virtuous Draconic Force cried out. The cry of the dragon reverberated among the ninth heaven, suppressing the baleful aura released by the ninth heaven demon.

The weight behind his attacks increased.

The originally wrecked chancel was no longer able to withstand Qin Tian’s attack. Pieces of rock fell off and blood flowed out fiercer than before. After a period of time, the whole valley was dyed red. The clouds in the sky became more demonic.

“Break, break, break!”

Three punches were sent, causing half of the chancel to cave in.

The speed of the whirlpool in the blood pool decreased as much of the blood essence was lost. The ninth heaven demon used all of his baleful force to prevent more from being lost and quickened the rate of the forming of his true body.

After being forced to such an extent, the ninth heavenly demon could only struggle desperately.

“Ninth heaven force, blood essence, form my true body……”

From the bottom of the pool, a voice traveled to Qin Tian’s ears. His heart tightened as he screamed, “Death is at hand yet still want to struggle? Laozi will beat you!”

The Virtuous Draconic Force covered his body as the veins on his forehead bulged. Taking a deep breath, he jumped……

The blood pool was like a boundless ocean, and the blood essence attacked continuously, wanting to absorb him.

The entire capability of the Virtuous Draconic Force was released. Facing the intrusion of the thousand evil(of the blood essence), the azure dragon and colossal elephant cried out as they released a formless energy, counterattacking.

“To actually dare to jump into the blood pool.” The ninth heaven demon was shocked and continued coldly, “Counting death.”

At the bottom most of the blood pool, an infant was absorbing the blood essence crazily. His size was increasing at a speed of what one’s naked eye could see, and a powerful barrier of baleful sense was surrounding him. Seeing it, he shouted, “Die!”

“Blood shadow arts……”

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The blood pool suddenly experienced a turmoil. Countless blood shadows appeared releasing their killing intent. Before this, the blood pool was already in a chaos. Blood essence flowed out even more rapidly than before……

The thousands of blood shadow moved. “Explode!”

The blood shadows rushed down. 1 entered, 2 entered, 3 entered……

The ninth heavenly demon looked at Qin Tian hatefully as he continued to absorb the blood essence. His body was in deep suffering. He was very clear about the might of the blood shadow arts, in his current situation, he would not be able to withstand it. The only way was to form a true body and have his inner organs protected.

A thousand entered……

“Let us see how strong you are.” Qin Tian in the heavenly demon form was full of pride. “Explode!”


In a great agony, the demon’s face was ugly. Thousands of blood shadows had exploded within his body, and this was also when Qin Tian was in his heavenly demon form. A heavenly demon in his peak condition could form millions of blood shadows, and they were able to eradicate half a continent.

“Not dying?”


“Blood shadow arts……”

“Laozi don’t believe that he can’t kill you.”

Thousands of blood shadows were once again formed, which was practically forcing him to death. Qin Tian’s previous attack had already caused him to lose thousands of years of essence gathered, doing it again was truly causing him to die.

“Has heaven forsaken me?!”

“Explode!” Qin Tian growled and thousands of blood shadows entered the infant’s body.


The earth trembled and the blood sea turned over. The ninth heaven demon had died!

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