Chapter 98: Demon Baby

“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for killing the ninth heaven demon, experience +1 000 000, Qigong value +100 000, survival value +0……”

“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for completing the ‘S’ grade task, rewarded with 1 000 000 experiences, 10 000 survival value……”

“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for gaining the ‘ninth heaven Qi”……”

“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for gaining the ‘thousand evil Qi’……”

“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for gaining ten drops of thousand evil blood essence……”

“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for gaining a demon baby. Obtain the demon baby?”


The prompts of a big haul were pleasant to the ears, there was an indescribable feeling of wonderfulness in his sea of thoughts. Although the rewards for the ‘S’ grade task were a bit of an earful to hear, his heart was still stirred up.

“Demon baby? !”

“It can’t be the true body of the ninth heaven demon he was trying to form right?”

Qin Tian opened up his system. In his spatial ring, a baby was in a state of deep sleep and sucking his thumb, extremely adorable, extremely startling. “Is that the ninth heaven demon? What kind of joke is this?”

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Demon baby: Formed from blood essence
Rank : 0
Hp: 10000
Skills: Art of control (Must reach a certain rank before being able to control everything with his mind)
Note: The demon baby needs to be fed with the blood essence of monsters/demons, the purer the blood, the faster his growth. Unlimited growth status.

“Obtain the demon baby?”

The system prompted him again, and he frowned in contemplation. After a few minutes, he made a decision, “Allowed.”

The demon baby disappeared from the spatial ring and appeared in Qin Tian’s Dantian. As before, the baby had his adorable expression. Looking at his delicate skin, Qin Tian smile, “A body formed from blood essence shouldn’t be so bad right?”

Demon baby, a heaven defying existence.

The unlimited growth status was even more heaven defying. As long as he was allowed to grow, another ninth heaven demon would be born. Having the body of the ninth heaven demon, one of the ten great demon kings of the ancient times, containing a sky-shattering might.

As he grew, his attributes would increase. His future might would even astonish the heavens.

The Dantian became a place where the demon baby was contained. Qin Tian could clearly feel the gentle breathing of him. The breath flowing inside was just like a baby that was just born. However, to have 100 000 Hp as a baby? This shocked him greatly, what would happen when the baby grew up?

What shocked Qin Tian the most was the skill he had, the art of control.

When strength reached a certain degree, can control everything in the world.

A power that cannot be imagined.

Now that the ninth heavenly demon is dead, and the baleful force in the valley is disappearing, the demons in the valley ran away. After more than ten thousand years of oppression, they were released today. They were grateful towards Qin Tian, however, it only flashed by.

If not for the suppression of the righteous cultivators, they would not be in such places, thus their hearts contained great hatred toward humans.

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Qin Tian climbed out of the blood pool drenched with blood. Seeing the blood flowing like a river, a thought appeared in his mind. The ninth heaven demon’s tens of thousands of years of cultivation were gone just like that. Thinking about himself, if not for his aunt Qinglian saving him, his end would be the same as the ninth heaven demon.

He then thought about Yang Hong, and a dense killing intent was emitted unconsciously.

“Peak of the spirit refining realm……” Qin Tian spat a few words out coldly as he calculated. He was now a rank three spirit refining realm cultivator, and his Qigong value limit has reached 150 000. After using the Sky Piercing Lightning Arts, other abilities could still be used.

In addition to the three cores from Qin Xiangtian and Qin Kuang, along with the three cores in his Dantian, he had a total of six cores. He did not have to be so worried about his Qigong’s regeneration. Moreover, the amount of spirit grass he picked in the Kunlun mountain range, not even a tenth was used. At the very least, he could still refine hundreds of low-grade Dans.

What’s most important was strength, Yang Hong was an existence that had took a step into the Ascension realm (Took a step, but not yet in it), a rank three spirit refining cultivation was too inadequate.

“I need to raise my rank further.”

When his rank increases, all of his attributes will rise. Especially the ancient fierce god, its strength would increase further, and become even more ferocious. Yang Hong’s black flame aura held great strength, but this is only because he is an existence in the peak of spirit refining realm.

Making up his mind, his heart tightened as he released Mao Mao. “Kill……”

In an instant, killing intent flowed out.

Qin Tian dashed forward, and Mao Mao followed closely behind. The blood of the demons covered the sky.

The blood red sun and the dark red crescent moon appeared more and more divine. Other than the change in the sky, there were no other changes.

With the fall of the king in the eastern continent, the demons were stirred up. However, all these were not known to Qin Tian. All he cared about now was to kill some more demons, accumulate experience and level up. He was not in the mood to care about other things.

With every kill, the distance between him and level upping shortened.

After an unknown period of time, everywhere around him were corpses. The scene was terrifying.

The entire eastern continent became a death prison.

“Sky Piercing Lighting Arts!”


A purple lightning fell, turning demons into ashes. His experience increased, and his Qigong value was recovered.

“Very soon, I’ll break through to rank five.” Qin Tian smiled as he looked towards the sky. Suddenly, a question appeared in his mind, “It has been so long, is aunt worried?”

“First break through to rank five spirit refining realm and then get out.”



“Person of the younger generation, why do you offend our devil region?”

A voice like an alarm clock sounded, contained boundless strength.

An image appeared, containing boundless might, extremely terrifying.

Hearing that, Qin Tian mind was startled, and Mao Mao immediately turned frantic and entered battle mode.

“What is this?” Strength burst forth from within him, Looking towards the sky, he was horrified. Without hesitating, he activated berserk, raise his speed to the limits and shouted, “Mao Mao, run……”

The aura of the image was unparalleled, and Qin Tian did not even dare to look at it again as he immediately fled.

A while ago, the system displayed: Image of the devil region’s lord. Rank: Absolute realm……”

It was an unparalleled existence one step to stepping into the realm of saints!

Facing with such a powerful image, Qin Tian could only run.

Entering the demon mode and concealing his aura, he ran towards the exit……

Behind him, he could feel the earth splitting like the end of the world has come. Continuously, he increased his speed. Before he entered the exit, he turned his head, and his expression changed. The whole eastern continent seemed to have incinerated into dust……

The image of an absolute realm was already so powerful, won’t the true body be godly?


Keeping Mao Mao into his spatial ring, he disappeared into the exit.

Following soon after, it vanished.

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