Chapter 99: Coming for the Sake of Seeking Death

Impendence mountain range.

“Brother Zhao, do you think that Qin clan youngster can survive? We’ve seen him with a ruptured chest, so his injuries should be serious.” Liu Ba questioned.

Qinghe city’s four great clans were all bought in by the Yang clan.

They came to this Impendence mountain range after receiving Yang Hong’s direct command. Qin Tian’s threat to the Yang clan was not so great at the moment since at the time he was rescued, he’s only in the rank nine spirit gathering realm. No matter how divine his cultivation speed was, without three to five years, he should not be able to advance.

But of course, Yang Hong could not imagine how fast Qin Tian’s cultivation speed was.

As long as there is a threat, it must be stifled in the cradle.

On one hand, Yang Lin was using his secret aura art to draw Yun Man’s heaven defying fate. On the other hand, Yang Hong was bent on having Qin Tian killed, not letting a danger to his Yang clan and his building of a kingdom to live.

Zhao Wudi, Liu clan’s patriarch Liu Ba, Zhang clan’s patriarch Zhang Taishan and a few of Yang clan’s golden armored soldiers ventured into this filled with baleful aura Impendence mountain range to trace Qin Tian.

Zhao Wudi halted for a moment and surveyed his surroundings before replying, “That Qin clan’s youngster is not simple. In the beginning at the ‘gathering of the clans’, the both of you should not have stopped me. Now if he was fortunate enough to live, he would definitely kill us when he returns. At that time all of us will have nowhere to hide.”

Zhang Taishan and Liu Ba laughed dryly as they cursed in their hearts. Who was the one that was so unreasonable, not putting their great clans in his eyes?

However, thinking about what Zhao Wudi said, they examined what happened at that time. From the beginning, they should not have obstructed him. It was Qin clan’s problem, so why did they blindly join in? Now that the four great clans were under Yang Hong, and had provoked Qin Tian this fiend, it was uncertain when he would return to kill.

Since the gathering of the clans to the royal city’s big event, it had only been three short years, and Qin Tian broke through from rank four spirit formation realm to rank nine spirit gathering realm. This cultivation speed was too fast, making others unable to imagine how he cultivated. Others spent tens of years and were only in the spirit gathering realm, yet he only needed three years.

Not only was his cultivation speed terrifying, his Qigong cultivation was even more so.

The concentration of Qin Tian’s Qigong was like a boundless ocean, and seemed to be unable to dry up. At rank nine spirit gathering realm yet still dared to have a contest of Qigong against a spirit refining realm, and he won. Such a situation had never been seen before, never been heard before.

Ever since he stepped into the Impendence mountain range, Zhao Wudi had a premonition.

Among the three of them, only him and Qin Tian forged a deep bond of hatred. When they meet again, he would need to kill him, eliminating the danger.

Therefore, when Yang Hong sent him to chase after Qin Tian, he agreed immediately.

Slowly, the group ventured deeper into the impendence mountain range.

Inside the cave, the eyes of Qinglian opened as she frowned. The comfortable aura changed suddenly, turning into killing intent, “To have actually dared to come to one’s door.”

Standing up, she walked towards the mouth of the cave and gazed towards the forest’s interior. “It’s been three days, why haven’t Little Tian returned? Did something happen?”

Qinglian was worried.

The impendence mountain range was extremely dangerous. Although Qin Tian has the two space escape talisman, it wasn’t impossible that he met a powerful cultivator, making him not able to use them……

Thinking until that point, a look of anxiousness appeared on her face and her thoughts ran wild.

Feeling Zhao Wudi and the other’s aura getting closer, Qinglian said to herself, “Let’s finish them first before finding Qin Tian.”

“Those that bullied Little Tian must die!”

It was hard to imagine that such a beautiful fairy would say such merciless words. If there were others there, they would have been greatly shocked.

The white dress fluttered up in the sky and the white image disappeared among the trees.

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Killing intent filled the air, implanting fear into the monsters around.

Zhao Wudi felt the killing intent rushing toward them immediately, halted, and said, “Someone’s coming.”

When his voice descended, like a thousand year iceberg, Qinglian stared at him.

“Unable to appreciate what is good, seems like you’re all tired of living.” Snorting coldly, a thin sword appeared on her hand. Silver threads wrapped around the sword like there were countless snakes on it, faintly releasing a cold feeling.

Once Qinglian appeared, Zhao Wudi subconsciously retreated. Taking a look at her, he smiled, “Don’t be angry fairy, we came with no malice.”

“No malice?” Qinglian laughed coldly, “Zhao Wudi, I am clear of the reason you came.”

Zhao Wudi was startled as his expression had a slight change. “Do you know me?”

He took a few more glances at Qinglian and faintly felt that he did indeed see her before. She was definitely a disciple of a sect looking at her Qigong’s concentration. He dug into his memories, yet could not remember when he saw her before.

“Qinglian?! Noticed by Jingxin sect elder tens of years ago and brought to the sect.” Zhang Taishan eyes brightened as he said suddenly.

At that time, Qinglian was taken noticed by a Jingxin sect elder which stirred up Qinghe city greatly. The other reason why he remembered her was because the her tens of years ago and the her now did not have much of a difference.

“Qin clan’s disciple?” Zhao Wudi snorted as his strong pressure was released. He understood what had happened. The one who rescued Qin Tian was her, and to be able to do so in the hands of Yang Hong, her strength would most definitely not be weak.

At this point in time, everyone prepared themselves and brandished their weapons.

“With only you all…….”

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Before she said finished, Liu Ba attacked. The whole might of a rank three spirit refining realm was released. His Qigong condensed into an enormous war hammer and struck down.

“Sneak attack?”

“Sinister villain.” Motionless like a mountain, she spoke and the Qigong gathered in her thin sword increased. Facing Liu Ba’s sneak attack, a trace a disdain flashed by her eyes, “All that bullied Little Tian shall die!”

Her aura had an earth shattering change.

Behind her, a fairy appeared and waved her twin rings, blocking the attack of Liu Ba’s hammers.

At the next moment, Qinglian’s thin sword flashed and thousands of sword Qi struck forward……

“Ci, ci, ci……”

A few holes appeared on his body as he retreated with a pale face.

A rank three spirit refining realm cultivator lost in one move, startling Zhao Wudi greatly. His aura rose as a scarlet being appeared……


A sneer rang from within the baleful aura filled Impendence mountain range. The sneer contained excitement and deep killing intent.

“Little Tian.” Qinglian was delighted and a smile formed on her face.

Zhao Wudi’s eyes trembled before roaring out, “Spirit refining realm?!”

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