Chapter 100: Zhao Wudi, dead!

“Spirit refining realm?!”

“To have actually reached rank four spirit refining realm!”

“That’s simply not the speed of a human……”

Zhao Wudi’s face changed. Seeing Qin Tian jumping down from a tree, he was stunned. In less than ten days, he had reached from rank nine spirit gathering realm to rank four spirit refining realm. Just what kind of speed was this? Even a peerless genius was not as fast as this……

“Little Tian, you……”

Qinglian revealed a smile as she became joyful for him. Qin Tian’s pressure became even more fierce, containing an aura which only spirit refining realm cultivators would have.

“Leave them for me aunt, you should rest.” Qin Tian walked towards Qinglian and gave a sniff, allowing a faint sweet scent to enter. His heart throbbed as regret filled him, “Truly fresh.”

Qin Tian passionate eyes made her heart beat wildly as her face turned hot. She moved towards the side with a red face, completely like a young girl yearning for love.

“Zhao Wudi, since you’ve delivered yourself to my doorstep, it saves me the time to find you. It is time to clear the hatred which tied us up together. Today, none of you shall leave alive.” Qin Tian sneered.

Once he spoke finished, the aura on him changed drastically. An ancient fierce god appeared behind him with a scythe which flashed with black light. Like someone that climbed out from hell, it bared its fangs and brandished claws, exposing a sinister expression.

“Fierce god!” Zhang Taishan shuddered while he looked at what was behind Qin Tian. With a change in his expression, he gave a glance at Zhao Wudi, “Brother Zhao, let’s……”

His heart lacked the courage, surrendering without a fight.

Against Qin Tian’s powerful aura, the rank three spirit refining Zhang Taishan would naturally want to flee. However, Zhao Wudi emitted a strong killing intent. His ‘Scarlet Flame Scripture’ was used as he berated, “One may get off today, but not tomorrow. Do you not understand this phrase?”

Zhao Wudi has made a decision to have Qin Tian killed.

Qin Tian was only a rank four spirit refining cultivator while he was at the peak of rank seven cultivator, so killing him should not be so hard. Moreover, Qin Tian’s growth was too terrifying. If he wasn’t killed, there won’t be any more chances in the future, and it may even lead to the destruction of the Zhao clan.

At this moment, Zhao Wudi’s emitted a blazing hot aura and his scarlet red hair floated in the air. The Scarlet Flame Scripture’s highest stage……

Zhang Taishan’s mind became firm and released his aura at the same time.

If he fled and returned to Sky Border city, he would definitely not be able to escape Yang Hong’s investigation. Rather than having that happen, why not fight with his life on the line and after killing Qin Tian, Yang Hong would reward him. Moreover, there was also the peak rank seven spirit refining realm Zhao Wudi here, making the chance of victory to be quite high.

After contemplating for awhile, Zhang Taishan spoke, “Brother Zhao, I’ll listen to you. We must kill this Qin clan’s traitor.”

“Heng, overconfident.” Qin Tian let out a deep growl. Suddenly, he disappeared.

“Virtuous Draconic Force.”

“Rank one berserk.”

An overwhelming pressure pressed upon them.

“Phantom palm.”

1280 pairs of scarlet palms were formed.


A formless energy gathered around Qin Tian’s fists. Punching like the wind, punching out 1280 times. Each time he attacked, the many scarlet palms would be reduced by a pair. The palm prints formed by Zhao Wudi were all forcefully destroyed.

“Rank seven spirit refining realm is only so.” Qin Tian suddenly appeared in front of Zhao Wudi and said. Following after, he struck.

His rate of attacks made others speechless. When Zhao Wudi reacted, Qin Tian had already released his palm filled with Qigong, attacking.

Not being able to react, he suffered a heavy strike.

At the same time, Zhang Taishan moved for the strike full of killing intent. However, the ancient fierce god behind Qin Tian swept it’s scythe. A rank three spirit refining cultivator was nothing much.


Zhao Wudi flew and landed heavily onto the ground. His face had a trace of paleness and blood flowed out from the edge of his mouth.

Standing up slowly, he wiped the blood off his mouth and gave one look at the blood on his hand. Laughing coldly, a red spear appeared on his hand. A fire dragon was carved on it.

“Fire dragon spear?!” Qin Tian was startled. From his memories, he only knew that it was Zhao clan’s treasure and have never seen it before.

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“To think that you have some knowledge about it.” Zhao Wudi cast a glance at Zhang Taishan before staring at Qin Tian. “Then, do you know that once the fire dragon spear appeared, death shall be seen?”

“Death?” Qin Tian laughed, “Is the dead person you?”

Zhao Wudi’s rage reached the peak. The fire dragon spear covered with devouring flames thrust forward. It devoured the Qigong released by Qin Tian.

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Qin Tian never saw the fire dragon spear before, only hearing that it was a low-grade immortal tool.

It was something the ancestors of Zhao clan refined using the magma of the blazing mountain. Other than those who cultivated in the ‘Scarlet Flame Scripture’, not only would others not be able to endure the fiery aura of it, they could not even wield it.

The fire dragon spear’s fiery aura could merge with its user’s body. In the spear was a great amount of fiery aura which resonated with Scarlet Flame Scripture. In other words, his current strength had doubled.

“Devouring attribute weapon?”

“Not bad, I’ll take it.”

His full strength exploded out. Going all out even when fighting a small opponent, not giving the opponent any chance to counterattack. “Demon mode……”

His bones released a crackling sound.

In less than half a breath, Qin Tian became a heavenly demon and his body turned red. Baleful Qi, blood demon Qi, evil spirit Qi and fierce Qi spread out. Facing Zhao Wudi’s fire dragon spear’s attack, the heavenly demon Qin Tian snorted……

The impendence mountain was in a huge turmoil.

Monsters fled and flying beasts flew. The forest turned quiet.


He struck. Piercing through the air, countless black holes appeared. His strength was too great.

“Demon, demon? It can’t be, how could it be a demon?” Zhao Wudi spat his words out, unable to believe what was happening. His heart was filled with fear.

The two punches landed on his chest. The fire dragon spear looked like its fire had extinguished, completely black, not daring to be arrogant again.

The aura of the heavenly demon was too great, even making the fire dragon spear that had spirituality not daring to release its fiery aura. Against the heavenly demon’s aura, it turned weak like an ant.

Zhao Wudi looked at Qin Tian unwillingly.

With a smile, Qin Tian stomped the head.

Zhao Wudi died!

“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for killing Zhao Wudi, experience +180 000, Qigong value +80000, survival value +1500……”

“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for obtaining the fire dragon spear……”

“Congratulations to player ‘Qin Tian’ for obtaining one rank five core and one rank six core……”


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