Chapter 101: Three Days of Living

Zhao Wudi had died.

Died with regret. The peak rank seven spirit refining cultivator died under Qin Tian’s hands, and it was without him being able to counter. Even the low-grade immortal tool was of no use. His eyes were full of anger.

Qin Tian laughed while being shocked inwardly, “Another two cores, seems like Yang Hong’s resources are abundant ah.”

From Qin Xiangtian to Zhao Wudi, all of them have cores. It was not difficult to guess that the cores were provided by Yang Hong, which shows how abundant Yang clan’s resources are to be able to be so generous.

Cores are extremely precious items to experts, and are treasures to those average cultivators. Yang Hong gave generously to the four great clans, and this was the reason why they were willing to be part of the Yang clan.

Once Zhao Wudi died, Zhan Taishan panicked immediately, and the heavily injured Liu Ba was full of fear. Enduring the pain, he ran staggeringly.

Several golden armored soldiers did not retreat immediately after seeing the situation.

As still as a mountain, Qin Tian looked at the others with disdain. Blood shadows flew towards them and entered their bodies. “Explode!”

“Boom, boom, boom!”

The smell of blood permeated the air. The remaining golden armored soldiers felt their legs turn weak as they stared at Qin Tian in a daze with a pale face.

“Go tell your patriarch that three days later, I shall retrieve his head.” Qin Tian smiled sinisterly. The heavenly demon formed numerous blood shadows and they entered Zhan Taishan’s body.


Like having received great amnesty, remaining soldiers fled, afraid that Qin Tian would regret. The terrifying blood shadows and heavenly demon, never in their lives would they want to see them again.

Qin Tain reverted back and his aura calmed down. Qinglian looked at him and had a feeling of unfamiliarity, like they did not know each other. She asked herself, “Is this still the stubborn Little Tian? Is this still the Little Tian that shouts ‘I want to protect aunt forever, every day?”

A feeling of unfamiliarity which might also be because of the passing of time.

However, no matter what Qin Tian became, the Qin Tian in her heart will always be that Little Tian, and she will use her life to protect him.

“Aunt, I……” Qin Tian scratched his head and turned serious, wanting to explain the situation.

Qinglian laughed indifferently as she reached out towards his hair, “Little Tian, no matter what you became, you are always the Little Tian in my heart. As long as I am here, I won’t allow anyone to bully you.”

The fragrance and white skin were a great temptation. Qin Tian suddenly felt a lusting intent released from the thing in between his legs as it increased in size. When Qinglian touched him slightly, his body trembled and became stiff.

Qin Tian turned his head and took a deep breath. His hand trembled for awhile before he finally managed to control himself. His heart let out a long sigh towards the heavens, “Cursed lust.”

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Seeing the passionate eyes and aura emitted of Qin Tian, Qinglian was startled and her face turned red. She hurriedly moved her hand away, not daring to look at him in his eyes. Suddenly, she thought about what happened when they were young and smiled.

“Aunt, return to the cave and wait for me for a few days.”

He calmed himself and thought about Yang Hong’s terrifying strength. An urge to quickly break through to the rank five realm appeared.

During the fight with Yang Hong in the royal city, he had definitely hidden some of his strength. As for how strong it is, Qin Tian did not know. Now, the only thing he could do was to break through, level up, and make his spirit refining realm condensed warrior- the ancient fierce god reach its strongest state.

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Qinglian asked, “Where are you going?”

Qinglian was worried. The Yang clan has stood with great power for hundreds of years, possessing supremacy. Concealing their strength and biding their time for hundreds of years, accumulating strength in the dark, their strength would not be any weaker than a third-rate sect.

Yang Hong’s capabilities were even more so, having immortal grade ability without entering a sect. And definitely, he had met with a fortuitous encounter or with his aptitude, it would be hard to reach the peak of spirit refining realm. Once he entered the ascension realm and obtain the ascension occult force it would not be easy to find an opponent of his. In the future, Sky Border dynasty would be able to stand proudly in the Tianyuan continent.

Qin Tian’s way of cultivation was unknown to Qinglian, but with regards to the shocking cultivation speed, she believed that he would exceed Yang Hong in less than five years. At that time, Yang Hong would be killed. Currently, Qin Tian should bear it silently and cultivate, breaking through to the ascension realm as soon as possible. Revenge could wait.

Thinking of what Qin Tian said, she turned anxious, “Are you really planning to kill into the Yang clan three days later?”

Qin Tian replied with a firm gaze, “En, without killing him, the anger in my heart cannot subside.”

“Is it for that girl?” Qinglian asked. Her breathing became weird as jealousy rose inside her. “An extremely kind person of a hundred lifetimes, having a heaven defying fortune aura. Yang Lin only understood a bit of the secret aura skill, in his whole life, not even 0.0001% of her fortune aura. Her value to the Yang clan is high, for tens of years, her life would not be in danger.”

When Qinglian spoke about Yun Man, the tear-stricken face of the girl appeared in his mind. Anger surged. “Yang Hong must be killed!”

He did not deny that killing Yang Hong was for saving Yun Man.

Furthermore, Yang Hong was the biggest BOSS he met till this day. Also, the entire royal city was filled with human monsters (this is his own opinion), the experience and Qigong value would be abundant. The amount given would be much greater than the monsters and demons.

Ever since he killed Qin Xiangtian, he knew the road he was walking on was the route of killing. The Dao in his heart was the Dao of killing.

No matter what happens, since Yang Hong was a human BOSS, he must be killed. Facing a golden flashing BOSS, Qin Tian could bearly suppress the impulse.

From that time when he killed Qin Xiangtian (the first human BOSS), he tasted the taste of a big haul which was simply amazing.

Seeing the firm eyes of him, Qinglian turned silent for a moment before the gaze of her eyes changed. She had made up her mind to follow him.

In fact, the reason why she sneaked out (of her sect) was because her longing for him was too strong.

For Qin Tian, she left the sect in secret and seriously violated the sect laws. When she returns to Jingxin sect, the punishment would be hard for her to endure. However, to be able to see Qin Tian, she would be able to endure any punishment even if she has to die.

Now, she did not think that she could return alive.

Against the powerful Yang Hong, she would do everything to protect him with her life on the line.

All these were unknown to Qin Tian, but the feel in the change of her aura, he understood.

“In three days, I need to break through to the rank five spirit refining realm.” Qin Tian said with determination, “Yang Hong, enjoy your three days……”

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