Chapter 102: Great Art of Control


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A huge goanna fell.

Standing at a side, Qin Tian said in anger, “Mao Mao, what in the world are you doing? Don’t you know that you could have lost your life?”

The rank five monster goanna released an attack, yet Mao Mao just stood in the range of attack in a daze, motionless. If not for Qin Tian being fast enough, Mao Mao might have turned into a pile of meat. Just by thinking about that moment of danger, he felt a lingering fear.

Thus, he was furious.

What was wrong with him today? Not escaping even when in the face of danger, could it be that monsters also had those few days every month?<– (should be referring to period) Qin Tian could not understand, it was usually full of spirit, but was so absent minded now.

Mao Mao whimpered with his head lowered, feeling wronged.

He wanted to avoid the attack but was suddenly overwhelmed by a force, making him unable to move.

Such a situation happened every once in awhile.

Mao Mao was completely clueless of what's happening. Knowing that Qin Tian was worried for him, he whimpered with an apologetic look.

Seeing his cute expression, Qin Tian laughed. His anger subsided a lot as he said with concern while patting his mane, “Be careful next time.”

‘Chuckle (gēgē)……”

Suddenly, a series of laughter sounded in his mind.

Qin Tian was startled as his spirit permeated into his Dantian, only to find out that the demon baby was awake, laughing while rolling to and fro. He then thought about Mao Mao’s actions. “Was that you?”

The demon baby pouted, looking at him in the eye before turning away slightly, not daring to do so again. Soon after, a strong spiritual force shot out, bring along a dense amount of thousand evil force.


Mao Mao’s body change abruptly, entering the battle mode, devastating the few monsters lurking around.

At this moment, the demon baby chuckled again.

“Done causing trouble?” Qin Tian asked in rage. He could now understand that the culprit to why Mao Mao wasn’t at his best state was the demon baby. He thought about the demon baby’s skill and opened up the system. The proficiency of the art of control had changed.

As for this, Qin Tian was not surprised.

What made him surprised was the demon baby’s attributes, “His rank has reached rank five, and his Hp value is 50000……”


A clear prompt sounded. Qin Tian gave another look and was dumbfounded. The demon baby’s rank became six, and his Hp value became 60000. What was even more inconceivable was that the skill ‘art of control’ became ‘great art of control’.

“What’s with this situation?” Qin Tian was speechless. The art of level upping was indeed a miracle. His own level up speed was already abnormal, but against the demon baby, it was truly inferior. In less than two days, it went from rank zero to rank six. The rate was faster than what he had imagined.

Mao Mao followed him for a few years and was only rank six(written as ten by the author), yet this product became rank six in a few days. Isn’t this too heaven defying?

“Demon baby absorbed 1 drop of thousand evil blood essence, 6 drops is left remaining……”


The system prompted, and Qin Tian looked at the demon baby again. On his hand was a drop of blood essence. It entered into his mouth and was swallowed. After that, his body radiated with red light. His body became bigger and emitted a faint radiance of red light.

“Great art of control!” Qin Tian was stunned. The ten drops of blood essence became six. It was unknown when the demon baby used art of control to take out the other three drops.

The demon baby jumped in fright at Qin Tian’s shout.

Qin Tian did not care so much. With a thought, he tried to release him out into the open. “Rank not high enough, unable to be released out.”

“F**k you!” Qin Tian cursed. “If you dare to cause trouble again, lets see what you will eat after I throw all the thousand evil blood essence away.”


As if suffering from injustice, he cried out loud, which was extremely annoying.

However, at such a time, Qin Tian could not compromise. Though the baby is still small, he cannot be looked down on. He is very smart. “Cry again and I will throw all the blood essence away immediately. Don’t think your great art of control can control everything, I have my ways to make you unable to do so.”

After speaking finish, Qin Tian took out the blood essence and played around with it.

The move was extremely intimidating.

The demon baby stopped crying. With his eyes wide open, he gazes at Qin Tian, pouting his small mouth and revealing a pitiful appearance.

“F**k, I just knew that Mao Mao and you are of the same kind.” Qin Tian thought as his tone became gentler, “Next time, control those I ask you to control, understood?”

On Qin Tian’s face was a sinister smile which was very familiar to Mao Mao, making others shudder.

Inside the Dantian, the demon baby nodded and sobbed like he was intimidated by an adult, causing Qin Tian to feel sorry. However, he could not be soft at a time like this. Mao Mao almost died because of him, without disciplining him strictly, the troubles caused in the future might be worst.

“Good, there will be more purer blood essence in the future if you’re obedient.” Qin Tian smiled.

Hearing that, his eyes turned bright and he became energetic, revealing his excitement.

Although the thousand evil blood was said to be very pure, the amount of strength it held was not that great. The first time when he used the art of control to find food to eat, he found a drop of pure blood which contained much strength. However, his art of control could not manipulate it. Hearing what Qin Tian said, he thought about that drop of blood and became extremely excited.

That drop of blood was a haul from the Undead Millenary King, the blood essence of an ancient demon. The strength it contained was multiple times greater than an average demon’s blood essence, thus the temptation of it to the demon baby was high.

However, Qin Tian was not aware of it.

The demon baby becoming well-behaved brought Qin Tian happiness, “Great art of control could even control a rank six monster, haha……my future shall flourish……”


Mao Mao roared towards the sky in rage. Being played with like a fool, the savage nature of a monster broke out. He rushed towards Qin Tian with an expression as if saying, “Come out you b*t*h and see how Laozi kill you.”

Qin Tian laughed. Never had he seen Mao Mao become so hot-tempered, even when facing the rank six green thicket snake, he was not like this.
(TLN: that snake gave the Sky Piercing Lightning arts)

“Mao Mao, forgive him for this time, I’ve already dealt with him.” Qin Tian stopped his laughter and transformed into a mediator. Still, Mao Mao was in actual fact not the demon baby’s opponent. The demon baby could not even come out, so no matter how strong Mao Mao was, he could not win.

‘Boom, boom, boom.’

Mao Mao ran to a hill and destroyed half of it. It was like an intimidation and a warning, “Laozi is also very powerful……”


“With another trump card, your death shall come soon, Yang Hong……”

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In the cave, drops of sweat rolled down her forehead.

Her Qigong was in a turmoil.

Heat was emitted out of her body. An earth shattering aura was released from her.

Breaking through forcefully!

Forcefully breaking through to rank eight spirit refining realm.

The road of cultivation follows fate. When the time has come, one would naturally break through. One must not defy fate, or else injuries may happen, affecting one’s future cultivation. What's more, one’s life is not guaranteed.

Qinglian is aware of all of these.

She is silly, extremely silly.

She was still a long way from rank eight spirit refining realm. There was only one reason for her to want to break through now, it was to become stronger. To be able to protect Qin Tian better tomorrow, she had to take the risk.

“Hu, hu, hu……”

Panting like a cow, white gas was exhaled out of her nose. Suddenly, her eyes opened wide as a light shot out. “I’ve broken through……”

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