Chapter 103: Coming Back to Sky Border City Again

Sky Border city was on high alert.

Ever since the golden armored soldiers brought back news of Qin Tian returning to the city to retrieve Yang Hong’s head three days later, Yang Hong raged and gave out an order. If Qin Tian dares to take one step into the city, he would be hacked into pieces and have a tragic end.

News spread, catching the attention of many, especially Dali dynasty’s imperial clan. The movement of Qin Tian was watched very closely. In the dark, 300 000 steel soldiers were gathered, ready to march.

As for Yang Hong, they have also made a decision. They could not tolerate a kingdom to appear in theirs.

Yang Hong knew that the war against Dali dynasty would come soon too.

However, he did not expect it to be so fast, and all these were because of Qin Tian. If not for his appearance, Dali dynasty would have apprehension and not gather 300 000 steel soldiers quickly. The hatred Yang Hong has for Qin Tian was in his very bones.

And vice-versa. The hatred Qin Tian has for Yang Hong is in his very bones.

Three days later at the gate of the Sky Border city, a desolated wind blew past.

The soldiers guarding the city were shivering. As Qin Tian took a step forward, they took a step back. Their faces were pale and sweat flowed rapidly down, the spears trembled. They are afraid.

In the three days, the news of Qin Tian’s dreadfulness spread.

Evil spirit, demon, killing without batting an eye. Countless news of him spread. His appearance made the soldiers shudder in fear, some new recruits even had their pants wet.


Qin Tian frowned and spat a word out, emitting his killing intent. Several soldiers felt their legs turned weak and retreated as they could not withstand it. In the eyes of the soldiers, Qin Tian was like a demon that climbed out from hell, extremely terrifying.

In the city, thousands of soldiers holding o to a spear were on high alert. Expressionless, they rushed towards the east gate.

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With a sneer, Qin Tian walked towards the city casually. Behind him was Qinglian like an ice cold fairy. Her every step created a white ice crystal like luster.

“Step aside, step aside……”

Red horses were heading towards the gate. The one leading was a huge man holding onto a broadsword. With a murderous aura, he roared, “All of you, step aside……”

Seeing the army sprung up, the timidness of the soldiers guarding the gate decreased. They clenched their spears tightly, not retreating anymore.

“The cavalry commander has come.”

“The spirit refining realm cavalry commander has come.”

The cavalry commander is under the personal command of Yang Hong, rank two spirit refining, capable and vigorous. His arrival brought them great strength. Their moral surged as their eyes became firm.

Cavalry commander?” Qin Tian laughed, “Laozi will turn you into a toilet bowl……”
[TLN: 马统领 -> 马桶 (mǎ tǒng lǐng ->mǎ tǒng ] [马桶 = toilet bowl]

The huge man on the horse leapt while his broadsword formed thousands of sword images. The surrounding soldiers retreated from the pressure exuded out. “Such violent rascal, let me show you Mashan’s might……” [Mashan should be his name.]

In his huge body, his strength rampaged like a ferocious beast.

Much of his power gathered in the broadsword, a piercing sound was produced when it slashed down. Following soon after, a godly being was condensed behind him, striking down after drawing the powers of heaven and earth.

The surrounding soldiers were filled with excitement, looking forward to the cavalry commander beheading Qin Tian.


Qin Tian sneered and said without sparing the man in the air a glance, “A rank two spirit refining realm also dares court death, did Yang Hong not tell you that I’ve broken through?”

Immediately after he spoke, his aura changed and two longswords were condensed in his hands. Suddenly, he moved.


Two fresh holes were formed. In the next instant, the Blood Demon’s War Armor started to greedily absorb Mashan’s blood essence. Less than half a breath later, Mashan became a dried up corpse. His eyes were full of hatred as he looked at Qin Tian with unwillingness.

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The rank two spirit refining Mashan died.

Killed in one move.


A person in the crowd let out a terrifying scream which led to wails appearing. A rank two spirit refining cultivator was killed in one move, such strength was beyond the range of their understanding. By crying out would their fears be vented out.

The thousand plus soldier army collapsed.

The moral of theirs disappeared, broken into pieces, unable to withstand a blow. As for those low level soldiers, Qin Tian did not even bother killing. The experience they give would be too pitifully low. Also, there was also his aunt present, which made it that he could not go on a killing spree. His only target was the Yang clan.

But of course, he would be willing to kill those who want to die.

The thousands of soldiers ran, leaving behind an empty street. The gate was shut. Those who saw Qin Tian reacted as if they saw a savage monster, evil spirit from hell, they did not even dare to breathe out loud.
[TLN: For those who don’t know, outside of the walls is the street]

“Little Tian, don’t worry about my feelings. You walk the road of the Dao of killing, a Dao formed through murders. There is no need to suppress your desire to kill.” Qinglian was indeed someone who cultivated in the Buddhism Scriptures, able to see the desire to kill was being suppressed.

The cultivation Dao amounts to millions. Although Qin Tian was not a demon cultivator, he walks on the Dao of killing. Since the beginning (when they came here), she knew it was because of her that he would suppress his strong desire to kill.

“Aunt, I understand.”

He felt touched. She was always caring for him, putting him first. Now, going to Sky Border city, the chances of surviving were not high, yet she chose to follow him.

Other than the peak spirit refining realm Yang Hong, there was also an even more terrifying man, the ancestor of the Yang clan. An ascension realm cultivator, alive for more than a hundred years. Being willing to coming with him, Qin Tian felt touched. He also became determined to not let Qinglian suffer any trace of injuries.

The two of them walked side by side unhurriedly.

Ever since Qin Tian stepped into the Sky Border city, the predator’s aura was released, allowing him to feel any changes of aura in the surroundings. He was after all afraid of Yang Hong attacking in secret.

After walking for a while, a voice came from a corner, “There are two people courting death.”

Yang Biao, the eldest of the four sons, rank six spirit refining realm. Extremely bad tempered, an inner disciple of the Slaughter Extreme sect……

Yang Kun, youngest of the four sons, rank five spirit refining realm, very sinister. Cultivates in the Zhiyin arts, emitting a deathly aura. An inner disciple of the Yinshan sect……

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