Chapter 104: Killing Along the Way into the Royal City

“Bastard Qin Tian, come and accept your death!” Yang Biao roared.

At the other side, Yang Kun smiled coldly. The atmosphere around turned cold as if a devil had appeared. A black Qi gathered around his hand. Gently swinging his sleeves, the black Qi scattered, filling the air with a pungent odour. A tree full of life nearby dried up.


The expression of Qinglian changed and her hands formed a lotus, “Buddhism scriptures, purification talisman……”

A talisman was shot into the sky, falling down as droplets of water. The black Qi vanished as it fell.

Yang Kun’s heart tightened as he laughed, “Jingxin sect’s fairy?”

Staring at Qinglian, he revealed a filthy face, “It is said that Jingxin sect is filled with absolute beauties, the news is true indeed. Little fairy, would you be willing to accompany me and make love? Wuhaha……”

Qinglian was angered. Just when she was about to attack, she found out that Qin Tian had disappeared. In a blink of an eye, his attack had reached in front of Yang Kun.

Yang Kun laughed sinisterly as he turned into a black mist and retreated, “What? Is she your little wife?”

“Fairy, where’s your self-respect. Since your body isn’t clean, there’s no need for me to show compassion towards you.”

“Dark evil spirits, appear……”

Yang Kun snorted and three bloody skulls appeared. Every bloody skull was full of dark evil force, continuously producing an eerie laughter. They then attacked towards Qinglian with great speed.

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Yinshan sect, a sect which specializes in refining dead people. The three bloody skulls were refined from the head of spirit refining cultivators. They are not any weaker as compared with their actual body.

For insulting Qinglian again, Qin Tian could not endure it anymore. “So cocky even with such a weak dark evil force, you don’t even know how high the heavens are.”

As compared with the ninth heaven demon’s thousand evil force, Yang Kun’s dark evil force was simply not worth mentioning. Qin Tian was full of disdain for it.

“Little Tian, let me deal with him.” Qinglian said calmly. She had some understanding of the Yinshan sect. Against this dark evil force, Jingxin sect’s Buddhism scriptures are extremely suitable, moreover, she wanted Qin Tian to save his strength.

“Buddhism lotus……”

Two seven petalled lotus was formed in her body. Slowly, they rose into the sky, emitting their radiance. The radiance was filled with righteous force, suppressing Yang Kun’s dark evil force.

Yang Kun’s face turned ugly with the suppression of his three heads. Shouting inwardly, “To think that she actually cultivated Jingxin sect’s Buddhism lotus, seems like her standing in the sect isn’t weak at all. The one who saved Qin Tian should have also been her. If she is not dealt with today, it will become a threat in the future.”

Soon, Yang Kun shouted out, “Big brother, kill that bastard first.”

Yang Biao was waiting for it. His bones crack and his muscles bulged. Behind him, a warrior attendant (of Buddha) was condensed out. On his hand was a bunch of blood red prayer beads. Both his hands formed a ten, “Amitabha!”

A killer warrior attendant!


Yang Biao like an enormous bulldozer moved, causing the earth to tremble. The stone beneath his feet shattered into powder. A true disciple of the Slaughter Extreme sect walks the Dao of killing, cultivating by murder.

“Dao of killing?”

“Rank one berserk……”

A while glow spread out.

Lightning descended down the ninth heavens. Behind Qin Tian, the ancient fierce god appeared, striking towards Yang Biao.

As for comparing the Dao of killing, Qin Tian’s confidence was definitely not worse than others.

Qigong flowed out from his Dantian, condensing into an axe. The axe was hacked down, and a purple light could be seen flashing towards Yang Biao.

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Yang Kun smiled sinisterly, “Everything is as expected.”

Suddenly, the three bloody heads became six, and they gathered together to form a huge skull. It opened its mouth, wanting to swallow Qin Tian.

“Courting death.”

“Virtuous Draconic force, formless energy, break it……”

The Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture suppresses evil. The formless energy formed an azure dragon which bit the skull, producing an intimidating cry.


“Bang, bang, bang.”

Qin Tian revealed a malevolent face as he stared at Yang Kun coldly, “Your dark evil force is still too far off.”

After saying finish, Qin Tian let out Mao Mao who entered his battle form immediately to fight against Yang Biao.

The purple flame aura emerged from his hand, forming a purplish black spear. The strength of 200 000 colossus elephant gathered in his hands and that of the azure dragon covered his whole body. Like a king, he thrust out the purplish black spear……

Yang Kun’s face changed and cold sweat emerged.

The rank six spirit refining skull refined could actually not hold down Qin Tian. This was the strongest ability which he kept hidden!

Seeing Qin Tian disappear, his heart tightened and he screamed, “Big brother, save me!”

“Save you?” Qin Tian appeared beside Yang Kun in the next instant, “It’s too late.”

With no hesitation, the spear pierced towards Yang Kun’s body. “Bala, bala……”

“Spirit armor?” Qin Tian felt elated and kept his spear. Holding onto Yang Kun’s forehead, he gave it a twist. Turning around, he looked at the fight between Mao Mao and Yang Biao and laughed, “Dead!”

“Fourth brother!”

Yang Biao cried out. Rage grew and the veins on his body bulged like there were many centipedes on him.

Yang Kun’s death gave out quite a number of nice items. However, Qin Tian had currently no desire to look through them.

“The next one will be you, Yang Biao……”

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