Chapter 105: Roll the F**k Out!

“Ah… Wu…”

A cry of anger spread across the royal city like a strong wind blowing past. A tyrannic aura dispersed out into the surroundings.

Yang Kun, Yang Hong’s fourth son had died.

Yang Hong found out about it immediately, just that he was currently at a critical juncture and cannot be distracted. Otherwise, it would not simply be a cry, but rushing out for revenge.

“Not good.” Qinglian trembled and frowned, “Yang Hong is breaking through to the ascension realm.”

From the cry, Qinglian felt a gust of aura of one breaking through. Undoubtedly, this was going against the heavens, breaking through forcefully. It wasn’t hard to realize from the voice that it was Yang Hong. A rank nine spirit refining realm breaking through to the ascension realm, if it were to be a success, the consequences would be dire.

“Little Tian, enter the royal city first, leave the rest to me.” said Qinglian.

Yang Hong was trying to enter the ascension realm, making use of the Long Qi drawn out from deep under the ground to change his fate and forcefully breakthrough.

He was only one step away from the ascension realm, but for five years, he was still unable to breakthrough.

Dali dynasty’s army was coming closer, and even the two ascension realm protectors were dispatched. If he did not break through, he would most definitely not be any of their opponents.

As for Qin Tian, he was not put in his eyes.

A while ago, feeling the aura of Yang Kun disappear, be became enraged and cried out. Much sweat emerged and his clothes became soaking wet. He was truly angered.

“Father, calm your mind.” Yang Lin frowned but was also raging inwardly. However, they were now at a critical junction and cannot be distracted. Once the mind became in chaos, there would be an unimaginable consequence.

At the side, Yun Man was sitting cross-legged with eyes without spirit. The heaven defying fortune aura around her was absorbed into a formation. In the center of it, white gas emerged from a yellow furnace, entering into Yang Hong’s nose and into his Dantian.

Yang Hong also knew that he was at a critical junction and cannot be distracted.

The feeling of losing a child was unbearable, causing the hatred he had for Qin Tian to increased.

Hearing what Qinglian said, Qin Tian was shocked.

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However, he did not move and only stared at Yang Biao in a dazed. Although he did not know what breaking through forcefully means, it was not hard to understand from the voice that Yang Hong was raging. Once he raged, his mind would be in chaos.

Even though he had not eaten pork before, he did see pigs run.
(Even though he did not experience it personally before, that does not mean that he did not hear about it before.)

In those cultivation type of movies in his past world, whenever they are at a critical point, they cannot be distracted. The mind will be blank and the heart will be calm, not letting any worldly distractions enter them. Yang Hong’s cry had already disturbed himself.

His son was dead, as a father, how could he not be sad?

The pain was not something Qin Tian could understand, but he believed that it must be very hard to bear, especially to Yang Hong now. He was breaking through forcefully and needed to worry for Yang Biao’s safety. Without enough willpower, it would be a failure and he will receive serious injuries.

If Yang clan’s eldest died too, Yang Hong’s mind will definitely be so chaotic that it would be impossible to break through.

Thinking until there, Qin Tian laughed coldly, “Aunt, do not worry. I will definitely not allow Yang Hong’s wish of breaking through to succeed.”

“Mao Mao, extreme wind gales.”

The rank six monster Mao Mao retreated. Swiping his paws, two strong winds immediately transformed into the wind gales and were shot out.


Yang Biao turned and move, escaping from the attacks. His eyes were red as if he was thoroughly furious.

Immediately after shooting them out, two more wind gales were released and he retreated. Qin Tian struck towards Yang Biao and laughed, “Your little brother’s waiting for you in hell, hurry up and accompany him.”

“Qin Tian you villain, return my little brother to me!” Suddenly, Yang Biao changed. His bones once again cracked and his body expanded. In half a breath time, he turned into a giant. A five metre tall muscular giant.

“Giant?” Qin Tian was stunned as he let out a sigh. This world truly is crazy, full of extraordinary abilities.

The killer warrior attendant behind Yang Biao was even stronger and bigger, covering the sky. The blood red prayer beads became more enchanting.

“Aunt, hide first.” Qin Tian kept Mao Mao while speaking. Yang Biao’s aura was much stronger, and the aura in him was even more terrifying.

Yang Biao walked the Dao of killing, hence it was highly possible that he would use a highly destructive big move.

Qinglian retreated a few thousands of feet as her Qigong surged, readying herself.

With Qinglian away, Qin Tian did not have any worry left. The Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture’s force in his Dantian surged out, making his strength rise. He was not weaker than the Giant form Yang Biao. The ancient fierce god behind him grew bigger, holding onto its scythe, it stared at the warrior attendant sinisterly.

“Hu, hu, hu……”

The skin of Yang Biao was red, burnt from the enormous powers in him. Explosive strength, Qigong. In his eyes, Qin Tian was a dead man.

Immortal rank ability of Slaughter Extreme sect, giant extreme slaughter.

Yang Biao cultivated bitterly for ten years before being successful. His strength was currently four times of his original. Feeling the Qi circulating inside him, feeling the strength he held, he felt unimaginably great like a king that just descended, holding contempt for the common people.

The killer warrior attendant waved its hand and the blood red prayer beads shot out, floating in mid air around Qin Tian.

The amount of strength the warrior attendant had was great.

However, Qin Tian felt no fear.

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The formless energy was already flowing out of his body. Facing the giant Yang Biao, killing intent flashed by his eyes as he rose his speed to the max. At the next instant, he moved.

“Boom, boom, boom……”

The prayer beads exploded, causing houses to collapse. The residents in the houses had no time to cry for help and turned into ashes, floating in the air along with the dust.


Qin Tian retreated. “To think that Yang Biao’s strength for so profound.”

At the next moment, he halted and once again rushed out.

Yang Biao’s eyes were filled with shock. The rank five spirit refining realm Qin Tian was able to withstand his giant extreme slaughter. Again, strength gathered in his hand.


A crashing sound happened.

Qin Tian did not retreat even half a step and attacked again.


Just like before, Qin Tian did not move back. The formless energy rushed out as he punched out again, much fiercer than before.

“Rumble!” At the third sound of the crash, Yang Biao was pushed back. His face was pale and the pain he felt was unbearable. He gnashed his teeth and endured, continuing his attack.


Qin Tian snorted as the strength gathered in his fist increased. It was stronger than any of his three previous punches……


Yang Biao could not bear it anymore and fell onto the ground. His face was pale white and was panting like a bull. Never had he imagined that Qin Tian was this powerful. It was the first time he lost to someone head on.

Yang Biao was already wasted.

Stepping on Yang Biao’s chest, Qin Tian roared, “Yang Hong you old thief, roll the f**k out……”

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