Chapter 106: Yang Hong Came Out

“Old thief Yang Hong, roll out for Laozi……”

His voice, like a bell, reverberated across the entire Sky Border city.

What is being arrogant and despotic?

Qin Tian was now like that. His voice carried a strong hatred, disdain, overbearingness, directly calling Sky Border city’s master Yang Hong to come out. Stunning the entire city like a king, holding contempt for all others.

“This kid, in my opinion, is extremely overbearing.”

“Rank five spirit refining realm having a strength not weaker than a rank eight spirit refining. A genius, truly a genius.”

“Teachers, could you see what his future would be?”

Dozens of kilometres away on a hill, three people were standing proudly with their hands behind their backs. In the middle was a man wearing a dragon robe, emitting a faint Long aura of a king. As he stared at the city, a trace a worry appeared between his eyebrows.

Dali dynasty’s emperor, Li Gong.

The other two beside him were the ascension realm protectors, and also Li Gong’s teachers.

The blue-robed, scholarly-like person is Lu Donghai. At first glance, he looks to be around 40 years old but is actually more than 130. Once a cultivator reached the ascension realm, their lifespan increases by hundreds of years.

The other was in black. His white hair made him look old, but was in actual fact full of spirit. He is Zhao Changqing.

Both are in the ascension realm, extremely powerful existence.

From the moment Qin Tian stepped into the Sky Border city, they were observing. The distance between them was around dozens of kilometres, yet they were able to see clearly.

Qin Tian’s display of his strength made them shocked and caused Li Gong to have a trace of fear.

The Yang clan was strong. Along with the mysterious ancestor, they were even more unfathomable. However, Li Gong was confident in his victory. Yet against Qin Tian, he was uncertain.

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An 18-year-old in rank five spirit refining realm that isn’t weaker than a rank eight spirit refining realm cultivator. And this was only the bare estimate for it was certain that he had an even more powerful strength hidden, or else how would he dare to call out the peak spirit refining Yang Hong? In Dali dynasty’s millions of years, no one like Qin Tian had ever appeared. A cultivation speed beyond the norms. Would he become Dali dynasty’s obstruction in the future?

For Li clan’s dynasty, Li Gong had to consider about this problem.

“There is no need to worry, let us continue watching.” Lu Donghai said with a smile. Naturally, he understood what Li Gong was thinking about.

Zhao Changqing spoke, “This child is not from an influential or rich family yet have such extraordinary cultivation speed. In the future, he is sure to go far, reaching the apex of cultivation and nothing would be put in his eyes. If we help him when he is in need, he would be of a great help to you.”

Li Gong nodded and felt the rock pressuring his heart lightened.

Sky Border city.


Anger seeped into his heart. Yang Hong could no longer endure it and blood spurted out of his mouth. Suddenly, his aura surged and he stood up. With a red face, he roared, “Return my son’s life……”

“Father, do not be impulsive……” Yang Lin was anxious. The forceful break through to the ascension realm was a failure.

Do not be impulsive? How could Yang Hong endure it?

At this point in time, Yang Hong was attacked by internal demons. The rage may lead to him becoming insane and start a mass killing. If that were to happen, the whole Sky Border city would be flipped over.

“Son, do not worry, father is alright.” Yang Hong continuously suppressed his anger, retraining the internal demons.

Yang Lin gave a look to the expressionless Yun Man and stood up beside Yang Hong. “The fortune aura can help you to break through to the ascension realm forcefully. With just a bit more time, once you stepped into the ascension realm, even Dali dynasty would not be able to do anything to us.”

“Father, endure for a while more……”

Yang Lin tried his best to persuade but was cut off, “Your fourth brother is dead, Biao’er is at his last gasp. As a father, how could I endure?”

“If I can’t endure, then I need to kill.”

“I will not rest until I kill Qin Tian.”

His killing intent surged as his black flame aura rose, making Yang Lin retreat a few steps. Rushing out of his chamber, he roared, “Qin Tian, Laozi will tear you apart……”

Yang Hong was angered to the extreme, If he continued enduring, he is afraid that he would turn mad. With such a state of mind, how could he break through? Even if he did break through, he would be seized by his internal demons, becoming a puppet.

Qin Tian had become his internal demon. Without killing him, he would not be able to be in peace.

Yang Lin sighed, he too was angry with Qin Tian. At that time, he should not have allowed Qin Tian to escape, now the phrase ‘allowing the tiger to return to the mountain is leaving behind troubles’ has indeed happened. Seeing his father rushing out, he activated his Qigong and the Fu fairy dust, following after.

Only Yun Man was left in the chamber. After the two of them left, Yun Man opened her eyes as her eyes trembled slightly. She was feeling pain like her heart dripping blood. Just now, the shout of Qin Tian woke her up, and she knew that he had come to save her.

Her face was pale and there was an indescribable feeling in her heart. She wanted Qin Tian to escape, yet want him to bring her away. The two completely opposite thoughts made her even more in pain.

She then stood up, walking out slowly with great difficulty.

“Yang Hong you old thief, come out and die.”

“You undying tortoise, come out and die for Laozi.”

“To not even care about your son, how could you call yourself a father?”


“F**k your sister, won’t come out even after cursing you like this?” Qin Tian cursed till his lips turned dry. However, he could not believe that Yang Hong could continue to endure.

A peak spirit refining realm cultivator is a very powerful existence, to be scolded by others like this, how could he not be angered? Not to mention that a son of his was at his last breath, with a bit more strength added to Qin Tian’s leg, his son would die. As a father, how could he do nothing about it?

Even if I can’t curse you to death, I must still make you enraged. Want to break through forcefully? In your next life.

Qin Tian spat out his saliva and gave Yang Biao that’s panting like a bull a glance before sighing, “Your father really is merciless, not even saving his son, do not blame me.”

However, his mind was saying, “You are also a small BOSS ah, the experience and Qigong value would not be small, so how could I let you off? Would I not be making things hard for myself then?”

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“Little Tian……” Qinglian frowned. Before she could speak, a sinister smile appeared on his face, “At last, you’ve come out!”

With a leg stepping on Yang Biao’s head, he sneered, “Old thief Yang Hong, you’ve finally come out.”


With a rising killing intent, the clouds above Yang Hong were dense. Every step he made, the clouds moved as lightning flashed.

Yang Hong, at the extreme of rage, came.

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