Chapter 107: Peak of the Fight

From the thick clouds, lightning struck. Yang Hong appeared, standing on the roof of a building staring at Qin Tian coldly. The two long hair at his temples shook as Qigong surged.

An overwhelming oppression.

Since the beginning when Yang Hong appeared, Qin Tian felt a strong aura of oppression acting on him, causing his breathing to turn slightly faster. However, there was a trace of joy all the way from his bones inside him

BOSS, a super BOSS, radiating with golden light. A BOSS filled with countless treasures. Qin Tian did not have an ounce of fear facing Yang Hong, only excitement, greed, and anger.

“Finally, you’ve come out.” Qin Tian’s aura changed, inwardly, he shouted out the divine ability berserk and the Virtuous Draconic Force. The two powers integrated with each other. However, even with the four times attributes increase, he did not dare to treat Yang Hong lightly.

He had experienced the peak rank nine spirit refining realm might before, and it was extremely strong.

“Qin Tian!”

Yang Hong’s anger was at the brim. His whole body trembled while he yelled two words out, killing intent spread out.

“Old thief Yang Hong, let me go straight to the point. Hand me Yun Man and I’ll spare your son from dying.” Qin Tian grabbed and lifted up Yang Biao who had already returned to his original state. A cold light flashed by the corner of his eyes and killing intent was released.

Yang Hong gave Yang Biao a glance and was in deep agony. He hated the fact that he was unable to just shatter Qin Tian into pieces. His right hand swayed and Qigong gathered. “Qin Tian, have over your life!”

“Ah……” Yang Biao closed his eyes in despair and issued cries of unwillingness. He felt extremely disappointed and disheartened.

Anger raged on. Yang Hong could no longer bear it anymore. Like someone who lost his mind, he roared towards the sky and all of his strength was released, the strength of one at a thin line away from the ascension realm!

“Little Tian, be careful.” Qinglian spoke while turning into a white light. Her fingers made some gestures and an enormous eight-petaled lotus moved in to cage Qin Tian up.

“Jade rank ability?”

“Break for me……”

The black flame aura shot out, drawing the power of heaven and earth, bring along an oppressive feeling.

After training in the Long Qi secret art, his abilities became even stronger, and his aura became even more ferocious. He was now like the god’s will, willed to massacres all.

Qinglian urged the lotus to continue on. She frowned while waiting for the strong force to collide, Qin Tian moved.

The purple flame aura descended upon the earth.


“God’s will?”

“Laozi doesn’t care whether you are the emperor or the god’s will, crumble for me!”

“Demon mode, burst!”

Immediately, Qin Tian transformed into a heavenly demon. His blood colored body released the baleful, evil spirit and baleful Qi, even more terrifying than a demon that climbed out from hell.

With the release of the purple flame aura, strength gathered in Qin Tian’s five fingers, directly piercing into Yang Biao’s forehead. Blood spurted out, and the smell of it stimulated the fiendish nature of the heavenly demon. He licked the blood which splashed onto his face, laughing crazily.

At this moment, he is a demon.

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An extremely fiendish heavenly demon.

His laughter made the heaven and earth tremble.

Even hell trembled slightly, stunning Hades.

“Demon?” The expression of Yang Hong changed. Never had he expected that Qin Tian would have a fortuitous encounter after the few days of not seeing each other. To be able to turn into an ancient demon, the heavenly demon.

Now, Yang Hong finally regarded Qin Tian as an opponent.

Staring at Qin Tian, he coldly stated, “For millions of years, there has never been such a heaven shaking genius like you. What a pity, a pity that you’ve offended me, a pity that you’ve offended the Yang clan……”

“Today, Laofu will shatter you into pieces.”

Yang Biao’s death agitated him greatly. His Qigong was already in a mess, and his rage was the only thing making him go on. Failing the forceful breakthrough had already led to him having serious injuries. If not for his denser Qigong, he would have been taken control by his inner demons.

With something(Qin Tian) to vent everything out on, the Qigong inside him flowed smoothly and his heart turned calm.

His hands moved and an enormous flayer(方天画戟) appeared on his hands. Swinging it, the air around moved rapidly.

A strong aura.

When the heavenly demon Qin Tian’s law of aura felt the strong aura, he was startled. In his Dantian, the azure dragon cried and the colossus elephant trampled out. Deep in his heart, he knew that the next attack would be a powerful one. Whether he could take it or not, he himself did not know.

“Aunt, retreat, the further the better.”

Qinglian’s face changed. Hesitating for a moment, she retreated. Three lotuses condensed in her hands.

A healing item.

Qin Tian leaped into the air. Reaching the same height as Yang Hong, he roared, “Blood shadow arts……”

Meanwhile, Yang Hong moved, “Seven lore formation……”

Thousands of blood shadows rose into the sky.

Thousands of black swords flew out from Yang Hong’s back, covering Sky Border city’s sky.

“Such a concentrated Qigong.”

“This Qin clan lad is dangerous.”

“He had only reached rank five spirit refining realm, while Yang Hong had already stepped a bit into the ascension realm, yet his strength is not far off.”

Lu Donghai and Zhao Changqing said with composure, but cold sweat formed behind their backs. The two of them looked at Li Gong who had not spoken yet and kept quiet.

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Thousands of blood shadows raged about madly, tainting half the sky with redness like the sky of the devil’s region, extremely terrifying.

Flame danced in the sky among the swords, containing the power of heaven and earth.


The earth trembled, and countless of buildings crumbled.

The blood shadows were sliced by the swords. Qin Tian’s blood essence was in a turmoil and he continuously sent the formless energy to guard his meridians. The purple flame aura surged out once again and a purple spear appeared, sweeping across.


The flayer slashed down, and a huge lightning was drawn, striking down straight at Qin Tian with great speed.


Colliding again, Qin Tian could not take it anymore and blood spurted out of his mouth. He spun in the sky thousands of feet before landing among the houses.

“Lotus saint recovery.”

The eight petaled lotus flew into the sky, rushing straight into Qin Tian.

Qin Tian felt his body recovering and strength coming back. Again, he rushed into the sky……

“Courting death!”

This was not said to Qin Tian, but Qinglian.

Yang Hong glared at Qinglian with killing intent like the boundless ocean.

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