Chapter 36 – Grabbing ahold of Third Duke’s weakness

The army doctor reluctantly looked at Qiqi’s wound, made the prescription, and then retrieved medicinal herbs from the medicine box. He told the Duke how to act in order to keep General Qi’s life. He finished treating with much difficulty and looked at the Third Duke’s expression of warning. Sweating cold sweat profusely,he hurriedly scrambled out of the tent.

The army doctor was lamenting why he is so unlucky. This is a great crime of knowing and not reporting. In the event that anyone discovers that General Qi is a woman, he will not have peaceful days ahead of him. However the good thing is that the Duke is a guarantee, hence he felt a little more assured in his heart. His legs just strode out of the big tent when Supervisor Wu Zhongyi’s men dragged him away.

Wu Zhongyi sat on the chair and looked at the army doctor with squinted eyes.

“Why is the Third Duke so secretive? What did you see?”

“No, nothing. It is only that General Qi is injured and he doesn’t wish for people to interrupt!”

“That is not right. From what I know for a few consecutive days, Third Duke has never left the big tent. Just a small General Qi, why will the Duke be so concerned? To the point where other people cannot visit as well?”

“This lowly one really doesn’t know why! There is only General Qi inside!” the army doctor lied and said. His expression is frantic. The sly Wu Zhongyi could tell with one look that this army doctor is helping the Third Duke hide something.

Wu Zhongyi furiously stood up. “Do you know who I represent? The present Emperor, the Divine Son of Great Han. If you are hiding something from me it is equivalent to blaspheming against him! There will extermination of clans……”

The army doctor upon hearing this immediately broke out in cold sweat. He immediately knelt down and begged. “Ahh, Official Wu, I beg you, I really cannot say. Third Duke will kill me.”

“Speak, I will bring you back to the capital. Besides if it is something of extreme importance you can gain credit as well. You will have no need of running around with the army and be an imperial doctor entering the palace!” Wu Zhongyi threatened and tempted with benefits, it is extremely effective.

The army doctor became determined in his heart. He couldn’t go against the Emperor could he. Hence he whispered to Wu Zhongyi. “General Qi is a woman!”

“Ah!” Wu Zhongyi was surprised. Woman? An ugly woman became the Great Han Deputy Right General, is the Third Duke crazy? If this secret is leaked to the Emperor, who knows how big a commotion this will stir. The Emperor has something to work against this time!

Wu Zhongyi schemed. The Emperor will definitely kill General Qi, implicate the Third Duke and sentence him to an offence of deceiving the ruler. Haha, how can the Emperor let go of this opportunity?

Wu Zhongyi felt that he didn’t come to the desert for nothing this time around. He finally caught ahold of the Third Duke’s weakness. Hiding a woman and it is a woman who is extremely ugly.

After a night of deep sleep, the second day afternoon, Qiqi woke up. She struggled to open her eyes, and saw Liu Zhong Tian looking at her concernedly. She forced a smile.

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“Were my flying bombs good?”

“Good…..” Liu Zhong Tian held her hand. Who dares to say it is not good, it was almost perfect.

Qiqi raised her arms, yet she felt a sharp pain. She immediately looked at her chest, she is almost completely naked. She instantly blushed and struggled to hide within the bed. Due to her using force in her arms, she winced as the wound started to emit a splitting pain.

“Qiqi!” Liu Zhong Tian hugged her. “I already know that you are a woman……”

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“Duke……” Qiqi was frantic, yet she couldn’t muster even an ounce of strength.

“Do not move, the wound will get infectious.”

“I want to leave…… Duke!” Qiqi felt a wave of giddiness, and she weakly collapsed into the embrace of Liu Zhong Tian. Yet she still looked at Liu Zhong Tian as if her soul hasn’t been settled. Will he immediately want to chop off Qiqi’s head?

“Do not make any sound. If this spreads, your life will be gone!”

Liu Zhong Tian comforted her and let her lay comfortably on the bed, covering her with the blanket.

At this moment one soldier outside the screen cover reported. “Reporting to the Duke, Supervisor Wu has some urgent matters and has returned to the capital. He wants me to report to you!”

“I know!” Liu Zhong Tian arranged his clothes. Who cares if that Wu Zhongyi stays or leaves. Him staying in the army campground will only impede things, a useless bootlicker.

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