Chapter 37 – Great Han Divine Son Grants Wedding to Ugly Woman

The Great Han Divine Son stood on top of the palace, looking towards the southwest direction. The extraordinarily handsome Third Duke, of all the things that you could do, you actually hid a woman, and even made her the Deputy Right General isn’t that the same as digging your own grave?

The Great Han Divine Son smiled weakly, and turned towards Wu Zhongyi.

“That woman is really hideous beyond imagination?”

“Emperor, she is really the world’s ugliest woman!” Wu Zhongyi said respectfully.

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“Haha……” the Emperor laughed maniacally.

“Emperor, shall we kill that woman, and then……”

“No!” the Great Han Divine Son said loudly. “I want Liu Zhong Tian to marry her, to marry the world’s ugliest woman! Immediately draft the decree, the Great Han Divine Son wants to grant a marriage to Third Brother.”

“Emperor, your meaning is……”

“Liu Zhong Tian has always prided himself as dashing and frivolous, able to war efficiently, and has an intellect that is outstanding. Ever since Father-Emperor has passed away, those rebellious officials that have been shielding him is still stirring up a mess. He always has the upper hand advantage. This time around I shall let him marry an ugly concubine and let the whole world ridicule him!”

“Emperor is indeed ingenious! This servant is ashamed I’m nowhere near you!”

“Hahaha! Third Brother! Don’t blame this Emperor-brother for being merciless. It is because you have forced me! Your achievements are almost above that of the master!”

The Great Han Divine Son really wants to meet this extremely ugly woman. She is actually so magical to keep building up battle achievements. He also wishes to see Liu Zhong Tian’s frustrated expression. That is something that will make him really happy.

After over a month, Wei Qiqi once again appeared lively within the parade square of the campground. In front of her is the campground standing within the desert, a majestic view. After falling sick for over a month, it is the first time she has carefully observed the Xiongnu campground. Today it is the desert, tomorrow they may attack the home of the Xiongnu, and entirely remove the Xiongnu from the history books.

Deputy Liu respectfully walked over. “General Qi, looks like your injury has gotten a lot better!”

“Why are you like the rest calling me General Qi, call me Qiqi!”

“Now it is different, General Qi is this subordinate’s general.”

Qiqi turned around and patted him. “I am still Wei Qiqi, what is the difference. Furthermore I am someone who will eventually leave, I won’t be a general for long!”

When Deputy Liu saw that Qiqi is so easygoing, he relaxed a lot. “Wherever you go you will be a Great Han general!”

“Great Han general?” Qiqi sighed.

She knows that there is no use speaking to Deputy Liu about this. The place that she wants to go has no Great Han. There is only the cosmopolitan city and endless pleasures of the modern era. The Great Han can only be flipped through in the history books.

Deputy Liu was about to say something when a soldier ran over. “General Qi, the Duke wants you back in the tent!”

Really, she has just been out for a while, and she has to go back. Qiqi felt that being sick this time has nearly cost her freedom by that Duke. She hurriedly went back to the tent and realized Liu Zhong Tian has already put a bowl of medicine on the table.

“Drink it!” the Duke ordered.

“I’m not drinking it, it is too bitter. I have already recovered!”

Liu Zhong Tian suddenly stood up. “Drink it immediately, if not I will down it into you!”

“Liu Zhong Tian, don’t think that because you are covering up the fact that I am a woman for me……” not waiting for her to finish speaking, Liu Zhong Tian immediately gagged her mouth, and dragged her to the behind of the screen cover, and furiously looked at this woman who doesn’t know whether she is dead or alive.

“Your voice is so loud, do you wish for the whole military camp to know about it? If you want your head to roll speak instantly, I will immediately fulfill your wishes!”

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QIqi nearly forgot, this is the Great Han army camp. She must be extremely careful in speaking. She immediately shut her mouth. It is then that Liu Zhong Tian released her.

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