Chapter 38 – Congratulations Duke, Congratulations Duke!

Qiqi obediently walked over, frowned and drank the medicine. She stuck her tongue out after tasting the medicine. If it is not to cure her illness, even if someone beats her to death she will not drink it.

“Next time you are not allowed to go onto the battlefield!” Liu Zhong Tian said coldly.


“You know clearly in your heart!”

“Not clear!”

Only allowed on

“Wei Qiqi!” Liu Zhong Tian furiously stood up. If it was in the past, he will definitely punish this Wei Qiqi who doesn’t know how high the sky is and how thick the earth is. However, ever since he found out that she is a woman, Liu Zhong Tian’s temper became much smaller.

Qiqi threw down the bowl and furiously walked out of the big tent. That damned Duke who is so full of himself. What is the point of staying in the Great Han without anything to do.

She left the campground full of thoughts and walked slowly in this vast desert. She combed her hair which has already grown past her ears. If she really cannot go back, then she has to keep her hair, and tie it up into a bundle just like the rest of the men. If she can be like Third Duke then it will be very handsome, however Qiqi will forever be unable to be like the Duke, so awe-inspiring and big.

Don’t tell me that in the Great Han, she has to be a man forever? Wearing men’s clothes, and mixing around with men, bravely killing enemies. However she is a woman, yet with this ugly face, how can she find a normal life that belongs to her?

Qiqi looked at the sky. The heavens must be crazy to bring her to this unlucky place and make her become so ugly. Now she is neither a man nor a woman. This kind of hideous look, who will like her? Love, the love which she had looked forward to. It is estimated that there is no more hope in this. The seventeen year old Wei Qiqi’s life has become white and black color.

Qiqi touched the armor on her body and comforted herself. It is ok, at least she can be a courageous general. Maybe in one to two years time she can return to the normal life. She must live on with hope.

Liu Zhong Tian also felt some irritation, hence he went to the parade square to watch the training of the soldiers. His vision stayed on the soldiers and searched for a very long period of time, yet he didn’t see Wei Qiqi who left in a fit of anger. That ugly woman, how can she be so wilful. Liu Zhong Tian has no cards to play towards her.

Liu Zhong Tian just sat on the chair on the side of the parade square, when he saw that there is a carriage entering the military camp ground from far away. Behind the carriage is a few riders on horses who belong to the Great Han elite troops. He doesn’t have to guess to know who came back, that annoying Supervisor Wu.

As expected, Wu Zhongyi pulled open the veil of the carriage, and jumped down. This fella’s eyes are really sharp, with one look he can see the Third Duke at the side of the parade square. He jogged towards him.

“Congratulations Duke, congratulations Duke!”

Liu Zhong Tian looked at his cunning and sly look, and felt very uncomfortable in his heart. He doesn’t know where his good news came from, hence he coldly responded.

“Could it be that Supervisor Wu has traveled such a long distance and started spouting rubbish? This Duke is fighting a war on the frontlines, so what good news can there be?”

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“I obviously brought the good news!”

“Upon saying finish, Wu Zhongyi took out a royal decree, and respectfully stood in front of Third Duke. “Third Duke please receive the decree!”

Liu Zhong Tian has doubts in his heart. Wu Zhongyi’s expression has clearly shown…… the contents within the royal decree has some problems. Even though Liu Zhong Tian has doubts in his heart, he can only respectfully kneel on the ground. The soldiers at the parade square also came together and knelt down. Who knows what will the Emperor decree?

Wu Zhongyi’s face is full of smiles. His heart is secretly pleased. Liu Zhong Tian ah, Liu Zhong Tian. You can be capable, smart, yet not a match for the Emperor. This move by the Emperor is really ruthless. Hence he began to read out aloud in a proud manner.

“By the fate of the heavens, the Emperor decrees this day, that Third Duke Liu Zhong Tian, has gone into battle for the Great Han with immense credits, and obtaining the favour of the Emperor. From what is known, Wei Qiqi who is instrumental in defeating the Xiongnu and thus has immense credits, is a woman. She and Third Duke have romantic feelings for each other, the Emperor is deeply touched, hence granting Wei Qiqi to be Third Duke Liu Zhong Tian’s concubine. The wedding will be held today, end!”

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