Chapter 39 – A force that is more powerful than the fish-oil bombs

After Wu Zhongyi finished reading the decree, the whole parade square was extremely silent. It was day and it is silent till the point of scary. Wu Zhongyi upon reading finish looked at Liu Zhong Tian smugly. When he met Liu Zhong Tian’s cold and angry gaze, he became somewhat scared, and he nearly sat on the ground. He calmed himself down, and cleared his voice.

“Third Duke, Third Duke, receive the decree!”

Liu Zhong Tian stood up, and expressionlessly took the decree. He suddenly grabbed Wu Zhongyi’s collar. “How did the Emperor know that Wei Qiqi is a female?”

“Duke, how the Emperor knows is not important. What is important is that you cannot go against the decree. If not Wei Qiqi’s head will be chopped off and you will be sentenced for disobeying orders. The Emperor is waiting for your good news!” Liu Zhong Tian once again began to be smug.

“Bastard!” Liu Zhong Tian released Wu Zhongyi, took the decree and left in big strides without turning around.

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The soldiers in the parade square looked at each other. So the General Qi that they always have been adoring is actually a woman. However why is there such an ugly woman. She is really unimaginably ugly. What is more, the ugly woman is suddenly going to fly and turn into a phoenix, becoming the suave Third Duke’s concubine. This is really incredulous.

Deputy Liu couldn’t figure out what is going on, and stood on the same spot for over ten minutes. Suddenly he had some understanding and he slapped his own head. No wonder she doesn’t want to stay with the rest, to bathe together. She looks weak and skinny, with a thin waist and skinny hands, so she is a woman!

He saw that the soldiers are not training anymore, but are discussing amongst themselves. Hence he shouted loudly “Train!”

The soldiers immediately shut their mouths. However, the whole parade square couldn’t calm down. This is an extremely big news, even more powerful than the force of the fish-oil bombs.

Wei Qiqi boredly went back to the campground, and lazily walked. However she notice something strange. Many soldiers were looking at her strangely. When she set her gaze over, those soldiers will avert the gaze and hide. What is going on?

Qiqi pretended that she didn’t notice, and cared only about herself as she walked. Suddenly she turned around and caught one soldier who was spying on her. She grabbed his collar and pulled him to her front.

“Tell me, what happened? Why is everybody so weird? Why are you looking at me, am I very good to look at?”

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“Qi, General Qi!” the soldier embarrassedly put down his head.

“You are not saying is it, look at how I will teach you a lesson!” Qiqi furiously raised her hand. That soldier grimaced in pain and started to avoid her.

Deputy Liu Yun walked over, and helped the soldier get out of the difficult situation. Qiqi caught an even bigger target this time around, and started pestering Liu Yun, not letting him go no matter what.

“Tell me, is it that there is something good?”

“It is a good thing……” Liu Yun’s voice is very low.

“What good thing? Quickly tell me, why beat around the bush?”

“You are going to become a royal concubine!” Liu Yun suddenly raised his voice. When the two words royal concubine came out, Qiqi was shocked thinking that she heard wrongly.

“Who? Who is going to become a royal concubine?”

“Don’t conceal anymore, the whole army knows that you are a woman and the Emperor has given a decree to grant you a marriage. Our Duke is going to be in bad luck……”

“Duke, you better speak clearly!” Qiqi nearly jumped up. There are new things upon reaching the Great Han, grant of marriage? Is this acting in a movie?

“It is the Emperor that gave you to the Third Duke, the both of you have to receive the order and finish the wedding!”

“Impossible!” Qiqi grabbed a bunch of her own hair and just stood there dazed.

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