Chapter 40 – Emperor’s orders cannot be disobeyed

“Just a moment ago Supervisor Wu has read finish the royal decree. The whole camp knows, so how could it be false?” Liu Yun spoke with his lips, yet his heart is feeling sad for the Duke. Such a handsome and dashing Third Duke has to marry such an ugly woman. Her face will cause a person to feel a chill in his heart, what is the Emperor trying to do here?

“Bastard! Third Duke will never agree to this!” Qiqi loudly protested. If she marries someone in the Great Han, her life will really be finished. A modern era Wei Qiqi getting married to an ancient times Duke, this is firmly not possible.

“That is a royal decree, do you think it is child’s play?” Liu Yun thought that Qiqi is too naive. Emperor’s orders cannot be disobeyed. The marriage must go on as planned. Wei Qiqi can only act according to the decree’s requirements and marry the Duke whom they respect.

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Wei Qiqi stood at the same spot. How did a situation occur? She couldn’t figure out no matter how she thinks. She thought for a while and felt somewhat depressed. She wants to reason it out with the Duke, hence she quickly ran towards the big tent.

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Wei Qiqi pulled apart the big tent’s veil and walked in without thinking. She realized that it is not only the Duke alone. General Chi and Wu Zhongyi are both around, looks like what Liu Yun has said is not false.

Liu Zhong Tian stood in front of the bookshelf, with a stomach full of worry. He raised his head and looked at Wei Qiqi who just entered, and that face that is full of yellow lines. He involuntarily frowned, could it be that he really has to marry this hideous woman?

“Hey! Liu Zhong Tian!” Qiqi’s voice is really loud, and it scared General Chi and Wu Zhongyi. They were really surprised, how could Wei Qiqi be so daring, to actually directly call Third Duke’s name.

Liu Zhong Tian helplessly looked at her, he doesn’t know what to speak to Qiqi anymore. If he is to marry her, it is not a problem of being ugly or beautiful. Even on the rules she will have to take some time to learn it, why is she just like a barbaric woman without control?

“What are you staring at me for?” Qiqi looked at Liu Zhong Tian. “Deputy Liu said that the Emperor has granted a wedding. What is the meaning of this?”

Not waiting for Third Duke Liu Zhong Tian to open his mouth, Wu Zhongyi smilingly continued. “So this is the future royal concubine……”

“Dog fart royal concubine, I am Wei Qiqi!” Wei Qiqi has a stomach full of anger. The moment she heard royal concubine this two words she became angry. She walked in front and menacingly grabbed Wu Zhongyi’s collar and pulled him to the screen cover.

“Is it you who gave the decree! Go back and tell the Emperor dog-thing, his decree is ineffective in front of me!”

Wu Zhongyi is scared stiff. He has never met such an unruly woman. Wei Qiqi is not only ugly but is boorish as well. She actually dared to scold the Emperor.

“You, you dare to disobey the order, and even insulted the Emperor, your whole clan will be exterminated!”

“Whole clan?” Qiqi smiled. “You ask that Emperor dog-thing, if he can find my family, don’t say marrying the Third Duke, even if I marry him, I will be willing!”

“Marry, marry who…… save me, Third Duke!” Wu Zhongyi is scared till he doesn’t dare to speak.

Qiqi’s words scared General Chi to a great extent. Does this ugly woman intend to revolt? She even dares to say this kind of outrageous words.

Liu Zhong Tian felt that Qiqi has went overboard. He immediately walked over and grabbed Qiqi’s wrists, prying her away from Wu Zhongyi. He is scared that if she continues, she will start hitting.

Wu Zhongyi could be said to be released from the difficult situation. He was scared till his whole body was shivering. He immediately hid behind General Chi’s back. No matter what was said he dare not come out. This Wei Qiqi is too scary, she is ugly and fierce. However he endured it. Looks like this time around the Third Duke is going to be unlucky big time. Is this still a woman? She is simply a Yaksha.

Qiqi, not showing any weakness, pushed Liu Zhong Tian. “Let me beat this bastard up! He actually dares to set me up!”

“Is it very humiliating for you to become my royal concubine??” Liu Zhong Tian got somewhat angry.

“Of course!” Qiqi stared at Liu Zhong Tian and loudly protested.

“I am only seventeen years old and haven’t reached the legal age for marriage. Besides, I don’t even want to marry you!”

“Then you should wait for your head to roll off, the Emperor’s orders cannot be disobeyed!”

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